I think I will just quit



This is becoming very huge for me to take again.
I am becoming very scared.
And I think I will just quit.
Honestly, forget consistency or motivation here.
I am getting tired.
Bashing here and there every time.
Who did I offend?
And I think it’s safe to say one soldier down.
Because just yesterday I saw a Twitter post that body hit me.
Na single I single brooooo.
And at this point, I think I will stop being a hard guy and find someone’s daughter.
Even my mentee went as far as telling me he will advertise me for marriage.
It’s enough, please.
And should in case you are very much single and very pretty.
I want to ask you out.
Show yourself, please.
But away from all that,
Have you ever read a sales message that made you want to borrow money to buy what is being sold?
I have done that.
And this was what intrigued me into learning copywriting. 
Because why on earth will someone sit down in his house and write me some words that will take my peace away?
So I knew I must know this.
I must just know it no matter what.
And over 6 months down the lane…
My copy is also making someone have sleepless nights.
And this is because I honed my skill so bad.
But that’s not all.
The main thing that causes this sleepless night behaviour is nothing other than the emotions you are pulling. 
Yeah yeah.
You must have heard it before.
Pinch their pains and tell them you have a solution. 
This is very true but why are you still doing it without getting results?
Tell me Nah.
Sorosoke (speak out loud)
It’s nothing other than confusion. 
You see.
No matter how good your offer is if your readers are confused…
Forget it.
And to always avoid this, we have something called the One Belief.
This is the game-changer for me during my journey in copywriting. 
And this is also one of the reasons I so much love Eugene Schwartz (the legendary copywriter)
He said:

“Tap a single overwhelming desire (One Belief) existing in the hearts of thousands of people who are actively seeking to satisfy it at this very moment.”

And this is a no brainer.
Instead of promising 2 or more benefits in your headline…
Why not tap into just one overwhelming desire and face it squarely?
Then somewhere in the body of the copy, you let them know of other benefits.
Think about it.
As a Nigerian youth, the overwhelming desire most of us have now is to have enough money for Japa.
If you are not thinking in this way, then you are an alien.
Or probably you like suffering. 
But check out yourself. 
Don’t you think about making money for Japa every day?
And imagine seeing a copy that places more emphasis on that single overwhelming desire like the layman guide here.
Won’t you jump at it?
And yeah, another example. 
Let’s assume you sell skincare products to females.
What’s their overwhelming desire?
  • Might be to look young and radiant.
  • Might be to clear off pimples and acne.
  • Might be to glow like milk.
  • Yada yada.
And all you need to do is plug this overwhelming desire in your headline…
Up to your lead and keep leading them till they buy.
Simple as ABC.
And the bottom line is simple.
1. No matter the number of benefits your product has, just find one overwhelming desire and plug it in from the beginning of your sales message.
2. Keep hammering on that overwhelming desire till they buy.
3. I explained it well on page 3 of the layman guide, just open to page 3 and you will understand better.
4. Oh, you don’t have the layman guide and you are here. You should join us now and here’s your invite link:
One belief and how to use it.
To your success, 
Dolapo Hamzat. 
In case you are new here.
You don’t read my emails and just laugh it off.
My emails are a goldmine that you want to study.
You self reason am Nah.
I held your attention from the beginning till the end.
Infact, you clicked on the link too.
You think say na joke?
And yeah, that’s me bragging.
If you like, study it.
If you like, don’t study it.
That’s on you.

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