Over 1.2 Million Naira!!!



“You are not being transparent enough.
It’s very bad.
It’s not enough that we gave you our hard-earned money.
We trusted you with it.
Over 1.2 Million Naira!!!
It’s not a small amount of money.
But what you did really eluded us.
It’s sad Mr Pips.”
These were the words of a very good friend of mine in an investment group we are.
You see, this group initially was for trading and getting signals.
And should in case you don’t know…
I was once a forex trader but not a profitable one.
And I had to roll over to Internet marketing. 
So it’s not a group where we put 10k and wait for 100k.

The man is our boss and he’s a good trader.

But life happens.
He blew the account but he didn’t update us.
The investment was due December 2020.
And he updated us that they had a drawdown and they won’t be able to payout again.
We should allow them to trade till December 2021.
And people even said they understand him that no problem.

But since then, he went MIA.

People were calling him, switch off.
He was not online and people started grumbling. 
So just last week, he came back.
And he didn’t apologize neither did he talk about the investment. 
The next thing he did was to start removing people that were talking about him in the group.
No updates.
And he started introducing another channel to people.
And he was really attacked.
But that’s not even it.

You see, your reputation is not something you play with.

You shouldn’t even let anybody tamper with it.
It’s a very important asset.
Just like that, Mr Pips spoiled his reputation because of 1.2 Million Naira. 

And this is exactly how someone I know also spoilt his reputation. 

It was sad mehn.
And it was something he could avoid from the get-go.
He’s a known name but he held a class and didn’t deliver on his promise.
Little wonder, a lady came into my DM yesterday to complain about him again.
Here’s what she said:
But don’t worry, I am not mentioning his name because it’s a bad thing.
Just to let you know your reputation is very important. 
And that’s on periodt.
Dolapo Hamzat.

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