You are a liar.



I have been told I have no last memory by a lot of my folks.

And I honestly won’t even argue with them because they are fairly right.

At least, for someone that sometimes forget he lent someone money when he’s even broke…

That’s some high-level forgetful shit.

But for me to never forget or erase this one insult thrown at me by an unknown person…

That shows the insult really hit a home run.

Infact, it hit me deep in the heart and I don’t know if I will ever forget it or not.

But one thing I know is that… that insult is still stuck in my head.

Immediately I saw the insult, I was laughing inward but I lost my composure.

It was shameful.

And I will definitely tell you what the insult was and how it was thrown at me.

But let me quickly address something important.

I saw your reply yesterday.

Or you didn’t send any?


You are not excluded from the question yunno.

But it’s fine.

I just wanna tell you that I got your reply and I am really grateful.

Infact, most of the replies pointed me in the right way to go.

I really appreciate you.

I will adjust starting next week, but can you at least give me the rest of this week to misbehave as usual?


Just kidding.

Meanwhile, you might not find fault in this insult but I was seriously pained.

You see…

2020 during the pandemic, there was a time all the universities were doing one anonymous thingy…

Where the class rep will send an anonymous link to the group.

And you can go there to insult or just say your mind to any member of the class.

You say you remember?


We decided to do it at my level too and as the class rep…

The responsibility to create the anonymous link fell on me.

I gladly picked it up but that was the biggest mistake I made that month.


I shouldn’t have even allowed it.

But there we were.

They were insulting themselves and I was laughing.

Until that one insult hit me.

Funny enough, I don’t know who pushed that insult to date.

But it really pained me.

Infact, when the person sent the insult.

I was in charge of the posting, so I skipped it and decided not to pay attention to it.

But the person sent it again followed with a message around the point of…

“Dolapo, why are you not posting what we said about you?”

At that point, I had no choice but to post it, and as expected…

Everybody laughed even though one or two ladies came to my rescue.

Everybody still laughed.

And as funny as it was…few more people confirmed the insult.

That night, I couldn’t sleep.

Oh, I haven’t told you what the insult was all about.

Sorry, here is the big idea of the insult (I am not sure I got it word for word)

“Dolapo, why are you always wearing that your faded blacktop and the red trouser that’s turning into wine already?

You no get another cloth? Sheybi you dey do forex… e no dey pay you again?”

I can’t totally remember but that was the idea around it.

And as laughable as that was… it was a big slap on my personality.

Even though all I still wear these days is still round neck and simple trousers.

What the person said that time was true and that was why it was so painful.

You know there’s like a difference between when someone insulted you and the insult wasn’t true…

And when someone insulted you and it was true?


It was painful because it was true.

Moreover, I was trading forex then but it was all losses here and there.

I get a N25,000 monthly allowance but half is already into forex that will get swallowed again.

My Dad will never give you a single kobo extra for clothes or anything.

So I couldn’t buy cloth and I was wearing the same clothes for over 1 year.

It was a really crazy time.

And when that person pointed it out… I had a rethink over my life.

Even though I was already in the internet marketing world at that time (left forex already then)

I was still not making a huge amount of money.

And when the insult came… I resolved to prove this person wrong.

I resolved to work hard to be able to afford any cloth I want.

And the biggest resolution was me saying…

“This person must come back to reveal himself and beg me.”

And the only way to achieve this is to make a good amount of money.

Even though till now, I haven’t seen the person come forward.

But it’s still my resolution yunno.

And did I mention I can now afford any type of cloth I want without even thinking about it?


Even though I still wear plain tees and joggers here and there (so comfortable yunno)

But that’s not the main thing I want you to pick out here.

If you notice I had a major driving pain then, (even two because I was disowned during that period too)

But they are both on one emotional point.

“I want to prove to them (my father and the insult writer) that I can make it and they will come to tell me they are sorry.”

That’s exactly my emotional driving point then.

And I was so so serious about achieving it.

But if you as a marketer came to ask me why I wanted to be very rich then…

I would have told you I just want to be rich to take care of myself and my family.

You see that pattern?

I won’t tell you my innermost desire…

I will only tell you the surface desire.

You are a liar.
I am a liar.
We are all liars when it comes to talking about our primal desires.

And this is why as a copywriter or business owner that wanna launch an offer for your client or yourself…

You should never believe what people say totally.

You need to dig deep into their words and find those primal desires whatever they are hiding.

That’s where the real money is.

And yeah, I understand how hard it is to find the primal desires of your market especially when you realize everybody is a liar.

I understand.

But what if I told you that I can show you how to subtly but tactically find these primal desires in any market, will you take me up on the offer?


You say yes?

Then here’s where the secret lies in the 1st bonus to be precise…

How to detect the primal desire of any market.

This email is long enough.

Romance the link above.

Catch ya later,

Dolapo Hamzat.



Meanwhile, this was what prompted today’s email below

You might have been in such a position before or even worse…

All I have to tell you is simple.

Don’t give up because na who give up fuck up.

And also, if you feel you know how to talk and you can insult and make a mockery of people anyhow.


You hear?

You will learn soon.


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