I am bleeding



A lot has happened in the past 3 days.
And when I say a lot, I mean a lot mehn.
Ranging from my migration from Aweber to another email marketing platform.
I have been setting that thing up since forever, I am tired.
And I also did sales where people milked me dry.
Gosh, I am still bleeding from all they have done.
It was just as if they have been waiting for this moment. 
I just kept seeing paystack alerts here and there. 
In fact, I thought the first and second days were massive.
The last day was crazier.
But I am sha happy small because I made small money.
Who no like money?
I made over 200k in under 3 days.
It’s small and not that big.
And I know you have money but 200k in under 3 days is still a good sum of money in this festive period. 
It will help you clear some little expenses here and there.
But that’s not the point
The point is that some things went underneath for a long time before I was able to pull that little amount of money.
Especially when you consider that the lifetime of some people’s course will never do that amount (sprinkle little bragging here)
And that’s exactly what I want to discuss with you today.
The things that went underneath and how you can also replicate them.
So sit your ass down and take notes.

Firstly, Build an Audience base that trusts you perfectly. 

This is the holy grail of marketing and sales.
It’s one thing to have a large audience…
And it’s another thing to have audiences that trust you so much they can follow your recommendations. 
This is what separates the boys from the men.
Daniel Throssell did a black Friday promo sometime last week.
He has a list of just 5k people plus.
And he went against 15 big shot copywriters in the industry like:
  • Kim Krause (the A-list mama)
  • Rob Allen
  • Roy Furr
  • Drayton Bird
  • Yada Yada
And Daniel Throssell had 53% of the whole black Friday sales.
Like you don’t get what that means…
He had 53% of the whole sales among 15 other copywriters. 
He has an Audience that trusts him so well.
You get the point now?
Now, how do you make your audience trust you?
That’s where the next point comes in.

Educate your audience well enough.


I am a good example of this.
Even when I don’t feel like doing anything (just like today)
I am still writing to you.
And not just writing, I am giving you value.
An undiluted value that separates me from the boys in the industry.
I give out loads of free value that will help you make money without buying anything I sell.
That’s it.
Your audience should be able to make money from your free value.
That’s what the real value means.

Thirdly, never reject your audience money.

This is a no brainer and can be controversial. 
Here’s what I mean:
I knew my audience have some money to spend but it’s not up to the lowest course I have.
In fact, they are really looking for an avenue to give me money.
And who am I to say no?
But there’s a caveat here.

Don’t do discounts every time because your audience has money to give you.

Nah Nah.
This is the first time I will be doing a discount this year.
And that means something. 
I don’t do discounts to make sales.
And me coming out with a discount is like a dream come true.
They jumped at it and they milked me dry of course.
But I noticed something sometime back.
Instead of doing discount to sell your stuff.
There’s something interesting you can do.
Here’s it:

Have different offer categories at different price points.

A price point that will suit all levels of your audience.
Here’s what I mean:
Let’s assume your main product is 20k.
And people are buying it, there will be some people that can’t afford it.
It’s not their fault and you should know that.
And one thing I learned from my mentor is to never reject people’s money.
If it doesn’t tally with what you presently offer, channel it in another way.
And to do that is simple.
These people that can’t afford your program want to spend for you.
They want to buy your stuff.
And heck, they have trusted you enough but they don’t have up to that amount.
What do you do in this scenario?

Create a low-end offer for them.

Create something related to your main offer but it’s less priced.
Don’t forget these people trust you already. 
And they want to actually give you their money.
So find an avenue to take their money.
And if I have wanted to do that for the layman guide…
I will just create a less priced version of the layman guide and sell it for just 3k.
The value will be there but not up to the one of 10,500 obviously. 
And this is also another reason where you will see some courses with 2 to 3 different prices.
More like:
  • Coaching only is 50k
  • Coaching with group mentoring is 70k
  • Coaching with one on one mentorship is 150k
You get now?
They are only trying to take all the money they can take.
It’s as simple as that.
And in my opinion, this is better than doing stupid discounts up and down.
I no go lie 
As much as I like the money I made from the sales.
I am pained because this will be like an avenue to bring in unserious people that won’t implement.
I pray they prove me wrong sha.
I really pray so.

And lastly, learn Copywriting. 

I did some level of pre-framing from Monday till Friday when the Red Friday sales started.
You might not suspect but I know what I did.
Psychologically, I am getting your brain and soul ready for the black Friday sales.
  • I told you that I don’t want to do the discount in one email so you can have it in mind that it’s a privileged sale that I want to help you with.
  • I told you the price of the discount in another email so you can prepare for it without excuse.
  • I told you this will be the first and last discount I will be doing in another email and you know I am always serious about my promises.
  • I gave you the benefits of copywriting in one email too which reinforces your belief that copywriting is the best for you if you can implement it. 
  • I talked to you about the benefits of foreign clients in another email which will wet your appetite to make money.
Go and check them all.
They are subconsciously getting you ready for the sales.
They are making you feel like an idiot already if you miss the red Friday sales.
I am not a copywriter for fun.
I meticulously planned every step of the way.
And it worked.
In fact, the email I wrote yesterday (Sunday) brought me the highest sales.
Go and study that email here: Sunday 5th of December email.
It made me crazy ass money even with the preframing.
I think it did over 100k in itself.
And the other two also did over 100k.
Just go study that email and the way I wet your appetite to get a foreign client.
And if you like, don’t study it.
That’s on you.
Meanwhile, I am giving you today off.
I won’t sell to you today, enjoy.
And that reminds me…
Someone reminded me yesterday about one business owner offer that I mentioned. 
I forgot.
But here’s a sharp survey.
If you are a business owner and you are interested in that offer.
Reply to this email and tell me the major problem(s) you want the offer to solve.
It will be a live class for like 3 to 7 days sha.
And mind you, the response I get today will determine whether the class will hold or not.
You had better reply if you want to milk some sales in this festive period.
And again, reply to this email with the major problem you want the offer to solve.
Have a nice week ahead,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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