Let me tell you what happened



I was thinking about something very important yesterday…
And a question popped up in my head..
I had to think well about it and then bring it to you for your opinion..
But before we get to this question..
I need to say something..
Is it possible I just go inside a forest, camp there and live my life without worries?
Because what in God’s name is happening in Nigeria?
Should in case you aren’t reading this from Nigeria (because I am also typing from Atlanta).
Let me tell you what happened.
Yesterday around 1pm, I saw a news stating Nigeria banned Twitter..
I thought it was all jokes and bants till I couldn’t access my Twitter this morning..
I developed headache straight because this is where I make money mehn..
I took the other measure which is downloading a VPN..
But isn’t this bad enough?
Well, I hope we scale through because this man still has 2 more years to use..
Meanwhile, here’s the question I had in my head…
“If you could be a fly on the wall and hear every customer you’ve sold to HONESTLY rate how your product works and your customer service, would you want to hear it?”
Tough question, huh?
Not really because this is what every business needs to grow..
You need real life feedbacks from your customers.. 
They should criticize you.. They should praise you..
You use the critics to do better..
You use the praise to bring in more customers..
And that’s very simple..
So now, I know you don’t have any Antman or superhuman ability to turn to a fly.. 
But there’s a simple way you can achieve this same thing easily..
And how’s that?
Always follow up even after someone already bought whatever you sell..
This is what I mean..
If you buy any of my course or program..
I will come to your DM maybe once in two weeks to ask your progress and what you think about the course.. 
Someone out rightly told me my course was wack and instead of taking it to heart..
I asked how and where I can improve..
He told me and I improved the course crazily..
And this guy?
He even brought in his friends to take courses from me..
That’s exactly what a feedback from customer can do for you.
And mind you.. 
This is not an optional something..
It’s a must done for your business to grow..
Big brands do these things talk more you..
So you really wanna engage in it before it’s too late.
And I would also love your feedback. 
How has this newsletter been so far?
Full of lessons?
Anything, just tell me and I will try to improve.
That being said….
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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