You are in pain…



Here’s something for Wednesday Morning:
The more desperate your prospect is for the solution you’re offering,
The more he will be willing to pay for it.
Let’s assume you have a serious and very painful arthritis…
And I take you to an Executive suite in Transcorp Hilton Hotel full of ….
Naked, horny Turkish women (who don’t have Covid-19)….
You are arguing with me that they are not fine?
Have you tried to check these ladies and see their beauty?
And I always tell you to stop interrupting my messages…
ITK too much for you and I pray say e no go kill you….
Back to my analogy 
You won’t even notice them and their big asses (at least, until your pain is gone)
Not a chance.


And all you care about in that moment is that …
You want your bones to stop hurting!
Even if I said I could show you how to triple your income by making a simple 10-minute tweak to your marketing Funnel (which you know I cam do)….
You still wouldn’t give a damn (…you are in pain, and the only thing you want is a fast solution to your Arthritis)
But, if I offer you an immediate relief from Arthritis pain…
With a headline along the lines of….

“How to Get Instant Relief From Arthritis without Visiting A Rheumatologist”

I’ve got YOU right where you live!
And if I structure my sales pitch properly…
So it’s believable and the offer for the Arthritis solution is irresistible….
Then you, my baby, will empty your bank account or even borrow money if you have to.
Because, now…. at last…
YOU have an opportunity to get rid of a serious problem you’ve been praying to God to take away.
And you don’t want it to pass you by.
Think about it.
That’s the work of defining your target audience baby…
And conducting serious market research to know what make them tick…
And by GOD…. You will be paid!!
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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