I had a dream about you last night.




I got a question yesterday.

Or better still, two questions from 2 different people.

And I have decided to answer just one today because I have a long day ahead.

But before getting to the question and answer.

I had a dream about you last night.

And if you ask me, I would say it’s a funny dream that’s also pointing me to something.

I am not a dreamer and I can tell you I have never had a nice dream in my life.

My type of dream is when I just see myself falling from the top of a 25 storey building and I snap up from bed immediately.

You know that kind of dream yeah?


Meaningless ones.

So I am really surprised when I had today’s dream and it came out meaningful.

And here’s a summary of the dream.

I was in Kigali with my students (concerns you because you are my student).

And I took all my students to see Andy in his house in Kigali.

We met him eating and I told him that after he’s done…

My students would like 5 to 20 mins with him so he can cut soap for us.

That was all Andy needed to stand up and keep his food aside…

He said I should bring them in and this man literally spent 2hrs++ teaching them…

I skipped some things in between but that’s just the summary of everything.

While I am not a dream interpreter and I don’t wish to be one.

I feel I should let some of my students tap Andy’s marketing knowledge through me.

More like…

Maybe a crazily expensive mastermind where I bring Andy to shoot these guys some knowledge coupled with other experts.

I am just thinking out loud though.

But the concept of the dream is funny especially when you consider the fact that…

I just booked a meet and greet with Golibe for Victoria (one of my students)

They are in the same city and Victoria asked me to connect them.

Even though Golibe doesn’t want to take that (I won’t either)

He took it because the request came from me.

And the rest, they say it’s history.

So having that kinda dream seems to tell me to try that for like 10 people in a crazily expensive mastermind.

Or not.

I am not sure.

Alas, I digress.

Back to the question I wanted to answer…

I got a reply to my email yesterday from Omoniyi and it goes thus.

And I just demonstrated the answer to that question in this email.


I write my email every morning, not the night before.


If you see me by 11 pm yesterday and ask me what my email for today will be about…

I won’t know.


Coming up with ideas especially for a personal brand like mine is ridiculously simple.

I had a dream and I came to gist my guys about it.

If I want to tie the dream to a lesson and a sales pitch…

I would easily do that.

Did you just say how?

I will just tell you that learning from a top guy will change your mind and you will dream big.

I have met with Andy and I can dream of making my students meet him too.

If not because I have met and listened to him physically, I am certain that dream won’t come.

That’s the lesson and here’s the pitch.

How would you also like to meet with a top guy (Arguably the best copywriter in Africa)?

How would you like him to sprinkle some marketing blessings on you and change your sales and marketing game in xx days?

If it sounds nice to you, here’s the rest of my proposition to you:

Let me stop there.

But you understand my point yeah?

You just have to be able to relate whatsoever you have to a lesson.

And this will be easier for you if you stay curious.

Writing is in conjunction with curiosity


And curious writers and marketers go home with the big bucks.

If you are curious enough to see something happening and your subconscious is asking you how to relate the scenario to what you sell…

Then you have hit the jackpot.

It’s that simple.

Just read and dissect winning copy more.

Stay curious and your game will change easily.

That’s all and hope I answered your question?


Do have a nice day ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.



How’s the affiliate challenge going at your side?

Getting your prospects warmed up yeah?


Tomorrow, I will be showing you how to make people pull out money to buy the course even though it sounds very expensive to some.

Or not.

Not sure yet but that’s the second question I got yesterday and I haven’t answered it.

Meanwhile, here’s something to move you from someone without a skill to someone that earns between $500 to $2000 monthly writing a few words.

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