Why are you hiding yours?




This week is showing the potential of a busy one.

It’s giving me the chills when I think about the number of sites I went to yesterday.

As if that’s not enough, I have more chills when I remembered the number of site reports and defenses I did yesterday.

Funny enough, yesterday was Monday.

And there’s every tendency this week looks like Monday all through.

So I am tired in advance.

And this will lead me into answering two questions today.

One was asked sometime last week and I can’t find the question again (I have the big idea offhand)

While the other one was asked just yesterday which I can still get the screenshot.

Ready for this?

Good. Let’s do this.

The first question was around the point of…

“Why don’t I follow trends in my emails?”

The person said almost every Nigerian talked about the 17-year-old kids doing rituals.

Everybody had something to say.

They sent to their email and all.

And the person asked why I didn’t say anything?

Well, here’s the answer.

  • You can see I started this email with how busy my site works are.
  • What I didn’t include was telling you how many client works I am presently juggling together.
  • What I also didn’t include is to tell you how my body and mental health almost gave in last weekend.
  • I didn’t also tell you that I now drink water and mind my business thoroughly.

You see, as someone that has people listening to him or her…

It’s not compulsory to say everything.

It’s a waste of time.

And to cap it all, people will accuse you, especially those who don’t like your sentiment.

So why worry about that when I can always do my stuff?

It’s not that I am in support of those kids doing rituals.

And truthfully, I think they should be hanged and killed brutally

But if I air my opinion, what does it change?

The police and the judge will hear me and do what I asked them to do?

C’mon, it’s useless.

So I better just keep my mouth shut and face my life.

It’s that simple mehn.



Moving on to the second question…

He read yesterday’s email on the 3 checklists to tick as an affiliate marketer.

And he asked this question:

You see…

Selling yourself is not hard if you follow the usual KLT formula.

I always say that marketing is basics…

Nothing complicated.

No formula

Just going back to the basics over and over again

The KLT formula has been in existence forever and every successful marketer has been using it.

And here is the meaning:


It’s that simple.

If you want to sell yourself to me.

Here’s the sequence:

I have to know you first and that’s why you have to run ads…


Show yourself to me repeatedly.

Lemme be on your email list or WhatsApp list first.

I can’t buy from someone I don’t know unless the person is being recommended (which I will still get to know you)

It’s that simple.

Get yourself known first.

And you can move to the next one LIKE.


But well, I have something that goes against the basics here.

You are reading this doesn’t mean you like me.

Infact, you might hate me for all I care.

But you respect me as an authority in DR copywriting.

That’s all.

You don’t have to like me.

A lot of people don’t like Daniel Throssell but they still listen to him and buy from him.

A lot of people don’t like me because I am rude (like they always say)

But they listen to me and even get my course.

Even if you hate me, you like my content.

And you know that you can trust my recommendation.


You don’t have to like me (me self no need your like)

But you just gotta listen to me when I talk because you count me as an authority in my niche.


And this can be achieved using your content.

Nurture people with valuable and original content.

Life is now hard for creatives that all they know now is to steal someone else’s content.

But if you can create your own valuable content and add originality and your personality to it.

People will take you for that.


And this is why I always tell people to never hide their personalities because they wanna sell online.

It’s not right.

I have my personality which is the “I don’t care attitude”

I didn’t hide it and here we are.

  • Andy has his own.
  • Golibe has his own.
  • Toyin has his own.
  • Ronald has his own.

Virtually every top guy has their own.

Why are you hiding yours?


And I won’t say than that.

Moving to the last one…


This is self-explanatory.

If you give people valuable content well enough, they will trust you.

It’s a game of reciprocity.

Give and take.

Do me and I do you back.

Give me valuable content and I will give you my trust.

And by the time you are done doing this…

Just sell them any course creator and tell them to use your link.

They will do that easily.




And there’s one thing I forgot to mention yesterday…

All three checkboxes can be achieved in a single post.

Or better still, in a single article.

And what I mean is…

  • You can sell yourself
  • You can sell the course creator
  • And you can sell your offer for the course all in one article.

This is the work of a presell page.

But how can you do it?

I don’t know.

Pay me N10,000 and I might decide to teach you or not.

Have a nice month ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.



The 30 sales in 30 days affiliate challenge commence today.

Let’s see the number of people who will go home with my extra N160,000.

Fingers crossed.

And you can still join them right now or even later.

The access to participate is the Layman guide.

If you have gotten it, go drop your email address in the support group.

If you haven’t gotten it, here’s your invite link:

Layman Guide

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