When I heard this statement from him…



When I heard this statement from him…
I knew this is a crazy time.
Because this man is someone that has the resilience and energy for this game of ours.
But one way or the other, he was defeated.
You see, he’s a friend of mine which I showed the rope of this copywriting. 
I did little mentoring for him and he has started writing copies here and there.
Because norms, you can’t go under my mentorship without getting good.
And his case wasn’t an exception.
But towards June, I observed he relaxed and stopped taking this thing seriously.
If I ask him what’s up, he will just brush it off.
And should in case you don’t know, I don’t have the energy to start pressuring someone to talk.
So I will leave him and face my craft.
But deep down, I knew something is wrong.
This guy takes copywriting seriously than me.
He doesn’t joke with studying and dissecting great sales copies.
And heck, he does it diligently that I even appraise his efforts.
But here he is reclining already. 
So I made a mental note to persuade him to at least tell me what’s going on with him.
But fortunately for me, we went to eat Amala in a restaurant. 
And after ordering and everything, I faced my food.
So he started talking.
“Dolapo, you know this xx guy (name withheld).
He organised an online training in June on copywriting. 
He called it 10k and I paid.
It’s supposed to be a 2-week thing but we did the first 2 days and he stopped.
We are just two that paid and he told us he fell sick 
But after those 2 days of classes, he hasn’t attended to us again.
We nudged him and all but seems he just took our money and run.
That crushed my spirit and I haven’t been practising copywriting since then.”
And truth be told, I gave him some cool advice though but I was annoyed.
This guy that organized the training is well known on Twitter.
And he’s someone a lot of people respected and assumed to be a good copywriter. 
But here he is trying to ruin his reputation because of 10k.
So sad.
But I am not even surprised these days.
At least, we have someone claiming the best storyteller here in Nigeria.
And the next thing we see is that he copied homepage copy of someone almost word for word.
He even went as far as copying the welcome email.
And when the owner called him out, the great storyteller archived his homepage.
See, I know it’s not easy to come up with new things again.
Especially in this world where you hear them say…

“Na mumu dey create from scratch.”

But I think you shouldn’t listen to those words.
Trust me, it’s your choice.
But come to think of it.
People are used to seeing all these things again and again.
I even saw someone used this famous John Caples headline:

“When I sat down at the piano, yada yada”

That’s very wrong and you are killing your marketing campaign.
Getting results will be harder that way.
Swiping is for the smart ones…
Yes, but how exactly do you swipe?
Do you copy and edit few words and then paste?
Or you just skim through the copy and start writing from your head?
A swipe file is there to put you through and not for you to copy.
But it’s still your choice… 
That’s it.
And calm down, I am not selling you anything today.
But I need to conclude something. 
You might have seen it in my mail yesterday but due to an unknown reason.
People were not able to reply to my email yesterday. 
So I will bring it back here.
If you are a business owner or information marketer…
(Those are the two I am working with)
And you wish to know how to write words that sell your products easily.
Then you might be a good fit for this.
It’s a class on copywriting for business owners and information marketers.
The details are gloomy to me.
But pending the details, if you are interested. 
Kindly signify by replying to this email.
You might get an extra incentive or not sha.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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