Here’s one of the things I discussed with Andy Mukolo yesterday!



I was so happy yesterday.

I was literally jumping here and there.

Infact, I learned so much that my head is still buzzing.

And if you are in my WhatsApp community, you must have seen it on my status yesterday.

I met Andy Mukolo yesterday!

In my opinion, which is what matters here…

Andy Mukolo is arguably the best copywriter in Nigeria presently.

I have met him before but that was just for show.

Snap pictures and take smoothies, but yesterday…

I met him and we gisted as he claimed.

And the gist earned me a 2hrs++ recording that I listened to 1hr plus yesterday… and my head is still buzzing.

I can’t talk about what I learned enough and maybe… just maybe… I will be open to sharing some of these nuggets little by little.

But here’s one of my discussions with him yesterday.

Do you remember I asked you a question in yesterday’s email?

About someone earning 200k per month?



I asked Andy the same question and he laughed.

Infact, he told me some other things that relate to that scenario but I won’t digress.

Here’s the analogy he used: (Andy is typing now)

Andy: After your secondary school buddy, how much do you earn?

Dolapo: I worked at some places and I earned like 10k per month, I answered.

Andy: Okay.

Then what about your days in the university when you still had a dad that caters to you?

Dolapo: Well, he sent 25k per month then and I was still the rich one among my friends.

Infact, everyone borrows money from me and I still save.

Andy: Good

What about now? How much do you spend monthly?

Dolapo: Well, that’s pretty hard to place my hands on but I spend nothing short of 200k monthly.

Andy: Good. You just brought out my point.

You see, the human wants are insatiable.

And we tend to actually grow our expenses to follow our income.

When I finished school with a 2:2 grade, I got a banking job.

And my direct Oga that has been working in the banking sector for over 12 years takes home just 400k per month.

How much do you think I will be taking home monthly?


200k a month is a huge amount of money in Nigeria.

Infact, according to some statistics which are arguable…

90% of Nigerians don’t earn more than 1M yearly.

That’s around 85k monthly.

It’s just bants on social media and this is why I don’t reply to them.

Dolapo is Typing Now.

That explained my stance to you yeah?


You see… we all talk big about something we haven’t achieved.

We have all been blinded by social media that we don’t keep ourselves dialed in with reality.

And that’s why there’s always a reality check.

Before you argue or support any claim on social media…

Check yourself first.

Are you guilty or innocent of this?

That will give you an edge on what to talk about.

The Internet has made it easy for us to earn a decent income from the comfort of our homes.

But that doesn’t mean some people are doing 200k a month even as Internet marketers.

So who do you want to impress?


That’s on them.

And here’s one more thing I want you to take note of.

Everything has disadvantages and advantages.

If you earn 200k monthly and realized a lot of people your age are doing 40k to 100k monthly.

You will be very grateful and that’s the advantage.

But the disadvantage is that you will probably relent in making more money.

You will keep yourself at that income cap which is equally bad.

The best thing to do is to find balance.

Be grateful and hustle harder than before.


I do a good amount of money monthly but I am never satisfied.

I see my mates and I give gratitude but I still hustle hard.


200k a month is good money but don’t make it your dream income.

Read that again.

Meanwhile, here’s a thank you to everyone who responded yesterday.

I checked them all but couldn’t reply all though.

But all I read depicted one thing.

I have intelligent people on my list.

Infact, I am tempted to post some replies and boast of their intelligence…

But nope, I won’t.

And just like I said, I will be dropping some nuggets from Andy here.

If I keep writing about one thing per day… it will probably take me 30 days to talk about them all.

It’s that loaded.

And please, don’t ask me for that recording because I am not giving it.

Thank you for cooperating in advance.

Dolapo Hamzat.



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