Who doesn’t like money?



You must have heard this statement a lot especially as a freelancer. 
“Pitch to foreign clients and leave Nigerian clients alone.”
And in as much as this is the fact 
Some Nigerian clients still pay.
Let’s say around 5% of them still pay well enough.
But I am this person that likes working where the odds will favour me.
5% is really not something you want to sit down with.
It’s not healthy for you.
And that’s where foreign clients come in again.
They are ready to pay if you can prove your worth.
And in this email, I will be giving you maybe 2 or 3 major reasons why you should go for foreign clients.
Just foreign clients and a sprinkle of Nigerian clients to hold body.
1. Foreign clients pay well.
Of course, this is why we are running after them.
A foreign client will gladly pay you $50 for one email and then $500 for 10 emails.
Using our conversion, that’s around 250k for 10 emails.
If you want to write these for Nigerians, be ready to collect 100k downwards and that’s when you are so good.
Foreign clients pay well and that’s not a doubt.
But them paying well is just a fronter, there are other things involved like…
2. Foreign clients know your worth.
I will use a freelance copywriter as an example. 
While you are trying to convince a Nigerian CEO why they need copywriting. 
A foreign client understands that without copywriting, he’s running his business on a thin line.
He knows copywriters are there to boost his sales and make him more money.
Now tell me, who doesn’t like money?
No one.
And this will always help your negotiation with them.
They won’t beat you down.
They won’t underrate you.
And heck, they won’t say sheybi it’s just writing?
You get?
But all these reasons are just the obvious ones and we all know them.
And the major reason why I will prefer foreign clients again and again is this last reason.
3. Foreign clients spend money on traffic.
Traffic is the lifeblood of business.
And this is the forte of the foreigners.
They spend money on adverts.
They push out their products like crazy.
  • They use affiliates. 
  • They use native adverts.
  • They use advertorials.
Heck, they use everything to make sure they are sold out.
And this adds to your ego as a copywriter. 
Imagine you can tell anybody that your copy has generated over $1M in sales?
The pride is there. 
The ego is there. 
  • And you see those copy(s) that did well and are doing well.
  • Those copy(s) that are doing millions of dollars in sales.
  • Those copy(s) that are breaking controls.
They are all spent on.
Money and huge money is spent on adverts and promotions. 
A lot of people are seeing it.
And no matter how wack you are as a copywriter if many people are seeing what you sell.
They will buy.
Any dumb mofo can just write anything and people will buy.
Your work as a copywriter is to scale those sales.
And if you get enough eyes on what you sell and your copy is solid.
You know the outcome already. 
Foreign clients spend money to generate traffic while Nigerian clients rarely do that.
Imagine someone spending $5,000 daily on Facebook ads?
That’s over 2.5M Naira daily on Facebook ads.
Now tell me why your copy won’t do wonders?
Ordinary 500k plus that Tamilore spent on ads in the last two weeks.
He has done madass number in sales.
And this is what I always advise any Nigerian I write copy for.
Please push traffic to this copy.
I am writing a winning copy for you.
Push traffic to it.
And you will make money.
And why’s this last reason the one I like best?
Because it gives me bragging rights ofc.
It’s a huge feat for your copy to do wonders. 
And this is made possible by traffic.
And with the few points of mine, I think I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that…
Foreign clients are 1,000,000% better than Nigerian clients. 
Now the question remains.

As an African living in this African suburbs, how do I get foreign clients?

Well, that’s exactly why I wrote a complete guide on it.
It’s titled “Several Ways To Monetize Your Copywriting Skill.”
It’s majorly for copywriters that want to get foreign clients.
But if you are a freelancer and you can easily relate things to another.
You will also find this guide useful.
And examples of what I explained in this guide includes:
  • How to get clients without using Upwork and Fiverr
  • The inbound client acquisition strategy where you pull clients to yourself instead of running after them
  • The outbound client acquisition strategy where you send pitches to clients 
  • The two major platforms where your target audience hangs out
  • How to reach your target audience on this platform and make them hire you
  • How to write pitches that get replies and will allow you to charge what you are worth like $1,000 for a sales copy
  • And many more
This guide is essentially a guide that should go for nothing less than 25k because I revealed enough secrets there.
Or why would Victoria say this?
But I made it free for anybody that gets the layman guide to writing words that sell.
The layman guide is valuable material on its own and that’s why Hamzat said this yesterday when he got the guide.
And adding this guide to the layman guide is phenomenal. 
The layman guide is N10,500 which is a steal especially when you consider what you are getting in return.
But since Friday, I have been allowing people to rob me physically and in broad daylight. 
I am doing Red Friday and so far.
We have had over 22 people get the guide.
But there’s nothing with a beginning without an end.
And that’s why by 11:59 pm today, the red Friday sales will be ending finally and never to come again.
Which gives you less than 18 hours to grab the layman guide and all its bonuses for just N5,250. 
And normally, I don’t want you to grab it at that price.
It’s like you are robbing me truly.
C’mon, read all you are getting here now:
The layman guide to writing words that sell.
Now tell me, isn’t that daylight robbery?
But then, you can still get it for N5,250 till 11:59 pm today.
And here’s the link to get it at that discount.
Discount link for the layman guide.
And it’s now depending on you to either take it or not.
The ball is in your court.
And by January, I will be adding some premium stuff to the course.
Which means one thing.
The price will skyrocket again.
At least, I know some people that didn’t get the guide when it was…
  • 2k
  • 5k
  • 7.5k
And they got it when it was N10,500. 
Now is your chance to get it at just N5,250. 
And here’s the discount link again.
Discount link for the layman guide.
I hope to see you in the support group soon.
Or not.
Have a nice Sunday ahead,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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