The 3 fundamental checklists to tick when selling any affiliate offer.




Today’s a good day and I am here to show you the checklist you must tick if you want to sell out your affiliate offers.

And no matter what you are thinking…

I am not writing this for you if you are not affiliating for my course…

So please shift back and let my guys enter.

Go back a little more

A little more…

Okay good, let’s boogie down.

You see…

No matter what affiliate product you sell… there are 3 checklists you have to tick to make massive sales.

And if you pay attention to these 3 things… making sales will become softer and simpler for you.

Without beating around the bush… what are these 3 things?


You need to sell yourself as a person.


You see… if your audience thinks you are a scumbag…

There’s no how you want to sell to them.

Infact, they won’t even buy because they believe you are a crook.

So you need to sell yourself to your audience.

Show them your personality.

Let them get to trust you as a person not as an affiliate.

You get that?

You say no?


Before you start parading yourself as an affiliate or anything in between…

Let your audience trust you and believe you want to help them naturally.

This is one reason a lot of affiliates don’t make sales…

They jump to the second step without ticking this first one.

And it doesn’t work that way.

Sell yourself first!

And this is where your…

  • Advert
  • Presell copy
  • Nurturing them on WhatsApp or emails

All come in.

  • They have to know you first which is why you must run ads.
  • They have to understand who you are first and this is why you must have a presell copy to sell yourself not a course you are affiliating.
  • And they have to trust you before another person which is why you must nurture them with valuable content.

It’s not magic.

And this first step is very important.

Selling yourself first is the difference between 10 sales per week as an affiliate…

And 100 sales per week as an affiliate.

But the cons that follow this first checklist is that it takes time.

That’s why a lot of people try to jump it and do it later.

But is there anything that will bring you money that won’t take time?

I guess NO and there you have your answer.


Sell yourself first.



Moving on to the second checklist…

Sell the course creator you are promoting.


After your people must have trusted you…

They know you are a good man.

They know you are not a scumbag.

They know they can buy anything you recommend because you have their goodwill at heart.

Then you can proceed to the other one.

And this is where you sell the course creator.

See, it’s not about the course per se as an affiliate…

It’s about the course creator.

It’s about who he is.

People buy people.

And these days… People buy stories.

So it’s really less about the course and it’s more about the creator.

No matter what you are doing…

You need to bring it back to the creator.

  • And this is why you shouldn’t promote a course created by a scumbag too.
  • You shouldn’t promote a course created by someone that has a stain on his name.
  • You shouldn’t promote a course created by someone that has been called a scammer before.

It’s basically about him.

Just like the way you have to sell yourself to your audience first.

You also have to sell the course creator too.

  • Sell his story.
  • Sell his journey.
  • Sell how the skill or solution he wants to sell has changed his life too.
  • Sell his transformation.
  • Sell his breakthrough.
  • If possible, sell some of his daily activities that will establish more trust.

And like I said earlier, it’s more about the course creator compared to the course.

It’s more like a case of me promoting my mentor’s course.

  • I already sold myself to you and you trust me somehow (if not, you won’t be here)
  • And in my sales email, I sold my mentor to you as someone that has helped me and how he helped me.
  • I painted him as the right man to learn from (that’s who he is exactly)

And that’s it.

I got 3 people to buy a 50k course from that sales email.

I am not an affiliate marketer but I know the fundamental of sales.

So back to what I was saying…

Sell the course creator and not the course as an affiliate.

You get that too?


Moving on to the last one on the list…

The offer.


This is the giant nail in the coffin.

This is why I will buy the layman guide from Damilare and won’t buy from Kemi.

This is why I will boycott Mariam who is my friend and buy from Elephchild.

This is just the difference between the whole thingy.

If you remember earlier, I said something around the point of…

It’s less about the course itself and it’s more about the course creator.

I am not lying.

And here’s why:

Even though it pays to promote a course that has a good sales copy and a jaw-dropping offer like mine.

That’s not enough.

Your offer as an affiliate is the biggest nail in the coffin.

Your buyer wants to know…

If I buy this from you now…

Am I only getting what the course promised or do you have something more for me?

If you don’t have one, then why should I buy from you and give you some commission?

People are looking for the best deal and nothing more.

They are looking to rip you off with a one-time payment.

And this is why I know two people that will win this affiliate challenge already.

Their offers are rock solid that I just can’t bring myself to comprehend why they will give out such.

Nevertheless, it’s a competition and you never can tell.

  • So what can you add to the course offer to make it more solid?
  • What can you add for anybody that buys from you that will easily separate you from the other affiliates?
  • What can you add for anybody that buys from you that will make them ditch their friend’s offer for yours?

What is it?



Check what others are doing.

Know what your people want.

Reason am.


And you should be able to come up with something really irresistible for them to take their eyes off.


And that, my friend, is the 3 fundamental checklist to tick when selling any affiliate offer.

Not too much trouble, just understand what you need to do and do it with due diligence.


Meanwhile, I wrote this because of the affiliate challenge that’s starting tomorrow.


It’s nothing serious but if N520,000 is a good amount of money for you.

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You promote my course which is N25,000.

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If you are able to sell at least 30 pieces of my course…

You will get over N360,000 as your automatic affiliate commission.

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I feel it’s a good deal especially if you consider the fact that you are ripping me off.

The challenge is starting tomorrow February 1st and ends March 2nd.

Just 30 sales in 30 days and you get over N520,000.

Isn’t it wonderful?


But you need to get my course before you can join the challenge.

Here’s a link to know what the course entails and get it:

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And it’s not compulsory you join the challenge from the beginning.

You can join the challenge in between or even on the last day.

Not bad.

So it’s up to you to take it up or not.

Meanwhile, you should go over the 3 checklists I mentioned again

They will change the game for you.

Have a nice week ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.

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