Here’s how to turn a cruise into the truth real fast.



It all sounded like a joke…

Until the second person confirmed it.

As if that was not enough, over 30 different people confirmed it.

And I was really worried about it.

How can a cruise escalate into the truth so fast?


What should I do now?

I am presently busy and here are some people telling me to create a storytelling course.

I never even had the plan to do that anytime soon.

A mentee of mine mentioned it sometime back and I decided to push it out there.

And boy o boy.

It escalated so quickly that I don’t even know what to do right now.

But while I think of what to do, here’s something I did yesterday that can help you make more sales.


You see…

As a course creator, creating a course is the simplest.

But selling that course is the hardest (for people who don’t understand what I will be sharing with you now)

And to be able to sell your course well, there are some things you need to put in place.

If these things are in place, your course will sell itself before you start selling it.

What are these things?


You need a responsive audience.


Yes, this comes before anything.

This comes before the product and even before you.

You need to gather an audience of people interested in your field.

  • If your strong forte is marketing, gather an audience base of people interested in marketing.
  • If your strong forte is relationship, gather an audience base of people interested in relationship.
  • If your strong forte is health, gather an audience base of people interested in health.
  • Etc.

You won’t sell anything to them.

You are just putting them in a place and giving them value.

You want them to perceive you as an authority.

You want them to trust you.

And they will start coming up with their problems in form of questions.

They will start aiming for your advice.

And don’t forget, you aren’t selling them anything yet.

You are just being a nice person by giving them valuable content in your niche.

But well, how do you build an audience?


I will tell you that in a bit.

But here’s something more interesting about the audience you have built.

They will be the beginning of your product.

What this means is that…

They will be the ones to tell you the product to create.

And funny enough, they will be the ones to buy it especially if you work well on your launch (I will teach you this later)

How do they tell you the product to create?

Their questions now.

Dammit, do I have to also tell you that?

They will ask you questions and that’s what your course will be based on.

For example:

In the relationship niche, you have seen 5 to 10 people ask you questions on how to deal with their boyfriend who cheats.

And you have a clear answer to that.

All you need to do is give the answer to this select few and wait for their feedback.

If it works, you have just hit a goldmine.

If it didn’t, you go again.

And mind you, all you did with these select few people is to validate your product.


In case you are confused, lemme tell you what we just did again.


Firstly, we built an audience interested in what we do.

We make sure we aren’t selling shit to them.

We are just feeding them with numerous values.

They perceive us as an authority and they are asking us questions.

After that is set.

You want to create your product for these people.

But that doesn’t work that way, you need to validate your product first before putting it out.

Don’t forget you are not a fraud, you genuinely want to help people while getting paid for it.

So you don’t want to sell trash.

This is why you must validate your product and this moves us to the second stage.


Pick a select few out of everybody asking you that particular question.

Give them the answer to that question and tell them to try it out.

Let them know you need their feedback so well.

So when they come back with feedback, you will know whether it works or not.

You will know where to improve it or not.

This will give you a pointer as to how to structure your course.

  • What to include.
  • Disclaimer to include.
  • What to remove.
  • Who it works better for
  • Etc.

And after doing this, you are halfway done.

You already have an audience interested in what you do

But don’t forget, they are not interested in your product yet because you are still missing a key clue which I will teach you soon.

And you already validated your product and see that it works.

Now unto creating the product itself.

How do you go about this?

I will tell you tomorrow.

Or next tomorrow.

Or next month.

Or never.

Anyhow, have a nice day ahead.

Dolapo Hamzat.



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