This might look like fanning over women



Very soon, I will be taking a long break.
Even though I don’t know when yet…
But very soon, I need space off this Social Media.
It will be like a week or two of no client work, no personal work, no emails, nothing nothing.
It will be a hard decision but I know it will be worth it.
And if you are asking why I want to do that.
Well, it’s not easy to be consistent for over a year sending emails and content over and over again.
It’s hard.
So I gotta take that break.
And I will tell you when it will happen.
Meanwhile, let me ask you a question that I know you will deny.
Yes, you will deny it.
And here’s it.
Do you like being wrong over anything?
Yes or no?
I know you don’t like being wrong.
You don’t like being incorrect.
All because you think people will make jest of you.
People will insult you or even make a mockery of you.
While you are right, but it’s just for a short period.
People will forget and move on to other things.
Or can’t you see Tiwa Savage sex tape?
People forgot in one week and they moved on.
Look at Davido fundraising too…
They are already forgetting about it and it’s not up to a week.
All these are telling you to just do it 
People will laugh and even make jest of you because you made mistake.
But in a week max, they will forget totally about it.
And as a copywriter, this can work for you.
Here’s what I mean:
People don’t like being wrong and it’s in their nature.
You don’t have to tell them to accept it or anything. 
Just find a way to justify their actions. 
Support them because people want supporters 
An example is someone that bleached her skin in the course of skin glow.
She knew its a bleaching cream.
But she will never accept it’s her fault 
Just help her justify her action by finding a common enemy 
Something around:
“I know it’s not your fault that you were sold a bleaching cream instead of an organic glowing cream.
It’s well understandable and it’s your vendor’s fault because she was supposed to bla bla”
And in that writeup, we did two things 
We justified and supported her action.
We blamed a common enemy (the vendor)
It looks trivial but it works so bad.
And here’s another example:
If you want to win an argument against women…
Find a way to justify their actions.
Let’s say she lost the house key…
Instead of shouting at her and blaming her…
Just say something around…
“I understand it’s not your fault. I was supposed to have replaced that jacket especially when I noticed it’s leaking. I am sorry you went through that stress.”
This might look like fanning over women.
But if you want to live a correct life and you want to enjoy your relationship and marriage.
Do it.
Those creatures are badass. 
But that’s not the main point here.
When writing your sales message or ad copy or landing page copy or even closing sales in the DM.
Always find a way to justify your buyer’s action and blame a common enemy.
You have a higher chance of selling more that way.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
I remember someone asked me what a PS means…
This is a postscript. 
It’s used to say some things you don’t want to say in the body of your email or letter or anything therein.
And yesterday was really a nice time for me.
Spent close to 2hrs in the live Q&A session.
I was only answering questions so bad and it was nice.
I felt elated.
But unfortunately, you didn’t join us…
In case you joined us and you want more live Q&A sessions with me…
Better still on a deeper level where I share my screen and reveal stuff.
Then take the layman guide because I plan to start having a deep Q&A session with them weekly or once in two weeks.
And here’s the link to the layman guide: The layman guide to writing words that sell.
Check what the guide is all about.
Check the 7 bonuses I have there for you.
Check the testimonies. 
Check the support group and why it’s created.
And if it works for you and with you, take the course and join me in the support group.
Here’s the invite link again: The layman guide to writing words that sell.

See you in the support group.

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