This Is not the usual letter you read daily.



Nigerians can really be funny.

Because how do we explain someone getting angry at me because I said I am not big on my birthday?

This is my birthday o and not hers.
What if it was hers?
Well, that’s part of things we will keep seeing.
And should in case you don’t know.
Today’s my birthday. 
But don’t fret because I am not so big on birthdays. 
Just say a little prayer for me because that’s all I need.
And if you wanna gimme money?
Send me money because I am in need of money.
And you see,
For the past one year, I have grown a lot mehn.
It’s rapid growth for that matter.
And I am really grateful for everything. 
And this will lead me into something real quick.

I promised you a life hack every Sunday and today won’t be an exception. 

You see, one good thing that you can do for yourself when trying to smash goals is…
Letting the universe do its work.
And what I mean is…
  • Set your goals…
  • Know what it takes to hit your goals.
  • Then dial in your reps. 
  • The universe will really make your goals all achievable.
Because I am a living example.
I remembered early February when I mentioned something so casually. 
It was a mild goal and I really wish to achieve it.
And I worked towards it absentmindedly and by July…
I was able to achieve the goal.
And as if that wasn’t enough…
I set another goal around March…
And I knew this will cost me a whole lot of time and money.
But still, I dialled in my reps and kept going.
And by August, the goal has been smashed.

But while am I telling you all these?

It’s simple really.
Never get ahead of the universe.
And don’t think you can hit any goal without having to dial in your reps. 
It’s not possible.
You have to keep working to achieve your goals.
And before you know it, your goals will be smashed.

At least, this is coming from someone that hasn’t been in church or mosque for like 3 to 4 years.

So I am not so keen on religion.
And here I am…
Smashing goals even though there are more to be smashed.
And maybe one day.
Just one day.
I will take you through my in-depth journey in this copywriting game.
  • The wins
  • The losses
  • The sufferness
  • The humiliation 
And I will take you through how I was sleeping on the bare floor without a mattress sometime around April 2021.
I will take you through how I was living in an unpainted house around March 2021.
And many other things.

But one thing still stands.

If you put in the work, you will achieve all your goals.
And yeah, I am aware today’s letter is one kind.
And this Is not the usual letter you read daily.
But what’s life without a few variants.
Have a nice Sunday and pray for me,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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