We have an unfinished business



While reminiscing on some stuff this morning…

I remember something and I was grateful.

You see, many of us allow this Internet parade to blindfold us…

And we don’t get to give gratitude as at when due and when needed.

It’s very bad.

And If you ask me, I will say we need to get out of that mental rut.

It’s damaging.

Because I remember there was a time I was actually hoping to start making N50,000 monthly.

I have no Internet business or anything.

But I knew if I make N50,000 monthly, my life go soft small.

And when I hit the N50,000 monthly, what was I supposed to do?

Gratitude yeah?


I failed in that.

I was instead running after N100,000 a month.

And so on and so forth.

It was the normal thing to do.

Hit this milestone, move on to the next, and so on.

But have you ever sat down and given gratitude for all you have?

Don’t forget these things are things you were praying fervently for some time back.

So why forget to give gratitude?


Sounds very trivial but really important.

And when I talk about gratitude… It doesn’t apply to only the religious folks.

It applies to everyone including people like us.

I can’t be teaching you how to give gratitude but try and do so once once.

It will give you a great mind upliftment.

Or not.

It’s your choice.

Meanwhile, people buying stuff from you

People giving you their money.

People going back and forth to borrow money to get your stuff.

And many more is something really nice.

But you need to know it’s not magic.

It’s not manipulation.

It’s just persuasion.

So when Halimat replied to my email and asked me this question…

I knew a lot of people are still not getting this stuff right.


Getting people to give you their money is a game of value exchange.


It’s more like…

You have rice and I am hungry.

I have money, give me rice and I will give you money.

It’s that simple.

But where we all took it up a notch is how we present the values we have in exchange for other people’s money.

It’s still the usual value exchange but we added persuasion to it.

Here’s an explanation to understand better.

Let’s assume you are hungry and you have two different food spots right in front of you.

They both sell the same thing (Let’s use Rice in this case)

They garnish their food the same way and even set their restaurant the same way.

You want to buy rice and you have to make a decision between the two restaurants.

Normally, you might just go with anyone especially if you are someone like me.

But this choice of yours can be affected by a whole lot of things.

Let me start with your friend’s review of the restaurants.

If your friend is a foodie like me and she has possibly eaten at the two restaurants.

If she said… the first one food is weird but the second one is sweeter…

You will definitely go for the second one.

And that is a testimonial in marketing.

Moving on…

If you get there and restaurant B has a very good and mighty appearance.

You like what you see and you have this feeling of a big girl eating in Restaurant B…

Then you will go to Restaurant B.

That’s branding or packaging in marketing.

Can you see none of them is forcing you to buy from them?

None of them is pulling money out of your pocket.

You are only making these decisions based on what you have seen and heard.

One more…

In front of Restaurant B, you saw something around the point of…

Buy A plate of rice worth N2,500 and you get a nice drink and even an extra chicken for FREE.

You will definitely go for Restaurant B because you want a better deal.

And that’s Offer in Marketing.

So can you see we aren’t forcing money outta anybody’s pocket?

We only have some things structured to influence your decision.

And as is it with offline business… same is it with an online business.

You need to have some things structured if truly you want people to pay you.

No matter how expensive your shits are… there are people ready to drop the money right on the spot for you.

But the question remains…

Do you have the necessary things in place to make them drop that money?

Simply put

Do you have the necessary things in place to influence their decision?

If you can answer that… then you have an edge.

And I believe you are not waiting for me to tell you what you need to put in place to influence their decision?

You are?


Well, that can’t be today.


Just maybe tomorrow.

I might think about it

But for now,

I want to return to the gods of the land.

We have an unfinished business

Dolapo Hamzat.



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