I got totally knackered yesterday.

I was so tired to the extent I couldn’t watch anime before sleeping.

Oh, I never told you.

Anime is what I watch to sleep every night.

It calms my soul and makes me happy.

It takes my mind off the worries of everything I am going through.

And I think you should try something that calms you before sleeping too.

Meanwhile, I had to sleep as early as 9 pm all because of IT.

I initially thought that as time goes on… the stress of IT is gonna reduce.

But mehn, it didn’t.

Well, I won’t complain… Na me wan get the degree.

Meanwhile, that same yesterday before I slept.

I took a stroll to Twitter and I saw my mentions full of tweets.

One guy (I don’t know him or how big he is) put out a tweet asking for the best copywriters in Nigeria.

And I saw my name appear like a flash.

Though it’s not a long list or something that brings credibility but it’s damn fulfilling to see my name appear in such a scenario.

And what I love most was that…

Virtually most of the other guys (not all) mentioned are my students.

I was just grinning ear to ear.

I am doing well and my students are doing well.

What other time to be alive?

Here’s the link to the Twitter post.

And well, one more.

While in the introductory class of a 300k mastermind I paid for.

2 of the people in that class said I inspired them when they saw one or two copy I wrote.

One even said he vowed to be able to write like I write because he saw the WhatsApp marketing sales page I wrote for one of my clients.

The other one said I introduced him into the world of real DR copywriting after he has paid for some shitty classes in the past.

Now tell me, what other time to be alive?

You see…

There was a time I talked about Imposter syndrome and inferior complex.

I said it happens to the best of us and none of us can escape it.

Well, I haven’t been able to escape it either.

I don’t do well with compliments because I believe I am not that good.

And when I see a copy I write making millions… I sometimes doubt myself if it’s luck or not.

Meanwhile, none of the copy I wrote has generated lesser than 1MILLION.

That shows it’s not luck yeah?

I know what I am doing but what to do with the Imposter syndrome?

Well, if you ask me… I will say we keep living with it and keep putting ourselves out

It’s not something that will go finally, I just realise that.

So the guy lives while I also live.


But all those are just preambles.

I wanted to talk about something very important today.

And I promise it’s gonna be short and concise.

This particular topic has been a bone of contention even among the pro copywriters.

And I have also done justice to it a few times but I feel it’s not enough because I got more questions about it.

In lieu of that, I will be giving us some examples based on what I have done and I might also offer some words of advice or not.

Here’s the question:

“A long copy should be used for high ticket product and short copy should be used for low ticket product.

Is that correct?”


That was the question and I think the statement is incorrect.

The length of a copy is never dependent on you or your product.

It’s all about your market.

Not you.
Not even your product.

The market is the sole determinant of how long or short your copy will be.

I don’t know why we make this mistake.

We always say we are writing for the market to buy but we like focusing the spotlight on ourselves.

If your market needs a crazy-ass conviction to buy what you sell, won’t you provide it?

So why stress yourself on whether a copy is long or short?

  • I wrote a copy selling a $50 product and it was 82 pages.
  • I wrote another copy selling a $2500 mentorship and it was just 42 pages.
  • I am presently rounding up another one which is 40 plus pages too and it’s $997.

So tell me, is the length dependent on the product?


It’s all about the market and here’s an explanation.

  • The $50 product is selling to the Nigerian Market and naturally…

Nigerians need a lot of conviction to buy.

  • Moreover, the market is kinda unaware which means I have to do some teachings right on my sales page.
  • And not only that, I have to show them a whole bunch of proofs because like I said earlier… Nigerians need a lot of conviction to buy.

But tell me, if I was following the high ticket or low ticket way of writing copy…

I would have written less than 40 pages for the copy yeah?


But that would mean one thing which is…


No two ways about it.

Moreover, I see no reasons why you should stop explanation when you have more explanation to do.

C’mon, it’s an insult to your reader’s intelligence.

Explain what they need to know and leave the length of the copy alone.

As we are always clamoring that attention span is short…

I have a lot of people (100s of people) reading the 82 pages sales letter daily.

They spend nothing less than 30 mins to read it and they will come to tell me that they were still waiting for more because they didn’t even know they spend much time on a sales copy.

It’s that simple.

If you want to argue about the length of a copy…

  • I think you should instead work on your skillset
  • Work more on refining your skill.
  • Work more on learning how to keep attention.
  • Work more on how not to be boring when writing.
  • Work more
  • Practice more

That’s all.

And I would love to go and have another discussion with the gods (sleep)

Dolapo Hamzat.



I don’t know if you have an idea of the present affiliate challenge ongoing.

But if you don’t, here’s the details:

My course is N25,000 and you can check it out here

Layman Guide.

I allow affiliates to promote the course but only after they have gotten the course.

Affiliates get 50% of the course price on each sale.

Now, there’s an affiliate challenge going on for 30 days.

If you can sell 30 pieces of my course in 30 days (started February 1st and will end March 2nd)

I will give you an extra 160,000 Naira apart from your commission.

That’s like over N500,000 made in just 30 days.

If you ask me, I will say that’s one of the best deals out there.

But you don’t have to take it.

Just know that the more you waste time, the more people are raking in the cash.

  • One affiliate is already on 5 sales.
  • Another is on 3 sales.

Fingers crossed.

Mind you, it’s not a first person to hit 30 sales thing.

If you like, start on the 29th and hit your 30 sales on the 30th day…

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