Paternity fraud is real



I know you won’t believe this.

And you might even start arguing with me.

Maybe based on your past experience or…

Just maybe you decided to never believe in it.

Or you just don’t want to hear about it.

Which I believe are all fine.

But the truth will always be the truth.

You know, not believing something doesn’t mean that thing isn’t true.


This is why you not believing this isn’t gonna change anything.

You are you and the truth is the truth.

But there’s a clause.

I can’t force you to believe in what you don’t want to believe in.

It doesn’t work that way.

We are all entitled to our beliefs which is one of the differences between us and animals.

And that’s why in writing copy…

You want to work on your readers’ beliefs.

You don’t want to joke with it.

You don’t want to take it with levity.

  • It’s more like you telling an atheist about God, he won’t believe you no matter what you say.
  • Or more like telling me to follow you to mosque or church, I won’t just do that no matter the tactics you are using

And this is why it’s very important in your copy too.

It might be the only stumbling block left to conquer in your copy.

And here’s how to go about it:

You see, people rarely listen to people that don’t know anything about them.

And that’s why as a copywriter, all you need to do to make your reader believe you and your product is to find a common ground.

A common ground that will make them feel relaxed.

Even though you guys have conflicting interests in other places.

  • Maybe they are Muslims and you are atheists…
  • Maybe they like fornication and you like being loyal…
  • Maybe they hate school but you are a good student.

Just maybe anything.

It doesn’t matter.

You want to have a common ground with them based on whatever you are selling to them at that present time.

Let them know you have something in common already…

  • Maybe you are selling a make-money-online thingy, we both hate the Nigerian government and that’s enough for me to believe in him.
    (A common ground)
  • Or maybe you are selling in the health niche, we both hate the big pharma and the government covering them up and that’s enough for me to believe you
    (A common ground)

It’s not magic.

It’s just persuasion.

Or why do you think if you talk about Buhari on a bus today, many people will take it up and support you like you have known each other for ages?

A common ground.

Or why do you think if you tweet “paternity fraud is real and very wicked” on Twitter these days, a lot of youths will take it up and support you?

A common ground.

So no matter the topic of discussion, always find a common ground only in that market and you will be surprised at the wonders.



Also, that’s not the only way to establish a common ground with your readers.

That’s just one way of doing that.

But maybe just later, I will talk about some other ways to establish common ground.

For now, make do of that.

Now, how do you find a common ground in any market?


It’s simple.

  • Do your research.
  • Go to forums and other places where your audience converges.
  • Listen to them talk.
  • Listen to them express their pains.
  • Listen to them cast stone on someone (that’s your common ground forming)
  • Listen to them talk about their desires.
  • Listen to them rant.

And from there, you will pick all you need to write a compelling copy.

It’s that simple.

Research precedes everything you might ever think in copywriting.

And that’s why it’s that important.

But it’s not easy yunno.

Looking for whatsoever you are looking for without knowing how to find them.

It’s hard.

But in the 40 mins plus video I recorded for my layman guide students…

I showed them the little and simple steps they can take to easily conduct intense market research.

You don’t have to spend days or even weeks on research when you know what you are looking for.

You just have to follow these proven steps and you are good to go.

Wanna have a peek at this 40 mins video?

Here you go: How to conduct market research.

Or not,

Stay safe and be fine,

Dolapo Hamzat.



I wanted to reveal something to you the other time…

Check the beginning of this email and you will remember.



I just want to tell you that

Love is beautiful.

Whether you believe it or not, na you sabi.

I sha don talk mine.

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