I don’t think I can do this anymore



I literally told him my mind.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore

I don’t think I want to go to Kigali anymore

Heck, I don’t even think I have the money to make that possible.”

I was just ranting helplessly because WTF?

I never planned to do something like this.

Buh it took him just a voice note to reset my thinking.

He took him just a few right words to make me get myself straight.

You see…

I always knew scarcity and abundance mindset are some things.

But I always had this thinking that…

“Sheybi na person wey get something dey get abundance mindset.

If I no get money, where abundance mindset wan come from?”

But this man changed all that with just a voice note.

And funny enough, he’s not a mindset coach.

And just in a moment, I will tell you who he is and why I am bringing him up today.

But it will make sense if I give you the full gist above yeah?


When I wanted to travel to Rwanda last year…

I asked about the ticket fee, accommodation fee, covid test and all that.

  • I was told the ticket fee was around $400 and I feel that’s still doable.
  • The accommodation was around $300.
  • Covid test will just be 4 and that’s around $400.
  • Other petty things won’t be that huge I guess.

I was in full gear but due to the delay in my passport.

I booked everything late.

  • My ticket price jumped to $700.
  • My accommodation jumped to $450
  • And Rwanda also change its policy which pushed the covid test to 6 different ones totaling around $600.

I almost died.

Infact, I gave up.

Just one single delay caused me over $500 increment.


Funny enough, I had no money anywhere…

All my earnings before December were sleeping in Binance inside the biggest dip I have ever seen.

I need to earn my take during December only.


How do I do it?

I don’t know.

I just went to meet the one that put the Rwandan trip in my head and told him…

“Seems I won’t go this year, I will go next year.

More so, you can at least sponsor my trip yunno…

I have generated over 40 Million Naira in sales for you.

Sponsoring my trip of just 1M isn’t supposed to be a big deal for you.”

I knew that was entitlement speaking through me but I feel I should use it just this once.

Moreso, there’s no harm in trying.

But the 8 mins voice note he sent to me changed the game.

I sent it to two of my guys and they were not the same again.

I threw away the entitlement mentality and I got working.

And following everything he said in that VN…

I was able to live fine in Rwanda.

I spent over 1.5M in Rwanda and that was just my December earnings

Isn’t that amazing?


And now, I have the chance to bring this same person that changed my mindset on board to teach my students about mindset.

When he said yes…

I was dancing up and down.

Infact, I was literally grinning from ear to ear because I know these guys will never remain the same after the session.

And if by chance you don’t know who I am talking about right now…

His name is Tamilore Adewuyi.

He’s an Internet marketer that rolls with Ronald Nzimora, Chris Ani, Toyin Omotosho, Andy Mukolo, and others.

He gave me unfiltered access to Andy Mukolo.

And in 2021, he did over 200 Million Naira in sales and my copy generated over 40 Million Naira out of the 200 Million Naira.

(That’s me bragging BTW)

Meanwhile, I observed that

  • Limiting beliefs…
  • Scarcity mindset.
  • Fear and doubts
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Etc

Are some things copywriters face when they start their journey.

And funny enough, these things all stem from the mindset.

I have been able to get over them largely because Tamilore helped me get over them.

I have never been in a live meeting with him before where he’s discussing mindset.

But he has sent me a few voice notes that changed my mindset literally.

And now imagine him getting on a live call with you for 1hr plus talking about mindset, isn’t that going to change your game?


That’s why on Sunday (16/01/2022)…

I will be bringing Tamilore on board to discuss mindset with you.

He will be talking on:

  • Self-doubts and how to erase them totally
  • Limiting beliefs and how to go past them
  • Imposter syndrome and how to deal with it
  • How to charge your worth without feeling bad
  • How to erase scarcity mindset and embrace abundance mindset.
  • And many more

This class alone is worth nothing short of 50,000 Naira per person.

But he’s doing it for everybody for FREE due to the relationship I have with him.

The time of the class is 7 pm Nigerian time.

And the only gate fee or access fee to the class is the Layman Guide.

If you have purchased the layman guide, kindly go to the support group and check the full info out…

And if you haven’t purchased the layman guide and you wish to be part of this live class…

Here’s the link to get the guide: Layman guide to writing words that sell.

And if you don’t have the capacity to get the guide now…

Don’t worry…

I will include the recording of the class as my bonuses soon which will warrant you to pay more though.

But you will still get it.



I hope to see you in the live meeting,

Dolapo Hamzat.



If you notice something that played out in my story above…

You will fully understand the meaning of “access”

Access gave me everything I am enjoying today.

Access to Tamilore and his fleet of access too.

Access to Andy Mukolo and his fleet of knowledge

And that’s exactly how I want to keep going.

Getting access that will keep opening doors for me.

Just watch out.

And another way to gain some kind of access is being in the live meeting.

Tamilore might take a liking to you and that means unfiltered access to you.

But you can’t even get that liking unless you get the layman guide innit?


Here’s the link to get the course again: Layman guide to writing words that sell.

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  1. I have always had doubt about my self esteem..
    Will I be able to this?
    Do I have the mind to do this or the capability to do this?
    But reading your write ups so far has really erased part of my doubts I am so glad I took your course

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