I am just really scared



I dey fear big time.

And this is not because of anything crazy.

I am just really scared looking at what’s to come.

You see…

I am not guaranteed anything good is coming.

Neither am I guaranteed anything bad is coming.

But sometimes, when I just look into my journey and look at what’s to come…

I just get really scared.

And this happen even to the best of us.

The top guns you are looking up to also have something that scare them about their journey.

It’s normal.

We are humans and not immortal.

So we are bound to get really scared.

It’s normal if you also get scared of what you wish to accomplish.

Totally normal.

Infact, sometimes…

You just get scared for no reason and you start questioning yourself…

  • Can I do this?
    Will this come out well?
    What if this fails?
    Yada yada

It’s normal.

Just do it regardless of how scared you are.

Anytime I get a new client work to execute… I always have that fear no matter how little it seems.

And this is not because I don’t know what to do.

Nah Nah.

Just me thinking of the bad part.

And with time, I got over the overwhelming feelings.

Even though I still get scared if I get a new gig till date…

I always forge ahead regardless.

And I always make sure I put my best into the project.

Something around the point of…

“What if this is the last copy I will write on earth, how do I want people to commend me on the copy?”

That’s not my main motivation but it’s around that point.

And this little motivation has made me a hit run on all my copy.

None of them…

I repeat, none of my copy has ever bombed.

They all convert like wildfire.

So anytime you have the urge to ask me the secret of a converting copy.

I just told you one (the motivation)


And all that aside…

I have two more pieces of information for you.

They might relate to you and they might not.

Just read through and catch your sub.




I was on a call with one of my mentees yesterday…

She said something about the new layman guide and I laughed.

She said something around the point of…

“I read the former layman guide and it’s good, but this latest layman guide is crazy… it felt new even though some of the things there are what I have read before… how did you do it?”

And even though her question was kinda funny to me… I gave her a response and here you go…

I never stop learning.

I wrote the first layman guide when I finished my first ever mentorship with my mentor. I took the knowledge and pour into the first one.

But this latest one is a collection of knowledge from Andy Mukolo, Stefan Georgi, Craig Clemens, Daniel Throsell, Golibe, and a whole lot of the copywriters I have met.

So it’s bound to be different.

But here’s something to note.

  • I never stop learning.
  • I can never stop learning.
  • I won’t ever stop learning.


And for you?

I think you should emulate me and never stop learning.

But na you sabi sha.

And here’s something to help you continue learning…

The latest layman guide.

Moving on to my second piece of info today…

A lot of affiliates are getting hyped up for the affiliate challenge coming up.

Their preparation is out of this world.

Some were even asking me questions and I was just laughing.

These guys mean business mehn but I am excited on what’s to come.

How many people would win my 160k cash price?

Let’s see.

And if you want to affiliate for the layman guide and also join the affiliate challenge to win N160,000 cash price.

Then drop your email address in the layman guide support group.

I will get you added ASAP.

And if you want to affiliate buh haven’t bought the layman guide.

Well, there’s nothing I can do.

And mind you…

The affiliate challenge will start February 1st.

And that’s when we start counting for the 30 sales in 30 days challenge.

That said…

Do have a nice weekend ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.

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