She waylaid me.



I really hope you don’t judge me after reading today’s email.
I hope you don’t because I have done terrible things.
And the consequences are with me presently. 
But if you judge me and cast me stones too, it will be harder for me to overcome.
It was hard on me too.
I tried all I could do so I don’t fall into such situations. 
I took a lot of insults from my friends to avoid this situation. 
But at the end of the day, I found myself there.
Totally embarrassing.
I can’t even look her in the eye when it happened.
I hid my face so we don’t jam eyes.
I tried to even run away immediately after the social night party.
But she has gone to wait for me where I will pass to my hostel.
She waylaid me.
She confronted me and I don’t have anything to say to her.
And if you are confused about what I am rambling about.
Here’s the full gist:
There’s this very fine lady in my school when I was in SS1.
When I say fine, I am underrating her.
She’s beautiful asf.
Tofunmi is someone I will like to see again and possibly take a nice peep at that huuuuujjjj brezz. 
And I think I have mentioned her to you before.
Oh yeah, here’s the email where I talked about her before.
And this particular day was the day I had the courage to ask this beautiful and gorgeous lady out.
Now, don’t get me wrong.
I only asked to be her friend.
At least, that was what I was told to be the right thing.
You wanna date a lady?
Try to be her friend first and it will be easier from there.
But that’s even a problem to face when she at least accept to be my friend.
The problem I had that time was even how to approach her.
  • Wetin I wan talk?
  • How I wan follow am yarn?
I am a naturally shy person, coupled with being naive so bad.
I have no idea how to do it.
But there was this particular friend of mine then…
His name is Sheriff, he taught me stupid things.
He gave me nonsense advice that put both of us in trouble.
  • Troubles with seniors.
  • Troubles with girls
  • Troubles with teachers.
And maybe, just maybe one day…
I will tell you how Sheriff almost got me killed outside the school when we sneaked out. 
And did I remember to tell you that Sheriff was the guy that lured me outside school and turned me into someone that scale the school fence almost every night?
Exactly, you now see how worst he is. 
And he was still the same person that pushed me to Tofunmi.
He said I should go and talk to her.
The highest that would happen is for her to say NO or report me to the seniors that were crushing on her.
Sheriff pushed me so much.
And to not look like a coward (after 6 months), I approached Tofunmi.
But , I misworded everything I planned to say.
I bit my tongue on top.
I couldn’t take it and I had to run away.
It was funny and here I am making jest of myself for that day.
And throughout that week, I avoided seeing Tofunmi or even staying somewhere together.
It wasn’t my fault yunno.
It was a shame.
I was so so ashamed of myself.
And this particular Saturday after inspection (I will talk about the lashings I always receive every Saturday one day)…
After a nice meal of Jollof rice and beef…
I noticed Tofunmi has been looking at me from lunch up to dinner.
I knew that I was in trouble.
All in my head was how the ground should open up and swallow me.
But sha, it never happened as you can see…
And the same happened till after social night when Tofunmi approached me.
I was shivering.
But Tofunmi said some things that were engraved in my memory to date.
While I will try and tell you what she said in a moment…
You need to observe something. 
And those are the open loops I have been using in my stories so far.
You haven’t seen them?
And maybe, just maybe one day…
I will tell you how Sheriff almost got me killed outside the school when we sneaked out. 
Sounds familiar?
That’s an open loop.
And if you noticed when you read that part, something in your head will tell you to remind me later.
You possibly want to hear the story so bad but not now because of the present story.
That’s an open loop that I didn’t close. 
And that’s not the only one…
Here’s another…
And this particular Saturday after inspection (I will talk about the lashings I always receive every Saturday one day)…
That’s another open loop that I didn’t close.
You are curious to know but not now because of the ongoing story. 
And if you might ask why I didn’t close them…
The answer is simple.
I want you to keep coming back to read.
Here’s what I mean:
You know that one day, I will talk about those stories but you can’t depict the day.
And so that you don’t miss the story, you will keep looking out for my emails daily to hit luck on your anticipated story.
It’s that simple.
Instead of promising people what you will teach them tomorrow or some days in between.
Open different loops in your emails and make sure they are not closed.
And if you do it so well, people will get glued to your emails or BCs or status or anything in between.
It’s that simple.
Meanwhile, Tofunmi told me to be myself beside her.
She said she doesn’t bite.
And many other jumble rumbles I will keep to myself.
But one thing happened that day.
Our friendship was sealed.
We became very good friends.
Infact, you can’t ask Tofunmi out without seeing me.
  • Who be you?
  • Who you be?
But that’s in the past because I didn’t have the chance to touch that huuuujjjjj brezz.
And that’s exactly why I said you should not judge me.
Don’t blame me either.
I am not a pervert.
But if you would like to write stories that open loops, close them perfectly, use hooks well and many more…
Then you should consider the layman guide and open to page 42.
You will see storytelling and its itineraries staring at you.
And if you haven’t purchased the layman guide…
Here’s your invite link: How to tell stories and its itineraries.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
Today’s lesson is not inside the story itself. 
The lesson is in the hook and open loops.
And you can also do this exercise sharp.
Read this email again from the beginning. 
Check the way I aroused curiosity with the first line of this email.
Check how I made you so curious up to the point where I started the real story.
In fact, check everything with an open mind to learn.
Say thank you later.
I will talk about Sheriff someday.
And also about the inspection days…
I will talk about them too.
Just watch out.

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