That girl is a pervert.



In a few moments from now, I will be showing you one single mistake I see a lot of people make when it comes to storytelling.

And not only showing you the mistake…

I will also be showing you how to avoid that mistake and write stories that sell.

But here’s something to take good note of.

There’s a very common adage that says…

“Your network is your net worth”

And if you have been reading my stuff for a while, you will know I am a huge believer in that adage.

It has shaped and made me.

I so much hold unto it that I don’t allow just anybody to put their head into my circle.

And that’s why I subtly insulted someone yesterday.

Yes, I know I insulted her and I am not even sorry.

She has been my gee for a while but she worries a lot.

Any small thing…

Dolapo, this and that.

And I do tell her…

What will be will be.

So when she came again yesterday with something around this point…

“Dolapo, I am losing friends because I am getting ambitious.

All my friends are leaving one after the other and I don’t know what to do.

Yada yada”

I just told her to start running after her friends then.

She should face her friends and make sure she pleases them, her life isn’t that important.

And from her reply to my response, I knew she was pained which is exactly what I want.

But that’s not the point.

The point is…

Even if you face your friends and make sure you please them at every opportunity.

They will still say you aren’t doing enough.

So why exactly do you have to face them when you have your life in shambles presently?

Why do you have to cajole someone that wants to leave you because you are growing?

See, it’s the law of the universe to always leave behind growth stunted people if you are growing.

So your friends leaving shows they aren’t necessary for your growth.


And so far so good, I haven’t seen someone die because a friend left him or her.

It doesn’t kill unless you want to kill yourself.

Face your life and stop worrying about what you can’t control.

Friends leaving because you are growing is something you can’t control.

Just face what you can control and move on with life.

It’s not that deep.



Meanwhile, the biggest mistake I have seen storytellers make from time to time is something called…

“Story cluster”


Story cluster is a thing that I see a lot of people do.

They try to include all the scenes of what happened into their story especially when writing a real-life story.

While this will make the story genuine, it will make it uninteresting and worst of it all.

It will be confusing.

And here’s an example:

I talked about my friend that came into my DM to talk about her friends leaving her yeah?


But what if I told you that was just like a 2 min talk out of the 30 mins talk we had yesterday, will you believe it?

And the 30 mins talk was still on the same topic but I only selected a very few ones.

Why’s that?

To avoid story clusters ofc.

But here are the major reasons:

  • I wanted to drive out a lesson from the story.

And if I go on and on and on about what we were talking about…

Transitioning to my lessons will be damn hard.

So I focused solely on what will help me drive out my lessons.

  • And not only that… if I keep talking about what we discussed…

You will get bored along the way because you are not here to listen to my life tales when you won’t be getting a lesson from it.

Moreover, that girl is a pervert.

Because if you hear some of the things she was telling me, you will run away.

But all in all.

  • To succeed in writing a good story, avoid story clusters.
  • Pick out the relevant scenes to your lesson.
  • Ignore the rest just like I will ignore ewedu soup when I want to eat Amala.

Try it and you will see a surge in your story readership.

Or not.

Hope you get the whole point?


And I couldn’t send an email yesterday because I didn’t feel like sending it.

No vex.

Do have a nice day ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.



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