You have heard a lot about high-income skills but you don’t know which to start with?
You have even tried your hands on a few high income skills but you didn’t get it right?

Here’s an opportunity to learn a skill that can make you $500 and more monthly without working more than 4 hours a day!

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Hey there,

My name is Dolapo Hamzat.

And I am here with good news for you today.

But before getting into what the good news is and how you can take advantage of this good news to:

Pocket $500 and more monthly doing nothing more than 4 hours of work daily.

Let me properly introduce myself first.

Like I said earlier, my name is Dolapo Hamzat.

I am a direct response marketer and copywriter.

By working with clients both in Nigeria and abroad..

I have been able to generate over $450,000 in sales.

One of my clients is Tamilore Adewuyi.

An eight-figure affiliate Marketer that I wrote just two copy for…

And under 12 months, the two copy have generated over 100 Million Naira in sales.

Here’s what he has to say:

Tamilore Adewuyi Expert Marketer

“I love this work; you know your onions Dolapo. Wow, this copy is super punchy, you got my brand voice and we have generated over 100 million Naira from the two copy(s) you wrote.”

    Not only him…

    Here’s what one of my clients, the CEO of soft collections (a company that did over 23 Million Naira in sales for the year 2021) said about me too…

    Ayo Akinpelu CEO, Soft Collections.

    If care is not taken, I might end up buying an offer from myself… Cus brooo, that copy is sick… I am convinced about myself… Bro, you are fucking good and it’s worth the amount paid for ooo

      And they are not the only ones here…

      Here’s what Nosa Nick, one of the biggest international dropshipper in Nigeria (and the founder of Astalavee and Mustard savings platform) said about me.

      Nosa Nick CEO, Mustard Saving Platform

      The copy is very calm and good man… I love it, you brought out my tone.

        And not only them,

        Just like I want to pay it forward to you right now…

        I have also been able to teach a lot of folks in the online space.

        And here’s what some of them have to say about me:

        Here’s Abdulhameed.

        He came to me naturally as someone that’s selling online and has gotten a lot of courses on copywriting and others.

        He enrolled to be a mentee of mine and in under one year, he has made over 1Million Naira in sales applying everything I have shown him and he has this to say:

        Here’s also Kene Etta who said I have been a huge influence on his writing games.

        Another one of my students is Toyyib here.

        He was a copywriter before he met me and when we refined his copywriting skills…

        He has this to say about me and his skills.

        And they are not the only ones in this category,

        Here’s also what Hamot has to say after meeting me and refining her copy skills too.

        And they are not the only ones in this category,

        Here’s also Lateefat that couldn’t write shit when she met me has to say:

        I have helped these guys achieve financial freedom and I can also help you.

        So if you are:

        • Finding it hard to make money online
        • Or you are finding it hard to even focus on one particular high-income skill
        • Or you have tried everything and they are still not working for you.
        • Or you are even frustrated and you feel like quitting right away.
        Then allow me to introduce you to the world of copywriting.

        Yes, that’s the high-income skill that changed my life.

        Because come to think of it…

        I was once a student that got disowned by my father and couldn’t even feed myself…

        And now?

        I’m a 400L student that took himself on a vacation trip in December 2021 and spent over 1.5M Naira on the trip alone.

        I also went on another vacation in July 2022 which cost over 2.5M Naira on the trip alone.

        What changed?

        I learned copywriting.

        So I don’t know the point you are right now.

        Maybe you are:

        • A student struggling to do something during this Asuu strike 
        • Maybe you are a corper looking to do something with your life so life after school won’t show you pepper.
        • Maybe you are a family man or woman who wants to be able to take care of your kids and families.
        • Or you are just in between.
        Copywriting can also change your life just like it changed mine.

        And during our journey together, I will be telling you my story bit by bit.

        It’s a long story that I am sure you will be interested in.

        But right here on this page, we aren’t here for that.

        All I am here to do is to introduce you to Copywriting and show you how it can change your life too.



        Without wasting more time,

        What’s copywriting?

        Copywriting is simply you… Talking to me… About a situation or discovery or opportunity… That’s having a tremendously positive impact … on hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives.

        And now… You want to share that experience as good news with me… No hype… Just you giving me the facts, And showing me what I need to do.

        It’s that simple.

        All you’re doing is having an honest conversation with me… but instead of coming to my house and doing it face to face, You’re doing it through words.

        Just like the way I wrote this short write-up you are reading right now.

        Published on a website like this, 

        Where I can read your message with my laptop, phone, or tablet.

        Pretty straightforward, right?


        Also, who can be a copywriter?


        Anybody can be a copywriter.

        Even someone with half a brain can be a copywriter.

        In as much as you can read and understand everything on this page…

        Then you can be a copywriter.

        Now listen…

        I wish to give you all the information you need to become a successful copywriter.

        But I can’t give you all explanations here because it takes time to digest.

        And this is why I have prepared a free video for you titled:


        And In a moment, I will tell you what you need to get this free video but before that…

        Let me quickly take you through what you will learn in this video:

        • What copywriting is and what it is not.

        This is different from the usual definition of copywriting you are used to.

        Moreover, it goes further than the simple definition I have on this page.

        It gives a nice insight into what copywriting is and what copywriting isn’t.

        • Who a copywriter is and what they do

        I will show you examples of what a copywriter does and how you have seen them in your everyday life.

        Infact, by the time you are done hearing this part of the video…

        You will realize you have been a copywriter all your life.

        You just need little training and polishing like this free video to start utilizing it.

        • The 5 basic things you need to have if you want to become a great copywriter.

        Not good English language and not even money.

        This part is why a lot of folks don’t get into copywriting.

        They believe since it’s about writing…

        They must have an A in their English language or they must understand English very well.

        Well, let me burst your brain.

        I am from Nigeria and I had just C6 in my SSCE English language.

        I mostly get a D in my university GNS.

        And yet, I write copy for foreigners (people in the USA, Europe, Australia, etc) with my third wold English.

        What’s the secret?

        I revealed it in this FREE video.

        • The truth and the lies in the direct response world.

        I have seen people lie about these well but I will be debunking them for you.

        And I also went ahead to break some myths about copywriting.

        By the time you are done watching this part of the video… you will get to realize that you have been lied to about copywriting.

        Moving on,

        • The 4 big ways I and my students have been using to generate over $1000 per month by writing copy.

        (We don’t use Upwork or Fiverr or even any freelancing platforms)

        This is something I use and I have taught it to my students.

        It’s not easy to get paid $1000 as a Nigerian but we are pulling it off.


        Because we know these 4 ways to get paid $1000 monthly without flinching.

        And by the time you are done watching this part of the video, you will be geared up to start earning your $1000 monthly too.

        • These and many more are what you will be seeing in the FREE video.

        And by the time you are done watching this FREE video which is just 35 minutes long,

        You would have equipped yourself with the right knowledge in copywriting.

        And mind you, 

        This FREE video is worth over $20.

        But you will get it for FREE right on this page.

        And by now, I know you are so eager to get access to this free video.

        And just like I promised earlier…

        I will show you how to get access to this video.

        Even better, I’d give you access to this video absolutely free of charge.

        In fact, this Free video will be among the first things you’ll have access to when you subscribe to my community.

        I realize that sounds odd, but I think that’s appropriate.

        Because I’m sure my community is unlike any other community you have ever been before.

        Here’s what Habeeb is saying about my community.

        Even better, Zunurain has to say about my community too.

        Even better, Balqeez has to say about my community too.

        And just in a moment, I will reveal how you can easily subscribe to my community and also get the free video ASAP.

        But firstly…

        What’s my community about?

        My community is on two platforms.

        Yes, two different platforms that operate at the same time laced with overdosed value.

        The first platform is:


        This is not a WhatsApp group or BC.

        I share valuable copywriting, sales, and marketing tips on my WhatsApp status.

        And the status itself is the community.

        It’s an everyday thingy.

        And we don’t get tired of giving out valuable information.

        Or why do you think this guy is here crying tears of joy in my DM?

        And here’s also Kehinde:


        Remember I mentioned at some point of this writeup that my community is on two platforms, yeah?

        Whatsapp community is the first one.

        The second one?

        Here comes:


        This is the most active point of my community.

        • Every day by 10 am, I share valuable tips on copywriting that have gone on to generate a good amount of money for myself and my clients.


        • I also relate my day-to-day life experiences to marketing to show you how to make more money in the marketing world.

        Not only that,

        • There are some days I just come with a pure cruise or to gist you about life generally.

        And I was also named one of the top 100 email marketers in the world in 2021.

        A list curated by Matt Bockenstette where I ranked over top copywriters and Internet marketers like Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson, Seth Godin and many more.

        And here’s what Abdulhameed has to say about my email community.

        Here’s also what Chika has to say about my emails:

        Here’s also what Wisdom has to say about my emails:

        And here’s what Evidence also has to say about my emails:

        And here’s also Habidah saying she’s pained because she missed my email for a day.

        Here’s also Cynthia saying I know how to pass information to stubborn goats like her:

        Here’s also Aaliyah saying my email is the only one she looks out for daily:

        And many more of these.

        But without further ado, I will be giving you first-hand access to the community in a minute. 

        So whether you are:

        • A freelancer that wants to acquire more clients
        • An individual that has been thinking of what to do to make money online.
        • Or even a business looking to improve your marketing ROI

        This community is the right place for you to be.

        But let’s take a quick recap, shall we?


        You are joining my community on two different platforms.

        • One is a WhatsApp community where I give you free marketing and sales tips on my status.
        • The second is my email community where I share valuable copywriting tips at 10 am every day.
        • And you also get a bonus video for FREE that will teach and introduce you to the world of copywriting.

        So it’s a big win for you.

        And if I ask how much do you think you can invest to join a community where:

        • You learn about things that can generate you money
        • You learn how to write words that sell
        • You learn how to write stories that make people bring out their cards to pay you.
        • You learn how to acquire clients that can pay you $200 and above for your services
        • You learn how to construct the right marketing funnel for your business.
        • You also get to ask questions and you are answered.

        How much do you think it’s worth?

        I will tell you.

        The worth of the community together with the bonus video is more than $50.

        But right here on this page, you will be paying almost next to nothing.

        Just $3 or N2,550 for a lifetime subscription into the community.


        Too low?

        Yes, it’s cheap and it was intentional.

        The community was initially FREE but I realized a lot of folks took it for granted.

        Here’s what I mean:

        These folks won’t open the emails and I pay huge amount of money monthly to send these emails to them.

        So instead of not taking it serious, if they pay…

        They gotta pay attention yeah?


        So you are only getting in for $3 or N2,550 only for a lifetime subscription.

        Just click on the button below and you will be automatically redirected to Paystack.

        Paystack is a secured payment platform where you pay just $3.

        Immediately your transaction is confirmed successful by Paystack…

        You will be redirected to a page where you input your first name and email address.

        After that, you will get access to the bonus video I promised you.

        And boom, you’re a lifetime member of my community.

        Here's Godfrey saying I made him believe in Nigerian copywriters again:

        You can also get to change belief about Nigerian copywriters when you subscribe to my community by clicking on the button below.

        Meanwhile, before you go ahead to make payment and join my community…

        Here are some important things you need to know:

        Firstly, I have this bad habit of removing dormant subscribers every 14 days.

        This means, if you don’t open any of my emails in 14 days.

        I will remove you from receiving my emails and the only way you can join again is to…

        Subscribe again for $3 only.

        If you read my emails regularly, we won’t have any problem with that.

        Secondly, You should not subscribe if you are easily triggered.

        I mean, I use some trigger words sometimes to drive home the marketing lessons well.

        And with my experience in the marketing world, I realized some folks aren’t cool with that.

        It’s their preference and I won’t want to go against that.

        So if you are easily triggered by worlds like these ones below:

        And many more.

        Then I beg you, don’t subscribe because I wouldn’t want you to waste your money.

        Just look and pass.

        But if you have seen the two clauses above and you want to join my community where:

        • You learn about things that can generate you money
        • You learn how to write words that sell
        • You learn how to write stories that makes people bring out their card to pay you.
        • You learn how to acquire clients that can pay you $200 and above for your services
        • You learn how to construct the right marketing funnel for your business.
        • You also get to ask questions and you are answered.

        Then all you gotta do is click on the button below and boom.

        You will easily slide in.

        How about you come see the reason why Zainab called me one of the best copywriters in Nigeria?

        Just click the button below to join the community for $3 only!

        See you in your reply to my first email,

        Dolapo Hamzat.



        Okay, let’s keep it short.

        Come and discover the magic yourself too.

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