Dear devilishly good-looking subscriber to be,

One thing you need to note is..

My email list is private and sacred..

Real life secrets that is bringing in millions of Naira for myself and my clients are shared there..

I can’t just admit anybody to have access to my secrets..

So I want to pre-qualify the serious ones (which I know you are) and the unserious ones…

How do I do that?

Well, easy.

To subscribe to my email list cost $2 only for a lifetime subscription.

That’s enough filtering yeah?


Please also note these two things:


I have this bad habit of removing dormant subscribers every 14 days.

This means, if you don’t open any of my emails in 14 days.

I will remove you from receiving my emails and the only way you can join again is to…

Subscribe again for $2 only.

If you read my emails regularly, we won’t have any problem with that.


You should not subscribe if you are easily triggered.

I mean, I use some trigger words sometimes to drive home the marketing lessons well.

And with my experience in the marketing world, I realized some folks aren’t cool with that.

It’s their preference and I won’t want to go against that.

So if you are easily triggered by worlds like these ones below:

  • You are a scumbag
  • You are a pretender
  • You are a hypocrite
  • And many more

Then I beg you, don’t subscribe because I wouldn’t want you to waste your money.

Just look and pass.

That said,

Immediately you sign up, I will send you a confirmation email.

You can see that in your spam folder or somewhere in your email inbox.

Once you click on it, I will send you a welcome email with a gift.

I won’t disclose the gift but it will pay back your $2 investment if well implemented.

One last thing:

My emails are considered an invaluable education on copywriting, marketing, and storytelling…

So you can be sure you’ll be getting your $2 back, several times over.

See you inside.

Dolapo Hamzat.



I might decide to give you the first lesson anybody should learn in my first email to you..

Take it seriously..

And another thing is..

You subscribing now means you are joining us today which shows you are late to the party…

But being later is better than never. 

Catch ya later..