After making over 200 Million Naira in sales for himself and his client, this 400L student of Unilorin tells the story of:

How His Father Disowned Him And How He Has Been Making At Least Half A Million Naira Monthly By Doing Just 6 Hours Of Work Daily in The Comfort Of His Room.

And he also shows how you can follow his footsteps to start making money for yourself even in this economic recession in Nigeria.

It all started like a dream when my father called me one day.

And said he disowned me due to reasons best known to him and maybe my mum.

It sounded very stupid to me but there I was with no job, no money, and nobody to help.

I am still a student for crying out loud.

And even though I was trading the forex market then, I was still broke.

My forex trading isn’t bringing in any profit, instead, I was incurring losses like the market was all against me

I always get an allowance every month and this makes me afford the basic lifestyle of a student. 

I also use my monthly allowance of N25,000 to eat and fund my forex account (even though I will still lose it all)

But now, I am not getting anything again.

It got worse even to the point, I couldn’t afford electricity bills in my hostel.

My neighbors started gossiping and making jest of me.

And as someone that hasn’t been in this position before, it was very frustrating and embarrassing for me.

I felt like giving up time after time.

But now, I wonder how my Father and my then neighbors will react when they find out that…

I was able to go on a 3-week vacation trip to Kigali, Rwanda all funded by myself.

That I also live in a 2 bedroom apartment in one of the most expensive areas in Ilorin (this is where I go to school) now.

And that I now pay my school fees and even pay a monthly allowance to my mum and siblings.

It’s funny how I couldn’t afford N1000 for the electricity bill 2 years ago and I now sleep in a hotel room that cost 45,000 Naira per month.

It’s funny how I couldn’t afford to eat 3 square meals 2 years ago and I can now enter any restaurant to eat without checking their price list.

It’s funny how I don’t know what to eat the next morning 2 years ago and now?

I never have to worry about applying for jobs ever again even as an undergraduate and a 23-year-old student.

What changed?

I learned a high-income skill.

And I will tell you the process very soon, but firstly…

What are high-income skills?

High-income skills are skill sets that can earn you an income of $10,000 or more each month, or $120,000 or more a year.

And putting the figures in context as Nigerian Naira using N600/$…

These high-income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of N6M or more each month, or N72M or more a year.

But you need to know it’s not magic because you have to put in massive action.

And I will tell you the process very soon, but firstly…

What are high-income skills?

High-income skills are skill sets that can earn you an income of $10,000 or more each month, or $120,000 or more a year.

And putting the figures in context as Nigerian Naira using N600/$…

These high-income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of N6M or more each month, or N72M or more a year.

What are the high-income skills I can learn?

Well, there are more than 20 high-income skills but right here, I will be mentioning 6 to you, and they are:

And like I said earlier, we have over 20 high-income skills that are in top demand by clients.

But I chose to narrow them down to just 6 because we don’t have all day here.

And I only learned just one of the high-income skills that made me a millionaire as a student.

And this is called Copywriting
(I put it as the number one on the list for a reason)

It’s the mother of all skills just like teaching is regarded as the mother of all professions.

But what exactly is Copywriting and how can you learn it?

It’s simple.

Copywriting is writing words that sell.

And in simpler terms

Copywriting is simply you… Talking to me… About a situation or discovery or opportunity… That’s having a tremendously positive impact … on hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives.

And now… You want to share that experience as good news with me… No hype… Just you giving me the facts, And showing me what I need to do.

It’s that simple.

All you’re doing is having an honest conversation with me… but instead of coming to my house and doing it face to face, You’re doing it through words.

Just like the way I wrote this short write-up you are reading right now.

Published on a website like this, 

Where I can read your message with my laptop, phone, or tablet.

Pretty straightforward, right?

But it doesn’t end there.

It’s very simple that even someone with half a brain will do it without hassles.

And this means.

You don’t need any technical know-how. You also don’t have to understand 100% English just like the whites.

In fact, the lower your use of English language rules, the better for you in copywriting. 

At least I am a living witness because if not for Grammarly (an English editing tool), I am not that fluent in English.

We all know it’s not our mother’s tongue.

And now, you might be asking…

What does a copywriter do?

Well, the sole aim of a copywriter is to make people take action.

And this action can be in form of:

And once you know what to say, and how to say it… To make your prospects take action (which I will be showing you soon)

You’re going to be making a lot of money for yourself and your Clients 

Enough to provide a better (more comfortable lifestyle) for your loved ones 

And live just the kind of life you choose.

Away from all these 

My name is Dolapo Hamzat.

I am a direct response marketer and copywriter that has generated over 200 million Naira in sales for myself and my clients.

And one of my clients is a very big Nigerian affiliate marketer called Tamilore Adewuyi, and here’s what he has to say about me:

Tamilore Adewuyi Expert Marketer

“I love this work; you know your onions Dolapo. Wow, this copy is super punchy, you got my brand voice and we have generated over 100 million Naira from the two copy(s) you wrote.”

    Not only him…

    Here’s also what another one of my clients, Caleb Nwanneka who is one of the top affiliate marketers in Nigeria said about me.

    Caleb Nwanneka Expert Affiliate Marketer

    “I also forgot to mention, the copy is Superb. Just took my time to read through it today and I totally love it. Good work”

      Not only him…

      Here’s what one of my clients, the CEO of soft collections (a company that did over 23 Million Naira in sales for the year 2021) said about me too…

      Ayo Akinpelu CEO, Soft Collections.

      “If care is not taken, I might end up buying an offer from myself… Cus brooo, that copy is sick… I am convinced about myself… Bro, you are fucking good and it’s worth the amount paid for ooo”

        And they are not the only ones here…

        Here’s what Nosa Nick, one of the biggest international dropshipper in Nigeria (and the founder of Astalavee and Mustard savings platform) said about me.

        Nosa Nick CEO, Mustard Saving Platform

        The copy is very calm and good man… I love it, you brought out my tone.

          And here’s what Oyejobi Adeola, founder of Nivedigital (the number one SEO marketing agency in Nigeria) said about me too.
          Oyejobi Adeola CEO, Nivedigital

          “If by chance any of my clients need a copywriter, I am referring them to Dolapo Hamzat because he’s that good and I like the way he writes”

            Here’s also what Lucky Elohor, popularly known as the Digital creator chic on Instagram said when I wrote a copy that generated over a million Naira in 7 days for her.

            Lucky Elohor CEO, Digital Creator Chic Enterprises

            "Wow, This is good stuff. I love the copy."

              Here’s also what one of the top crypto traders in Nigeria, Chijamz has to say about me

              Chijamz Top Crypto Trader.

              “Wow. This is amazing. I just had a quick look through and it's awesome.”

                And I was also named one of the top 100 email marketers in the world in 2021.

                A list curated by Matt Bockenstette where I ranked over top copywriters and Internet marketers like Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson, Seth Godin and many more.

                But let’s keep all that aside because this is basically about you and not me.

                And don’t forget, I started very rough which puts me at a disadvantage over others.

                I was studying this copywriting thing in an unpainted house with a shitty workspace and just 1 square meal per day.

                But even with these disadvantages, I have been able to write copy(s) that have generated millions of Naira, which means no matter the position you are in right now…

                You can also make money with copywriting.

                In fact, my students are making money and getting very good at Copywriting and an example is Abdulhameed here.

                He came to me naturally as someone that’s selling online and has gotten a lot of courses on copywriting and others.

                He enrolled to be a mentee of mine and in under one year, he has made over 1Million Naira in sales applying everything I have shown him and he has this to say:

                Another one of them is Ayomide who said before she met me… she was a depressed girl just living life.

                But after she met me and went through everything I have for her…

                She became a happy girl and has since gone on to make a lot of money from copywriting that I taught her.



                Here’s also Damilare who’s a 100L student affected by the Asuu strike.

                He came to me confused about what to do in the online space and just six months down the lane…

                He hit $1000 for a month which is more than half a million Naira in a month.

                Another one of my students is Toyyib here.

                He was a copywriter before he met me and when we refined his copywriting skills…

                He has this to say about me and his skills.


                And they are not the only ones in this category,

                Here’s also what Hamot has to say after meeting me and refining her copy skills too.

                Here’s also Lateefat that always view my status and took just one of my classes, and here’s what she has to say:

                And they are not the only ones that have drank from the fountain of my knowledge but this is not the main focus of this writeup.

                The focus is solely on you and how you can get very good in copywriting between 3 to 6 months.

                And getting good means you will be able to command a good amount of money monthly.

                Ranging from $500 to $2000 monthly.

                And last I checked AbokiFX, which is the leading exchange platform in Nigeria.

                A dollar is now N600 which means you can go home with a huge sum of money between N300,000 to 1.2M Naira.

                And this amount of money will put you in a suitable position in this present Nigeria.

                Where even a whole top professor in Universities in Nigeria does not earn more than N416,000 per month.

                And according to instablog (One of the biggest news outlets in Nigeria), 99.4% of bank accounts in Nigeria have less than N500,000.

                And earning this kind of money, you will be able:

                All by just writing few words every month.

                And even away from all these earnings, the major reason I love copywriting is simple.

                You’ll have something that makes you the envy of most people,

                Absolute control of your time.

                Here’s what I mean by that…

                This kind of writing is location independent…

                And this means you Don’t Have to Leave your House, You Can do your thing from anywhere

                I have written a whole copy in a class before and I was paid $700 (N399,000) for a copy that I didn’t use up to 3 hours to write.

                I have also written a whole copy in Kigali Rwanda and I was paid $1200 (N732,000) while on a vacation in Rwanda.

                All you need is a Laptop (or Smartphone) with Internet Connection

                And what this means is simple:

                You can work at your pace without a boss breathing down your neck.

                You can work from your house without ever worrying about traffic.

                Infact, you can decide to go lodge in a hotel for a week to work if you feel like it (I have done it before)

                You can also decide to put on your knickers or even underwear in your house and work without being afraid of anybody

                And like I said earlier, here’s where I can help you:

                I want to help you achieve this freedom copywriting has given me and my students.

                I want you to know that SAPA is a myth and it can’t affect you if you follow what I have shown my student (which I will be showing you now)

                And this is why I prepared a guide specifically for you, and it’s called


                Just like its name, the aim of this guide is simple.

                To introduce you to the world of copywriting.

                To also introduce you to the emotional aspect of human beings and how they think so you can make them buy whatever you sell.

                The aim of the guide is to also make it easy for you to make a lot of money in the shortest time possible (I didn’t know this when I started and I suffered)

                And since I know how precious our time is…

                I made sure I didn’t ramble about unimportant things in the guide.

                I went straight to the point that even made BILIKI commend the guide on that.

                And I also made sure the whole course is beginner-friendly that made Aaliyah say this…

                And here’s what Modinat has to say the same day she purchased the Layman Guide.

                As if that’s not enough, here’s Sarah saying getting the layman guide is the best decision of her life…

                Here’s also Joseph who got an applause from his CEO after presenting due to what he learned from the LMG course.

                Here’s also Muiz saying the LMG changed his life as a business owner…

                And it doesn’t matter what stage you’re right now…

                The Layman Guide course is the right course for you.

                Either you’re:

                • A newbie who doesn’t even understand copywriting.

                • Or you’re a copywriter that wish to know more about the skill

                • Or you’re even a copywriter finding it hard to get clients

                • Or you’re just a confused lad that needs a headway in the internet marketing space.

                But before we go into how you can lay your hands on this guide, let me quickly show you some deep-rooted secrets embedded inside this 87 pages guide.

                Here’s a sneak peek into what you will be discovering in this guide:

                When you get this guide, quickly scroll to page 3 to see how you can make your reader believe in the “One Belief” that whatever you are selling will solve her problem easily and quickly…

                This is very crucial in writing but unfortunately, a lot of people don’t take it seriously… 

                It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie copywriter or you are an expert copywriter.

                If you don’t show your reader or prospective buyer the one thing they should believe about what you sell…

                Then they won’t buy because they will believe you are also one of the fake gurus out there.

                And this is why a whole lot of copy performs woefully and I will be showing you how to avoid it.

                But it’s not only that, even a business owner that doesn’t show people the One Belief of whatever she sells…

                People won’t buy.

                And the goal is to be able to sell out whatever you are selling.

                Or best bet, to be able to write the best copy for your client that will sell whatever your client is selling very easily.

                And this is what the one belief achieves for you.

                This is what Hakeem has to say about it:

                In today’s world where a lot of people don’t even have the attention span of 3 seconds, how then do you make them read whatever you have for hours?

                This is where the work of a good headline comes in.

                I know you didn’t get to this page by accident…

                Nah Nah.

                Something attracted you here and this is nothing other than the headline.

                It’s simple to write but a lot of expert copywriters are still missing the point.

                Writing headlines like:

                All these headlines don’t cut it anymore for people now and you even know this yourself.

                You need to include some essentials into your headline so it can stop your readers and make them listen to you.

                And if you include these essentials, you won’t have to start using some stale words in your headline.

                Words that will scream sales to your reader and they will zoom away without reading.

                And don’t forget if they don’t read your headline, they won’t read the body of your copy.

                And that means they won’t even see your offer which will result in no sales.

                And don’t also forget this is the same if you are writing for your client.

                So on page 29, I will show you how to come up with killer headlines that pull your target audience into dropping everything….. so they can read whatever you have to say to them

                Great David Ogilvy, the father of advertising said…

                “Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

                And this takes us to page 34, where I will be talking about BIG IDEA which is the hardest for even “self-acclaimed copywriters”

                And you also need to know that a marketing message (copy) without a big idea won’t be able to make anybody buy anything in this sophisticated world.

                But I will be showing you how to easily and swiftly come up with a big idea that makes whatever you are selling stand unique in any industry. 

                And it doesn’t matter if you are a copywriter or business owner,

                Using a big idea is compulsory and that’s why Victoria has this to say…

                Getting a big idea isn’t even enough…

                You need to at least give your readers the required explanation of why what they have been using hasn’t been working and how your product is different…

                This is where the unique mechanism comes in…

                This is mostly the game changer in any great sales letter…

                What this means is, there is definitely something unique about what you sell.

                But how do you discover it?

                How do you craft words around it to make it more unique?

                And that’s why on page 49, I will be showing you how to discover and explain your unique mechanism effortlessly while making sure you are being paid heavily for it on page 49.

                It’s also no news that storytelling works and even makes your reader emotionally attached to you easily…

                But many still write uninteresting stories that turn their readers off…

                At least, storytelling pulled you here and you read without obstruction.

                I know that because I wrote a good darn story (let me blush) and I will also be showing you how you can write it easily too.

                And that’s why on page 42, I went deep on how to write emotionally compelling stories that connect easily with your reader… 

                I talked about the types of storylines you can write that will allow you to get paid easily.

                Instead of your reader feeling pity for you, they will remove money to pay you without thinking twice.

                Yes, that’s the work of an emotionally compelling story.

                At least, here’s what Raphael has to say about that…

                The legendary Eugene Schwartz said…

                No matter how good your copy is, if you direct it to the wrong customer awareness level…

                All you will hear is silence and never sales…

                Knowing what the headline, lead, etc. are all about is a nice move but what will make it more effective is knowing the stage your customer is on and how to pick her from there.

                And that’s why on page 22, I went deep into customers’ awareness level and how each level will affect your copy as a whole.

                Get this part right and be sure your audience will always draw money from their wallet to pay you.

                Or why do you think Niyi said this?

                By the time you scroll up to page 7, you will discover the big 5 principles that you need to use if you want anybody to buy from you.

                I don’t know if you have ever heard this before,

                “The world is guided by some principles”

                I have heard it before and it’s very true.

                And that’s why when I learned that persuasion and selling are based on some 5 principles.

                I believed it and I started making use of these principles.

                And as you can see, it has brought me millions in sales for myself and my clients.

                It’s that crazy.

                Neglect any of these principles at your own risk because if one is omitted…

                Your copy will automatically flop.

                No one will listen to you or buy whatever you are selling.

                All you will hear is silence and no/zero sales.

                On page 58, I talked about the easiest way to draft out your primary promise.

                You see, one thing people rarely talk about is the primary promise in a copy and how to make it believable.

                Because no matter how great your primary promise is… If your reader won’t believe it if something is missing.

                And what’s this missing thing?

                I revealed it in page 59 of this guide and this will put you in a position where people will believe you easily.

                On page 73, I reveal the best and simplest way to make your reader live in his or her future when reading your words.

                They will go straight into their future and start convincing themselves that this is a nice bargain for them.

                They must buy it or else they miss a lifetime opportunity.

                And this means you will drive them into the future till they possess whatever you are selling in their mind. 

                And they are left with no choice but to buy it.

                Yes, it’s that powerful.

                It’s called future pacing for a reason.

                But what most people don’t know (even copywriters) is that this future pacing is of two types.

                In fact, if you use one and you didn’t use the second one, forget sales because your work is incomplete.

                And this is what I will be showing you on page 59 of this guide.

                Do you know why your offers are flopping?

                You don’t know?

                (For context, an offer is what you intend to give people in exchange for their money. Just like the way I am offering you the layman guide for your money)

                It’s because you are not fulfilling the total checklist of what makes up an offer.

                Your offer is way more than your product and bonuses.

                Nah Nah.

                Your offer is far more and more than that.

                An on page 51, you will discover the simple and fastest way to create an offer.

                You will also get to realize what you need for your offer to be a complete offer that brings in money.

                Selling to people in the online space these days comes with a lot of skepticism

                People are skeptical, they are afraid.

                Heck, they don’t even trust you to buy from you. 

                Or do you even trust me solely?


                But even with that, you need to sell, yeah?

                And you can sell and overcome this trust issue by using money-back guarantees.

                But don’t forget you also need to protect yourself against scams so they won’t use your product and return to collect their money back.

                (I have been bitten off with a money-back guarantee, you will see the new type of guarantee I use below)

                That’s why on page 53, I talked about the different types of guarantees we have and how you can use them in your sales message.

                This will keep you on the safe side and make your readers trust you at the same time.

                Money-back guarantee is good but not every time, that’s why I included the types of guarantee for you.

                And many more secrets you never imagined possible in this short guide.

                And now, you will only have to be a sadist if you are not excited about what is in this guide.

                And like I told you, that’s just a sneak peek.

                Wait till you see everything in this guide and I’m pretty sure you will start raving about LMG like:

                Enkay who said LMG is a lifesaver

                He was only able to write sales emails before but after LMG, he has this to say:

                Michelle wanted more after taking a beginner’s class and more she got with LMG:

                LMG was and it’s still Blessing’s greatest achievement.

                And if I guess right, you are already thinking of how much you have to pay to lay your hands on this guide,

                The guide that will show you how to write few words monthly and make money:

                But rest assured, you won’t be paying a huge amount of money today.

                Because if we are to look at it squarely…

                We will start talking from my one on one mentorship which is 750k for 60 days.

                Or let’s even bring it down to my copywriting group coaching where I take in a select few people for 4 weeks and teach them copy which cost N100,000 now.

                And like I said earlier, you won’t be paying anything huge at all.

                In fact, what you will be paying is something that won’t buy your data for 3 months compared to the reward you will get.

                But before telling you the price, here are seven ridiculous bonuses I want to give you all for FREE.
                I am giving them for free not because they aren’t valuable.

                I am giving you free because I want you to succeed in this thing of ours called copywriting.

                So they are quite valuable because each can be sold for around N10,000 and it will be a steal.

                SPECIAL BONUS 1:

                I don’t know what you must have heard about market research.

                And I don’t think that should matter here.

                Because you see if you want to write an ordinary WhatsApp status post…

                If you don’t conduct research to get your facts right… then you are shooting yourself in the legs.

                Infact, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

                And this is because research is the foundation of life when it comes to this copywriting game.

                Infact, if you want to write for a product and you want people to buy (which is the aim btw)

                Then you should never underrate research.

                I am saying this because I was guilty sometime back.

                I created the layman guide without including any material on market research.

                And this got a lot of people confused, which is not my aim.

                They ran to me and I decided to record this 48 mins video on Market research.

                It’s damn valuable that I will advise you to never write anything without watching it twice.

                And inside this 48 mins video, I touched on:
                If I am to sell it as a standalone thingy, it will be sold for nothing less than N20,000.

                And it will still be underpriced, wait till you see what I stacked up inside the video.

                But all in all, you are getting it for free today if you get the layman guide.

                And that’s not all.

                I had to include another bonus video when I saw this question from one of my readers

                SPECIAL BONUS 2:

                This is the point where a lot of copywriters get stuck.

                Infact, it also happens to a few of the well-established copywriters that I know.

                When they get a job with a new niche (that they have never written in before)

                They immediately commence research which is the right thing to do.

                But after this research, they are lost.

                Infact, they might take days to know where else to start.

                But after working in over 5 different niches, I found a recurring pattern in what I do immediately after my market research.

                And that’s why all my copy is always converting just like what the guy above said.

                So to make it easier for anybody that bought the layman guide and top also make sure they don’t fall into the same rut of not knowing what to do after their research.

                I recorded this 20mins plus video…

                It’s worth N12,000 if it is standalone as a product…

                And just like Kaymax, you will know exactly what to do after conducting your research

                But you are getting it for free right after getting the layman guide.
                SPECIAL BONUS 3:

                This is an insider secret checklist I created for myself after studying over 100 great sales letters that have brought in crazy money.

                So this checklist cut across creating promotional emails, sales letters, ad copy, among others.

                Anytime you want to write any promotional message, just compare what you have written to this checklist and see if it matches.

                If yes, you are good to go and make crazy money.

                And if not, you will readjust and you get it right.

                I have never revealed this secret checklist to anybody (even my mentees haven’t gotten access to it).

                Yes, it’s that sacred.

                It’s presently worth over N25,000.

                And here’s what Mariam has to say about the cheatsheet below:
                Yes, it’s no gimmicks because this is my sweat and months of study.
                And I will be giving you for FREE immediately after you get this layman guide.
                SPECIAL BONUS 4:

                Using what I included inside this guide…

                I have built a cult following of people that looks out for my emails everyday by 10am.

                They also look out for anybody copying my contents and are ready to fight anybody that uses my content just like Bola below:

                And little wonders, Racquel said this…

                Infact, Habidah said she’s pained because she missed my email for a day.

                And I even use the same techniques included in this guide to write for my clients too because it works:

                And in this guide, you will discover all these techniques for FREE.

                Also, sometimes…

                The first copywriting job you will get from your client will be to write emails.

                Because this is what they use to test new writers like you which is fine.

                But I don’t even want you to be caught off guard at all.

                And that’s why I include this guide on how to write money vomiting emails.

                Infact, I created this guide after sending over 250 emails this year.

                I know what works and what doesn’t work.

                And in this guide,

                Here’s what Damilare has to say about this bonus guide.

                And you getting this for FREE too if you purchase the layman guide right now.

                SPECIAL BONUS 5:

                This is where you make the money that I have been talking about.

                You know what Copywriting is and how you can write copies that make people give you their money already.

                But what next?

                Na wetin you go chop be that?

                Hell NO and that is why I included this special bonus for you.

                You see, there are various ways to monetize your copywriting skill but I am a big advocate of teaching what I have done.

                And so far, I have been able to make money through 3 different channels in this copywriting game. 

                But don’t worry, I will be showing you what each channel is and how you can go about making money from them too inside this special bonus.

                I also need to let you know I won’t be teaching you how to apply for jobs using Upwork or Fiverr because I simply don’t use them.

                And here’s what Victoria has to say when she read this bonus material:

                And here’s what Boluwatife has to say after getting serious with this bonus:

                So I will be showing you what I do and how I do them.

                It’s presently worth N25,000 but you will get it for free when you get the layman guide now.

                SPECIAL BONUS 6:

                Yes, I run a copywriting community where we dissect great sales letters daily.

                We find the reason the particular letter worked and how we can also incorporate it into our writing.

                The community is presently N15,000 for 90 days.

                And I will be giving you access to just a day of video dissecting of the community.

                You will learn how to dissect, copy and pick what works (not totally because it’s just a day).

                And you will be able to use it when writing too.

                Here’s what Vic said about the copy dissection videos:

                You will also get this for FREE if you purchase the layman guide right now.

                SPECIAL BONUS 7:
                A SUPPORT COMMUNITY

                In case you don’t know, I think you should know now that there’s nothing that works perfectly without support.

                Yes, I made everything in this guide and the bonuses so simple that even a 10 year old kid will understand without asking his teacher.

                But I know you will have a few questions here and there along your journey…

                And you’ll want to interact with like-minded copywriters too… either expert or newbie copywriters.

                That’s why I created this support community,

                So as you go through the guide,

                If you have any questions, or you need guidance at any point…

                Just send a message to the support group

                And either I or one of my experienced students will give you a detailed answer.

                Just like Naheem question below
                And here’s me giving him a response to his question under one hour.

                Moreover, my students also send in their copy for review and either I or one of my experienced students will review the copy and tell you what to do.

                Just like Ali below.

                And here’s one of my experienced student reviewing his copy.

                And there are always live Q&As every week to show you new things that’s working in my marketing campaigns right now.

                I really didn’t want to include this, but I remembered what a community has done in my life and I deem it fit to include a support community.

                I will personally love to place the price for this support community at N25,000.

                But if you get the guide right now, you will be joining us for FREE.

                And relax,I know what’s on your mind right now.

                Dolapo, How much am I investing to get this layman guide?

                Well, I will tell you in a moment.

                But first, let’s do a little mathematics (I am not very good with maths) and you will be helping me out

                I am a student like I told you earlier and I am attending a Federal University.

                Our fee isn’t high but too high again.

                What I mean is, from my 100L to 400L…

                I have paid over 150,000 as school charges and all here.

                But the annoying thing is, I am not even guaranteed a job after all these payments and stress (I don’t need a job though)

                And the funniest thing is, I have guys (my mentees) that are students or even married people that are making between $200 to $1000 (N120,000 to N600,000) a month.

                And they didn’t need any previous experience Or some special degree or qualification

                They just devoted quality time to learn this stuff and implemented what they learned consistently,

                And today,

                They’re making a lot of money for themselves

                Thanks to what I showed them.

                She got paid $106 for a week’s work which is around N58,000 when she converted it.

                The job she got is a retainer job that will pay her the same $106 every week for as long as she’s ready to renegotiate for a higher bid.

                Let’s just assume she collects that for a month…

                That will be $424 which is approximately N231,000 then.

                And this might look like a little amount to you… but Victoria herself is a clinical pharmacist (and she doesn’t even make that amount monthly)

                As if that’s not enough… I ran a survey sometime back on my email list asking them if N200,000 monthly income is enough or not…

                Here’s one of the responses that came in and I feel you should read…

                As you can see, N200,000 monthly will get you a decent life in this present-day Nigeria even with the way everything is expensive.

                But don’t forget that’s just her first client, by the time she starts getting a better-paying client that pays $1000 per gig…

                She would be able to level up.

                And she’s not the only one in this category…

                And here’s me giving him a response to his question under one hour.
                Here’s also Azeezah, who just got a job with a marketing agency because she implemented everything she learned from me.

                And the same is possible for you If you’re serious enough to put in the work.

                But don’t forget results aren’t typical.

                And that’s why I said that you must be determined and relentless.

                So how much should you invest in this layman guide??

                You are not paying N150,000 which would be a very good bargain especially when you consider the fact that…

                Just one copy can earn you between N300,000 to N600,000.

                But you are getting the layman guide for a token of…

                Oh wait, you are in Nigeria.

                That’s just N40,000 (N600/$) pending the time I will be moving up the price.

                Mind you, I don’t have time for silly urgency.

                I don’t have any plan of increasing the price soon but don’t forget I also have all rights to my plan.

                I can decide to change the price anytime I like.

                So you would really want to join us right now without breathing a neck.

                And I know what’s on your mind right now.

                Dolapo, why is this guide so cheap?

                Well, I won’t lie to you.

                It’s basically for two reasons.

                The first is to help as many aspiring copywriters and even business owners as possible.

                At least if everybody has money, we will live a life that’s far better in Nigeria.

                And that’s the first reason for the affordable price.

                And my second reason is that I am very selfish.

                Yes, it’s for my selfish gain.

                I want you to go through this guide and learn a great deal of persuasive writing.

                And you should start making crazy money with this guide so you can register for my private mentorship program.

                My private mentorship program is presently sitting on N750,000 for 2 months of intensive coaching.

                And by the time you implement everything you will be learning in this guide, you will start making more than N750,000 in a month…

                Mind you, I am not giving you a huge ball promise you will make that amount.<

                Nah Nah.

                I am different from the hype sellers.

                If you don’t implement what you will learn in this guide, you won’t make anything.

                So money comes after implementation.

                And by then, you will be financially buoyant enough to take my private mentorship.

                Which is also a win-win for both of us.

                And I want to even make it a better bargain for you when you get this guide today.

                Earlier this year (January 2022), I made some major upgrades to this guide and this is because…

                I work with feedback and experiences.

                In case any of my students notice something and want me to include it in the guide, I will put it down and include it in an upgrade like this.

                And that’s not even all…

                I never stop learning. I pay for mentorships and masterminds.

                So anytime I learn something, I document it and include it in major upgrades like this.

                And this means one thing… You keep learning more insider secrets at no cost immediately after you get this guide.

                Cool innit?


                That said, here are some new upgrades I added to this course all yours for FREE:

                EXTRA BONUS 1

                I know how important and relevant the mindset is right now.

                But it wasn’t so when I started my copywriting journey.

                I had a lot of limiting beliefs like:

                It took me a long time (probably 8 months to get my mindset in the right shape) through one of my bosses.

                In fact, this man helped me get my confidence high and I can now easily charge a client $3000 for a sales letter and they will cough out that money.

                This man was able to reset my mindset through the various short VNs he usually sends to me.

                And when I realized all my students are also facing this mindset troubles…

                I reached out to this man to come to my aid.

                His name is Tamilore Adewuyi (A top Nigerian Affiliate marketer that did over 200 Million Naira in sales in 2021) to come up to teach these guys on mindset.
                And after plenty of back and forths because his time is really important… he held a 2 part series of live classes with my copywriting students on Mindset.
                Here’s what a few of them has to say about the calls:
                Zulaykoh knows what to work on after the class with Tamilore…
                Kemi said she realized she has been wasting her life after she heard what Tamilore shared with them.
                In fact, Habeeb was able to figure out what is stopping him from making money immediately after the first live session with Tamilore.

                And fortunately, I got the two sessions recorded which you will get for FREE immediately after you get this guide by clicking on the link below.

                EXTRA BONUS 2

                Copywriting is not just about reading books on copywriting or watching YouTube videos on copywriting and thinking you are very good already.

                I don’t have anything against books and YouTube videos…

                But that won’t really move you anywhere in this copywriting game.

                In fact, if you want to earn a good amount of money ($1000 upwards) by writing words that sell…

                Then watching YouTube videos and reading books won’t cut it.

                You need to learn how to get into the thought process of top copywriters both alive and dead.

                And this is why Andy Mukolo (Arguably the best copywriter in Africa) said this…

                It’s legendary stuff.

                But not everybody understands how to exactly do it.

                There are some things you need to look out for when dissecting a winning copy like:

                But that’s just one part of dissecting copy, some parts are hidden to most copywriters…

                And if you don’t get these parts right…

                Your whole copy dissection will be in vain.

                And to curb that for you and my other students…

                I decided to record 3 different videos dissecting 3 different copy(s) in 3 different niches.
                Here’s what I mean:
                I went into the financial niche to pick out a copy that has done over $1M in sales…

                And I dissected everything about the copy to show you why it works and how you can also use them when writing copy in the financial niche too.

                I didn’t stop there…

                I also went into the health niche to pick a copy that has done over $1M in sales too.

                I also dissected everything about the copy to show you why it works and how you can also use them when writing copy in the health niche too.


                I went into the Biz opp niche (Information marketing niche) and I picked a copy written by me in 2021 that has gone on to make over $20,000 in sales.

                I dissected everything about the copy to show you why it works and how you can also use them when writing copy in the information marketing niche too.

                So by the time you are done going over the materials on how to write a winning copy…

                You will be able to easily dissect copy in any niche by yourself which will put you in the top 10% of copywriters we have out there now…
                Moreover, it will speed up your growth just like how it did to mine too which means you will be able to start charging $1000 for a sales copy faster than other copywriters.


                The best part is that you are getting these 3 dissection videos for FREE if you get the guide now.

                EXTRA BONUS 3

                How does it sound to be able to make your money back barely 30 days into the implementation stage of this course?

                Sounds good, yeah?

                I thought so and that’s exactly why I caught Damilare off camera and I made him spill all his secrets.

                Damilare is my copywriting student who also took the layman guide just like you.

                And I opened up some slots for him and others to affiliate the course and get 50% commission on every sale made.

                Under 30 days, Damilare was able to make over 25 sales which put him in the 6 figures earner circle.

                And that’s excluding all the client work that brings in a good amount of money for him.

                So I brought him to show you his secrets and how you can also steal them to be able to sell this same course immediately you get it and get 50% commission on each sale.

                Make sense to be able to have multiple sources of income, yeah?

                I guess so.

                Why not click on the button below to get the course right now?

                EXTRA BONUS 4

                I love her growth and the way she was able to get a client so fast because it took me 6 months to get a client.

                So how did she do it? I wanted to know and I got on a call with Victoria (her name)

                Victoria is a clinical pharmacist who goes to work every day (8 am to 6 pm)

                She got the layman guide in October (when it was still N7,500)

                She started implementing like crazy.

                And guess what?

                During this period… She was heavily pregnant. 

                Imagine someone that’s 9 months pregnant implementing copywriting and also going to work… hard innit?


                Buh she never gave up.

                She was crazily practicing and also reaching out to clients as she told me.

                Everything wasn’t working her way but she didn’t give up or say this isn’t for her.

                And along the line, she gave birth.

                You know all the stress that comes postpartum yeah?

                She still didn’t stop implementing… The frequency just reduced.

                And now…

                She has her kid, works, and copywriting to attend to.


                Sometimes, she will be up till 1 am asking me questions and also implementing some things I taught.

                Infact, I never believed it.

                So when she told me she got her first client on January 2nd, 2022…

                I was so happy.

                In fact, I was expecting it though. 

                But I was still happy because her hard work pays off.

                And this is why I brought her on a live call to tell me and you what she did to achieve such a feat.

                I asked her various questions like:

                She answered all and I caught her on tape (recording)

                This recording with her will give you a good insight into getting your first client in a small-time too.

                Infact, it will gear you into working hard especially when you hear her full story.

                And funny enough, you are getting it for FREE immediately you get this guide by clicking the button below.

                So what’s it going to be?

                Are you going to exit out of this page without ever remembering whatever you saw on this page?

                And if that’s what you want, kindly close this page and forget you ever read anything here.

                • Forget you were offered something that will give you financial freedom.

                • Forget you were offered something that can put you in the top 10% earners in Nigeria according to Instablog.

                • Forget you were offered a way to be able to take care of your friends and families

                • Forget you were ever shown the way to pepper all the naysayers that said you won’t ever make it.

                • Forget it all, it’s totally fine.

                But don’t forget one thing…

                Getting successful is more like an opportunity other than luck.

                And here’s one of the chances for you to change your financial position presently to whatever you want it to be in 12 months or less.

                Because if you can write words that sell, you are on your way to riches by selling more products than ever.

                And according to the legendary Gary Halbert (one of the best copywriters to ever walk the face of the earth), he said,

                “You are one sales letter away from riches”

                But this is not your only choice…

                You can get the layman guide, implement whatever it’s in the guide ruthlessly and get results…

                To the point where you write words that vomit money for you… I.e. 

                There will be no more issues of failed or flopped offers…

                • No more issue of scratching your head before writing a highly converting sales message.

                • No more issues of advert copy not converting…

                • No more issues of not knowing what to write that will make your readers feel emotionally connected to what you sell…


                • You will be able to make money the way you want…

                • Send out offers that will sell again and again…

                • Write copy(s) for clients that will always bang.

                • Connect with your readers emotionally

                • Make money that will give you the chance to take care of your friends and families

                • Make money that will make people all around you respect you instead of ridiculing you

                • Make money that can give you the type of vacation you want at will

                • Etc.
                Sounds like what you want, yeah?

                Click on the button below to get your copy of the Layman Guide now.

                Or do you want your case to be like Crystals here that is regretting getting the course late?

                No, I guess.

                Then you can easily avoid that by clicking on the button below.

                You’re still here?

                Well, you’re in luck.

                Because as of August 2022, I had another feedback and review from my students concerning this course.

                I got more things they wanted me to add to the course to make it more valuable and I took the time to add them.

                And like I told you earlier, I’m always for making things better for my students.

                I thrive when they thrive and that’s why I make my students the priority every time.

                The latest upgrade was so good that Muiz was praying for me on his whatsapp status.

                Aisha also went on to say this course with the latest upgrade is everything they need to become copywriting icons.

                She’s not the only one, here’s what Samuel John also said about the latest upgrade.

                Akeem even said we should make it a copywriting school and not a course again.

                And many more.

                Moreover, inside this latest update…

                I found a simple way to hit your first $500 barely 3 months into this game of copy.

                I won’t disclose the secret right here on this page but the update is so good that you won’t have to wait 6 months to start earning money through copy.

                All you have to do is follow everything I outlined and you’re good to go.

                And this is why I have decided to add these new upgrades to the LMG course which you will be getting immediately after you get the course today.

                LATEST UPGRADE 1:

                I introduced this in May 2022 and I have gotten a lot of success stories just by doing this.

                Habeeb has this to say about his sub mentor being the best you can ever have…

                Also, Kay Max has this to say about his own sub-mentor.

                But for context, here’s what I mean:

                Immediately you get the LMG course right now..

                You will be given access to the support group where you meet over 450 members who have bought the course.

                They will help you figure your way out and even help you get better.

                But I wasn’t so satisfied with this.

                Because copywriting is not something you can do alone.

                And I observed all these can’t be rendered to over 400 students at once.

                So I decided to employ my great students that are successful in this copywriting thing.

                They are my mentees that I singlehandedly trained and they will teach you just like me.

                So I separated everyone with each sub-mentor.

                And if you get to the main support group after getting this course… you can immediately request a sub mentor and a subgroup.

                You will then start relating with your sub mentor and they will hold you by hand throughout your copy journey..

                They will make sure you don’t have any problems in your copy journey.

                And they will be the best thing that ever happened to you after this course itself just like Mubarak said below

                Olajide also has this to say about his sub-mentor.

                It’s worth over N50,000 per month but you’re getting them for FREE if you get the LMG today.

                LATEST UPGRADE 2:

                This is one of the easiest ways to make money as a beginner.

                In fact, it gives you a rapid and smooth scale to make money ASAP.

                Moreover, a lot of businesses are in need of better advert copy and this is the way to start as a newbie

                You will be paid nothing less than $100 if you offer this skill to business owners.

                And this is why in this latest upgrade, I will be showing you:

                And by the time you’re done with this part of the upgrade, I guaranteed you would have incurred the knowledge that will get you your next or your first $1000 in 3 to 6 months.

                LATEST UPGRADE 3:

                The whole industry noise is finding DR response clients that will pay you a good amount of money.

                Fine, this is correct.

                But what if I tell you that as a newbie in copywriting… 

                You can start making $500 upwards monthly by writing for non-DR clients, will you believe?

                If yes, stay with me in this bonus where I will be showing you;
                And by the time you’re done with this bonus, you should have gotten the best way to make your first $500 easily.

                LATEST UPGRADE 4:

                I have never seen this in any course.

                I learned it from one of my top mentors who is called Ning Li.

                For context: Ning Li is one of the top 10 great copywriters in the world right now. He makes an average of $50k monthly

                And there is a lot to learn from him.

                This is why in this bonus video, I will take you to the backend of my laptop and show you;

                When you’re done with this part of the copy, you should find it easy to write a better copy which means more money for you.

                LATEST UPGRADE 5:

                This is a paid class I organized in June and I will be giving you for FREE after getting the LMG.

                It’s where I actually take you to the backend to show you everything I have been teaching you in the practical sense.

                In this upgrade, here are some things you will discover:

                And here’s what Johnson has to say about the class:

                Here’s what Adewale also said immediately after the class.

                And by the time you’re done with this upgrade… you will be able to:

                And by the time you’re done with this latest upgrade, you will find it easier to conduct research and write any type of copy.

                Just like Nurat here

                Roqeebah also has this to say after the class

                And here’s also Mariam saying it was a total practical class and she was grateful she paid:

                LATEST UPGRADE 6:

                This is also a paid class that I held in July 2022.

                A lot of folks have used what they learned in this class to start earning money like:

                Daniel who signed a client barely some days after the class…

                Johnson was also shortlisted for an interview after following everything in this class:

                And here are some of the things I touched on in the class:

                • Mindset reevaluation to mindset overhaul.
                  See, I have paid over $1000 to various mindset coaches and I will keep paying more.


                Because I know how important the mind is.

                It can make or mar you as a copywriter.

                Infact, it can hinder you from even doing the right thing to get the right client

                It can also hinder you from charging the right fee for your services from your clients.

                In fact, if you live in Africa and Nigeria especially, you are already at a disadvantage and the only way to stay afloat is to always develop your mindset.

                Just like this man got his mindset changed and reevaluated in this latest upgrade

                And this is just one of the things I will be showing you in this latest upgrade.

                • I will also be showing you the things you need to get ready and know before even getting a client.

                • I will be showing you what they are and how you can set them up without paying a dime.

                Some of them require money but I will show you the free route without having to stress yourself

                Not only those…

                • You also need to get your sample portfolio right and this is why I will be showing you how to do this the right way that your clients want.
                I will also show you things like:

                Is that all?


                Is that all?


                And after that?

                • Forget whatever you have been told about posting every day on LinkedIn.

                It’s a big wash.

                I will show you how to have just two posts on your LinkedIn and you will use them to get clients.

                Meanwhile, I will keep the remaining to myself.

                But I’m pretty sure that by the time you’re done with this latest upgrade, you just have to plug and play everything I will show you and you will get your client in 30 days or less.

                • I don’t know about you but I think one of the free money in working for clients is retainership.

                This is where your client retains you and pays you monthly to do just a little work for them.

                And the beauty of a retainership is that you get paid more while doing less work.

                In fact, Ayoyinka used everything I taught him in this latest upgrade and got a retainership with a client here.

                Also in this latest upgrade, I will be showing you stuff to do that will easily make your client come back for retainers.

                Infact, they will make sure you are part of their team and never let you go.

                And that’s not all

                • After retainership money, another sweet and free money in copywriting is royalties.

                Royalties are fees you take based on the performance of the copy you have written for your client.

                It can be in a percentage agreement or just a flat number.

                But a lot of clients won’t sign this with you because they won’t want to pay you that much.

                But imagine how sweet it is if I teach you how to negotiate a royalties deal that makes you money even when you have forgotten you wrote the copy.

                Here’s what Chisom has to say about this class.
                Neil also got a discovery call following everything in the latest upgrade:
                Here’s what Daniel also has to say:

                This is a paid class too and I will be giving you for free immediately after you get the LMG course..

                Now tell me, if you’re getting everything I mentioned above for just N40,000…

                Isn’t it a great bargain?

                I guess as much.

                Ayomide even said the course should be sold for N100,000 instead of the N40,000 price point.

                And even though she’s right, I didn’t listen to her because I want it to be the greatest bargain for you.

                Just as Mazi said below, I’m in to make sure you start making money from copywriting and not for your money.

                And all you need to do to also be in this same position is to get the LMG by clicking on the button below and start consuming.

                And one more important thing before you sign up.

                This layman guide comes with…


                I worked hard to put together the extremely valuable information in this layman guide…

                So there’s no way I can allow anybody to just check out the guide even with the free bonuses…

                And I am not interested in folks that don’t know what they want for themselves…

                I have done this before.

                I offered a money-back guarantee but unfortunately, I was ripped off.

                Some people came to check out my course content, read through.

                Download everything, make use of what they want and they will come back for a refund.

                Some even went as far as reselling my course without my content.

                So I stopped offering refunds or anything in between.

                It’s either you are in or out totally.

                And if you know you are not satisfied with this…

                Then don’t buy this layman guide…

                But if you’re still interested…

                And you understand everything I’ve said so far,

                And you’re ready to start writing words that sell crazily for your business or clients.

                And you are also ready to make better money that will keep you in the top 1% of the rich men in Nigeria.

                And you also understand you will be getting:

                And you also understand you are getting everything for a token of $67 only.

                Here’s what you should do NEXT…

                Click on the big button below.

                And immediately you click on that button above, you will see the payment page looking at you.

                Pay and after successful payment.

                Wait for like 5 seconds depending on your network.

                You will be redirected to a page showing how to download your layman guide and the bonuses…

                That’s it.

                You are in automatically…

                I’ll see you inside.

                Dolapo Hamzat.

                That’s the end of this letter, but it really won’t be bad if we do a little Q&A yeah?
                What is a high-income skill?

                Well, that was why I went through the trouble of explaining everything right here on this page.

                So you should scroll up and read everything to get an answer to your question.

                What if I don’t have a laptop?

                You don’t need a laptop.

                Just get a smartphone with an internet connection and you are good to go.

                Azeezah, who is a student of mine, made her first $75 without a laptop and she did the work on her smartphone.

                But Dolapo, I have a job presently, do you think I can do this?

                Yeah sure.

                Studying every day can be done at your convenience.

                Might be in the night after work or early morning before work.

                Just make sure you can dedicate between 3 to 5 hours to it daily.

                Victoria is a clinical pharmacist and she created time to practice and learn copywriting.

                And if you can’t do that, then don’t get the layman guide.

                Ahem Dolapo, you said copywriting is more like persuading people to do your bidding, can I use it to make my crush fall in love with me

                Leave me, I don’t know.

                But if you play your cards well, it might work because copywriting is a lifestyle.

                And like I said earlier, 

                Leave me, I don’t know.

                I really can’t afford this right now, what should I do?
                Like Aliyu said below, when there’s a will, there’s always a way.

                If you want it so bad, you will get.

                But even if you don’t get it…

                My free content will get you started on the right path.

                At least, over 1000 people read my daily emails and they all say it’s the best thing they read dail.

                So you can start from my blog here.

                Or even join my email list here

                I am still skeptical, can I get a refund anytime I want?

                Seems you missed some part of this letter which is understandable.

                But I will bring it back again.

                This layman guide comes with…


                I worked hard to put together the extremely valuable information in this layman guide..

                So there’s no way I can allow anybody to just check out the guide even with the free bonuses…

                And I am not interested in folks that don’t know what they want for themselves…

                I have done this before.

                I offered a money-back guarantee but unfortunately, I was ripped off.

                Some people came to check out my course content, read through.

                Download everything, make use of what they want and they will come back for a refund.

                Some even went as far as reselling my course without my content.

                So I stopped offering refunds or anything in between.

                It’s either you are in or out totally.

                And if you know you are not satisfied with this…

                Then don’t buy this layman guide…

                But if you’re still interested…

                And you understand everything I’ve said so far,

                And you’re ready to start writing words that sell crazily for your business or clients.

                And you are also ready to make better money that will keep you in the top 1% of the rich men in Nigeria.

                And you also understand you will be getting:

                And you also understand you are getting everything for a token of $67 only.

                Here’s what you should do NEXT…

                Click on the big button below.

                Do I get exclusive access to you?


                You are not enrolling for my mentorship here.

                You can always ask questions in the support community which I or some of my students will reply.

                I even hired sub mentors or you and you can ask them questions and everything you need.

                And if you feel this is not cool with you.

                You want my undivided attention (which is not possible)

                Then you should enroll in my personal one-on-one mentorship

                Can I get this guide if my Goal is to use Copywriting to grow my own business instead of taking on Copywriting Clients???

                Yes, you can.

                The Layman Guide to writing words that sell isn’t just about getting Copywriting clients (it’s just a section),

                It’s a comprehensive guide on the art and science of great Copywriting. 

                And once you learn what I have to show you,

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