You are a scumbag no doubt.



It’s been one hell of a roller coaster mehn.

It’s been here and there.

It’s been now and then.

But here we are…

Back to Nigeria my country.

Yeah yeah.

I got back to Nigeria my country on Sunday and damn.

And it wasn’t funny.

I felt like turning back immediately.

  • Should we start from the 2hrs long queue I faced at the airport?
  • Or we should talk about my uber driver not knowing the road and taking me around the whole place to collect double the fee?
  • Or we should talk about the hotel I booked telling me all their rooms were retained, so they don’t have a room left for me?
  • Or we should talk about the hotel they transferred me to and their wack customer service?
  • Or we should talk about the bootload of mosquitoes inside the toilet of the hotel room I paid 12k for overnight?

To mention but a few.

You see, the only good thing that happened on that Sunday was my mentee coming over.

He changed my mood from zero to 100 real quick.

He took me out to eat and bro…

I ate crazily as the FFO I am.

I felt refreshed.

And norms, I don’t tolerate people sleeping over at my side.

I like my privacy for me and me alone.

But when he said can he sleepover?

I didn’t even think twice.

I like his vibe and I allowed him to sleep.

Everything worked well and my head worked the way it was supposed to work.

And this is why I went to try something Andy told me.

You see…

While having a convo with Andy the last time I saw him…

He kept mentioning something about going to a cafe to write.

  • Just pick your laptop and go to a cafe to write.
  • Buy coffee or tea and just keep writing.
  • You can sit there for like 4 to 6 hours depending on how comfy you are.

And initially, the idea doesn’t make sense to me especially when you consider the fact that I hate seeing people.

But when he explained the psychology behind it…

I understood everything better.

You see, most copywriters I know are basically introverts.

Infact, some find it hard to relate and cope with people despite the in-depth human psychology they have.

And it’s not their fault.

It’s just that if you understand human psychology well enough…

You will know it’s better to shift away from people rather than get awfully close with them.

Alas… I digress.

You see…

Sometimes as a copywriter, you just get very irritated with everything around you.

  • People

You will just be irritated with everything they do.

  • Maybe your laptop is slow booting, you might want to smash it against the wall
  • Maybe your phone is beeping nonstop, you might feel like cursing the caller
  • Maybe someone is replying to you with a monosyllabic statement and you feel like sending the person a Virtual slap
  • Or anything in between

That shows irritation.

It might be because you have been engrossed in a project that you lost your sense of self.

And the only way to regain your sense of self is to go back to people.

But not necessarily relating with them or anything in between.

Just go see people and how they are doing while working.

That’s where the idea of a cafe comes in.

You will see people roaming about without coming near you.

  • But you will have a clear head to write.
  • You will get clarity.
  • And you will get the needed sense of self.

I never actually believed this is possible just by sitting to write in a cafe.

Until I tried it in Kigali.

I went to Carnivore Cafe in the Kigali Heights building…

I didn’t even go with my laptop.

  • I only bought something to drink and in a few minutes of watching some asses swing here and there…
  • In a few minutes of listening to some languages, I don’t understand…
  • In a few minutes of seeing people giggle and laugh amongst themselves…

I regained my sense of self.

I got clarity and funny enough…

I had a big idea for my next project staring right at me in the face.

And since then, I knew I have seen something to help me in my journey.

You should try it once a week no matter where you are especially if you are a copywriter.

  • Find a cafe that has charging spots for your laptop.
  • Go there and buy coffee or tea or anything.
  • Open a blank document and watch how things unfold.

It works because I have tried it.

It works because Andy has also tried.

And if you don’t believe it’s true despite the fact that both of us had tried it…

Then you are a scumbag no doubt.

I say what I say.

Meanwhile, if you stay in Ilorin and you know where I can see such a cafe…

Please reply to this email and tell me.

I have been looking for it and I haven’t seen it.

Help me out abeg.

Dolapo Hamzat.



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