Just be proud of yourself…



No matter how broke you are, be proud of yourself.


No one should make you feel bad about the choices you have made in life.
The results of your inactions and actions are not the business of anyone else.
It is not by force to be successful.
It is not everyone’s destiny to be great.
Suffering and enjoyment are a choice, nobody has the right to tell you which one to choose.
You have enough sense, you know what is good for you.
So, if the path you chose led to you being raped because you followed a total stranger home from the club, then that’s your decision (I am not supporting plizzz).
No one has the right to judge you.
It is your life, your choice.
If you ended up with a “pass” degree because instead of being studious, you chose the “marijuana lifestyle”…
… and now you can’t find a good job, it still doesn’t give anyone the right to look down on you.
It is your life; your move, your choices.
My Gee be happy with your life
Everyone’s life can’t be sweet.
You stood for a change; you chose a bitter life.
And so what?
“Is it their bitterness?”
The successful online entrepreneurs told you to build a list.
And slowly sell to your list again and again.
But you decided to take another route.
You ran your traffic directly to your sales page.
And even though your results weren’t great, it doesn’t really matter.
What truly matters is that you did things your own way.
You made your own decisions.
And you should be proud of yourself.
Failure is not a bad thing.
In fact, failure is relative.
Abi is it their failure?
When Jesus came, he came to show people the way to heaven.
He wasn’t charging a dime for his secret way to heaven.
Yet, people still called him a scam.
They rejected his solution and killed him.
They said, ” leave our hellfire for us, go away with your heaven”.
And he went away with his heaven.
Is that not what I should do too?
As in, raise the price of all my courses to high heaven?
After all, they are my courses, and I should be free to make my own decision.
Or don’t you agree?
When will I raise the price?
Well, I already did,
It is just to update it on my website that is left.
No, don’t enroll yet.
Wait, let me update the price on my website first.
I hope you will be kind enough to wait?
Don’t get me wrong fam.
I am not telling you what to do.
It is fully your decision If you choose to wait.
Like I said earlier, no one should make you feel bad about the choices you have made in life.
It is your bed, whether you make it or not, you are the one who will lie on it.
My peace I leave with you.
Wait… what are you saying?
My email came late today?
It’s not by 10am?
And so what?
Well, sorry….
I woke up late today and I have to attend a class very quickly…
So I was juggling between writing emails and answering questions in the class….
No vex abeg…
Thank you for understanding baby…

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