For now, I am still skeptical



Why do you want to become a hunter? he was asked…

And he said… I want to make money because money can buy everything.

It sounded unbelievable and this made kurapika not believe him.

So when they were in the first phase of the hunter exam…

Kurapika asked him…

Leiroi, is it true you want to become a hunter because of money?

Well, he couldn’t lie again.

He came out clean and he said…

He had a friend that died because of a lack of money.

He had a treatable disease but require a huge sum of money to be treated.

He doesn’t have it and hence, his friend died.

And that’s exactly why he wants to make a lot of money.

He wants to be able to give people like his friend free healthcare.

Even though all these don’t concern you so far…

I want you to observe something very important.

But before that, I need you to know where this came from.

It came from the new anime I started watching some days back.

The title is Hunter X Hunter.

There were 3 particular guys who were asked a question and the question is…

Why do you want to become a hunter?

Two of them gave a very deep reason

And the last one gave a vague reason of “I want to make money”

It felt so unreal and gullible but people believed him except one guy.

But that’s not the point of this email.

The point of this email has been stated from the beginning but I know you haven’t noticed.

You see, in marketing and Copywriting…

Wants aren’t enough to make someone buy something.

That’s why you will see us talking about primal desires.

That’s the main thing.

For example:

If you ask 100 people what they want.

They might say money.

But if you write your copy telling them they will make money, your copy might flop.

It’s just a vague and general want.

Everybody wants money.

And the only difference is what we all want to do with the money.

That’s it.

That’s each person’s primal desire.

That’s what separates us from each other.

That’s why Hakeem will buy a course and Suliyat will not buy it.

It’s a personal thingy.

  • I might want to make money so I can be able to go on vacation on a business class trip.
  • You might want to make money so you can get that dream car to cruise around.
  • Suliyat might want money so all her naysayers will bite their fingers and regret calling her names.
  • Etc.

It varies from person to person.

And if you ask me how to infuse this into your copy.

It’s simple.

You don’t stop with one primal desire… you stack up as plenty as you can.

That’s why in a sales letter…

You will see various primal desires stacked up.

And this is because what will work for you might not work for me.

But if I see even one thing that appeals to my emotion, I can take it up.

So that’s why it’s always stacked up.

Pick yours and others pick theirs.

Do you get it?


Meanwhile, the survey I did yesterday really yielded something.

And I have concluded on a webinar to take the class.

It will be the main basis of Internet marketing and I would want it to reach a lot of people.

That said…

I will decide on the whole thing very soon.

For now, I am still skeptical about my time and availability.

I will get you updated about everything.

Do have a nice day,

Dolapo Hamzat.

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