If you can have these 3 things in abundance…



Oh No.
I am serious now.
It’s as if everybody has been waiting for this daylight robbery.
As if that’s not enough.
More people still begged me that they will get on before Sunday.
I am bleeding.
12 slots have been carted away so far.
And if you know me well, you will know I rarely mentioned numbers.
But I will mention this.
I am in severe pain.
And even though I promised to stop this anytime anyway.
I won’t be stopping it again till 11:59 pm on Sunday.
And I am doing this majorly because of two things.
And while I will tell you those reasons very soon.
I noticed something. 
In the world of marketing, only 3 things matter.
Just three things.
The rest are secondary.
And this means they can be pended. 
You see, I don’t know who you are or what you do.
But if you can have these 3 things in abundance…
You will make money in the online space.
And not only make money, but you will also gain respect and authority without forcing it.
Like damn.
I knew this before but the past events opened my eyes.
And here’s what I mean:
Selling is basically based on 3 things.
And if you get them well, you are good to go.

The first one is a winning offer.

A lot of things goes into this.
Like the problem your target audience is facing.
The best solution.
What they have used in the past.
Your unique mechanism 
Making it a perfect bargain, etc.
And even though a lot goes into this, it’s the number one thing needed to make money without gimmicks.
You need a winning offer that’s specific to a particular target audience 
If you get this dialled in, the next thing is…

A winning copy. 

This is just as important as the offer.
You need the services of a good copywriter. 
Someone that will do the impossible no matter how saturated your niche is.
He will craft the big idea and make the copy so specific. 
See, if you have these two dialled in…
Even without the third one, you will make a good amount of money.
The third one is just like a catalyst to blow your sales outta proportion and this is…


Eh eh
This is the money maker in this industry.
This is what scaled Tamilore copy to over 1k sales.
This is what changes the game.
Heck, this is where the money is.
You see, best known always beat every time.
We have heard and this is where it materialise. 
You have a winning offer that plenty of hungry people are looking for.
You have a copy that will easily convince them to even borrow money to pay you.
What you need next is to show it to them.
Not in your DM.
Not with the little following you have on SM
Not with the friends and families that like you.
Show it to people that have never heard of you.
  • Show it.
  • Run ads.
  • Spend money
  • Have a huge budget.
And even though all these 3 are the main things, a lot goes into them.
  • Finding a winning offer takes time.
  • Employing a good copywriter is expensive.
  • Running ads comes with a lot of testing.
But it doesn’t change the fact that if you have these 3 dialled in…
You will make money.
That’s it.
Think about the greatest money makers and trace these things to them.
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • All DR companies
  • Everything. 
They all rely solely on these 3 things.
And while I promised to tell you why I won’t be closing the offer till Sunday.
I changed my mind.
I won’t tell you again.
Just know that the red Friday discount will expire on Sunday by 11:59 Pm.
Whether you take it or not before then is your concern. 
And here’s the link to read about the course and what it entails.
The layman guide to writing words that sell.
And here’s the link to the 50% discount. 
Pay N5,250 for the layman guide instead of N10,500.
Do enjoy your weekend, 
Dolapo Hamzat.

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