At least, it’s your career and not mine



One thing I have learned in the last one year I have started Internet marketing is to…

Be ready to try new things.

You never know which will make you successful. 
Just like the late Gary Halbert said…
You are one sales letter away from wealth. 
Or so, but that’s my interpretation of his quote.
Which is the main point. 
I see a lot of copywriters say they are writing for a particular niche.
And yeah, I am not against that.
At least, it’s your career and not mine.
And at least, this puts you in the top 1% of your niche.
Like they always say.
But I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to niche down as a copywriter. 
Because come to think of it, what if in the long run…
You discover you like something other than the niche?
How will you go about it?
You will start again?
Or you will keep working in the same niche you don’t like?
I know all these sound like bullshit to you.
And guess what?
It’s bullshit to me when I started too.
I wanted to major in the sex and relationship niche.
And I even wanted to make it hyper narrowed by writing only email copies.
But along the line, I discovered I want more.
I love exploration even as a kid.
That’s why I always follow them to jump fences in my secondary school. 
Let me explore and enjoy my life.
And as a copywriter, I don’t see reasons for you to narrow down your potentials and earnings.
Or by chance, did you see any of the great copywriters narrow down?
John Carlton
Gary Halbert
Eugene Schwartz 
Gary Bencivenga
David Ogilvy
Andy Mukolo 
You have seen any of them narrowed down?
Hell NO.
And one nonsense I see people talk about is…
Don’t worry, you can decide to explore after a year of being an expert in a niche.
Now listen to that bullshit, does it make sense to you?
Nah Nah.
But because it was said by your thought leader, you decided to follow it judiciously.
It’s all fine and good until you see how the real market works.
Only a versatile copywriter makes the big bucks here . 
Well, I am not here to attack anybody. 
Just to give you a little reality check.
Check yourself and try to make adjustments. 
And as a very good copywriter. 
No niche should be difficult for you to write in. 
And it all boils down to two things.
1. Hone your craft like crazy
2. Get out of the shithole you are hiding and explore the world 
And you see yourself making big bucks.
Take it from a learner like you.
I hope you do.
I really hope you do.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
The copywriting class for business owners has been concluded.
Even though the offer, price, start time, etc are in construction. 
But I have decided to hold the class.
And it will be for full 30 days with me.
So if by chance you wanted to learn from me but you feel my mentorship fee is high (50k).
Here’s your best chance at a very affordable price.
And don’t worry, there will be ample time for payment.
So even if you can’t afford it presently, you will be able to afford it in 2 days or less self.
Nevertheless, get ready.
This email came late?
That’s because I went to school so early in the morning. 
Sorry for receiving this reality check late.
No vex.

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