All hell broke loose.



Is it just me or this January is fast?

Or maybe it’s where I am because before I open my eye and close it…

The day don dark.

What’s happening?

And no please, I am not here to tell you that January is running.

You need to start doing something yen yen.

That’s not me and you should know that by now.

Infact, I will even advise you to calm down and take things slow.

At least in 2021, my year started fully in February.

So don’t rush yourself, get a clear view of what you are trying to do fess.

Then go all in.



On the other hand, we met a Yoruba woman here 2 days ago.

She owns a restaurant that sells Nigerian foods.

And as the foodie that I am, I clicked with that woman easily.

It was crazy how we went from strangers to friends because of food.

I told her how annoyed I am that I have been eating Tomato with Ata gigun (blended pepper) forever and she laughed.

The efo she prepared was very spicy and I was tempted to ask where she got the pepper from even though I didn’t.

But that’s the first lesson here.

Always leave some kind of boundary in your relationship with people.

I am not talking about boyfriend and girlfriend here.

I am talking about friendship and relationships with people generally.

Always have some boundaries.


She owns her business and she has a way to get her secret recipe which is pepper in this case.

Asking her seems as if I want to know her secret which is true.

Because come to think of it…

If I know where to get pepper, I might stop buying food from her.

And this is what some people do in the name of friendship.

They will come near you.

Pretend to be your friend and all they want to know is how you do it.

They want to keep leeching off you while they say they are your friends.

It’s bad.

This is why you see a lot of rich people avoiding poor people.

Because if they ask for this secret and you refused to tell them.

All hell broke loose.

Entitlement set in and they start saying the rich one doesn’t want them to be rich.

Nah Nah.

Not done that way.

And maybe, just maybe… I will talk about the right way to make relationships with top guys easily.

So the whole point of this is simple.

Set boundaries in your relationship with people. It will make that relationship last longer.



Moving on…

Something made me and mummy Desire (the Nigerian food seller) close even though we knew each other in less than 72 hours and this is food.

I like food and she makes food.

Food is our common goal.

And this means one thing in marketing.

“It’s easier to bond with someone that has the same beliefs as you.”

You will find it easier to connect and sell to them.

Because they know that you have the same beliefs as them which is the turn-on of the whole convo.

Here’s an example:

If I want to get a course on productivity hacks and I see someone who also defies all norms like me.

I will buy his course faster than someone who follows rules.


Because we have the same beliefs obviously.

But what if my audience doesn’t have the same beliefs as me, what should I do?

Reframe their beliefs.

I have a particular set of people around me early last year.

They don’t believe in online marketing.

They thought it was all yahoo.

And this means we have different beliefs.

How do I pitch them to my tent?

  • I started showing them the possibilities of this online marketing.
  • I started showing them stories of who has made it online.
  • I started showing them how it’s different from yahoo.
  • I started showing them how simple it is.
  • I started reframing their beliefs without trying hard.

Just me doing my thing and them seeing it.


And there’s a lesson in there, find it and pick it.

Meanwhile, I think you understand the point now?



One more.

I was working on a project yesterday (I was supposed to be on Vacation)

And this project was stressing my head.

I have done everything I needed to do but I still felt the work was subpar.

The next thing I did was to press my backspace button and delete everything.


I deleted over 4000 words and I decided to start again.

I will be going to a cafe here and working from morning till night

Just take a cappuccino and ice Americano to work today.

But that’s not the whole point.

The point is…

It’s fine to start again.

It’s totally fine to start again.

Don’t feel bad because you have to start again.

Don’t feel like a failure because you have to start again.

Nah Nah.

It’s another chance to prove your greatness yunno.

So don’t feel bad.



Let me go prepare for my work here.

Have a nice day ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.



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