This is one principle I have always stood by.



There’s nothing with a beginning that doesn’t have an end.

And this is one thing I have always appreciated.

This is one principle I have always stood by.

And this is why I have always been consistent with all my challenges.

And between these challenges, I always make sure I live.

How do I mean?

It’s as simple as me enjoying these challenges.

It’s really crazy and silly to keep doing something very boring over and over again.

It weakens your body and soul.

And the only way you can keep yourself up is to always enjoy the journey and process.

Find a way to enjoy it or else…

You get bored out of it.

Well, that aside. 

Some days ago, a very good copywriter came to my DM.

And when I say a very good copywriter, I mean he learned from a source that I can trust.

And he’s really good.

But he isn’t getting clients.

And the one client he has on a monthly retainer is a big mofo. 

He doesn’t want to give him testimonials even with doing a better job for him.

And the pay is shitty asf.

He’s claiming he doesn’t want his competitors to know he has a copywriter so they don’t snatch him.

And the guy is really confused.

So I told him to fire the morafucker. 

But he is very afraid he has no one to replace him and he can’t just fire his one and only client.

Which is understandable.

So I took him through my journey when I was working for one influential name.

Na only name I dey chop, no money.

Infact, I would work for this guy’s clients and I won’t get paid shit.

And I complained one day, he gave me 10k.

Like 10,000 Naira.

That was when I lost it.

It’s like this boy is mad.

So I told him I want to quit.

I quitted with no hope from anybody and anywhere. 

Instead, I put in my reps (handcopy and dissecting sales copies)

And I took opportunities too which is very important. 

I saw Tamilore and I pitched him.

And everything is history from there.

That is why when one of my mentees came into my DM yesterday that he wanted to pitch a particular influencer. 

I told him to go ahead because you never know the one that has sense outta all of them.

And the guy took him in immediately. 

So let’s look at how smooth or rough their relationship will be.

It’s that simple.

Don’t forget, you miss 100% of shots you didn’t fire.

You want to sell your stuff? Market it aggressively. 

The highest that can happen is no sales.

But what if there are crazy sales and people are rushing you?

You won’t know if you don’t market your stuff.

That’s just how life is.

And that reminds me…

I was out with a lady yesterday. 

A friend that has wanted to meet me for a while but due to our busy schedules…

We couldn’t. 

So we had to find time somehow somehow yesterday. 

And she treated me to a nice dinner.

But while we are talking, I told her something that people takes for granted.

And this is basically…

Life is total war.

That thing you are being shy to go after… others will go after it and you will be sad.

So if you want anything, just fucking go after it.

The highest that can happen is you not getting it.

But that’s to teach you a lesson and not bring you down.

It’s that simple.

And , that’s the end of my rants today. 

I have been very lazy these days.

And I still want to help my laziness by subscribing to Netflix today again.

I want to watch feem and sleep today.

I have a copy that I must submit tomorrow and unfortunately. 

I haven’t written shit.

Chuckles, I am in danger.

But then, we meeeeuveee.

Dolapo Hamzat. 

I am not a football fan but I am really glad Ronaldo is going back to Man United. 

At least my friend Farooque will be so happy because he is a die-hard Man United fan.

And well, I hope to start watching football soon too.

And I wish to support Arsenal.

Don’t attack me pliz.


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