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Happy Sunday …..
This is not what I planned to write to you today but I have to change it because it’d too long…
So while I was thinking of what to come up with for you…
I remembered a topic we all know but neglect and avoid like plague…
I will be telling you this topic now but before that…
I need to let you know it took me a lot of years to learn what i’m about to tell you right now.
Come closer baby….
For some, this might be something they already know.
So they might not find it really helpful.
In fact, what i’m about to show you is very simple.
And because it is so simple people sometimes miss how powerful it is.
But still; the question is, assuming you already know this secret I’m about to tell you, do you really practice it?
If you don’t then better start today.
So what is the secret?

This is how to manage cashflow.

Assuming you are starting from scratch.
You have a paying job and some business….
A paying job in this context can be your monthly allowance from home (Now that you already resumed to school)
You basically make spurts of money from here and there. And you have this dream to start small and build an empire.
But you’ve noticed a problem; you realize that keeping the money you make is hard.
Harder than even making it. You make and then you spend it all.
So some very important question always come up that you ask yourself every damn time….

You begin to wonder: 

  • How do you re-invest what you’ve made? 
  • Why is it that money keeps slipping out of your hands after you make them?
  • Why is it that after every month you start afresh without a dime remaining from previous cash you’ve made in the past month? 
  • Should you reinvest everything you make at once, or save them till they pile up and then reinvest?
If you’ve not asked yourself any of these questions….. 
  • Then it’s either your dad is a stinking rich man and he pays your bills…. 
  • Or you are far too young to worry about money issues…. 
  • Or you don’t have plenty sense like that….. 
You are on my list, so I know your sense overflows…..
In such case where you haven’t bothered about the above questions, don’t worry your little head about them.
Just close this mail and enjoy your peaceful life….
But if you need a solution to these questions, here it is:
1. Create an “investment” savings account.
Let this bank account be different from your personal account
Don’t have an ATM card to this particular account…..
Or just use Cowrywise or Piggybank (they won’t give you ATM)….
2. When you get your income….. take out a part of it FIRST.
The part you take out should never be less than 20 percent of your entire income (you can take out more if you like).
3. Take that 20 percent (or more) and keep pouring it into the investment savings account.
Never touch it, not even during emergencies….. that account is sacred.
4. Use the remaining part of your income, put it into your “personal” bank account…..
And do whatever you want with it….. feeding, taking your babe out, clothing, offering…whatever.
But let your hands never dip into the investment account.
5. Keep saving up money in the investment account…. 
When it gets to an amount for the type of investment you have in mind then invest it. (be careful how you invest, so you won’t loose this money)
That is it.
If you keep mixing your income and putting everything into your personal account, you will keep spending it….
And you know what that means, it’s like going round in a circle….
You make, and you loose everything and then start all over again…..
I’ve learnt that no one gets ahead in life that way….
But that is the ‘’safe path’’, and safe is boring….
Plus you might keep money aside and then one day something will come and….
BOOOM…. you deep your hand into your savings and finish it….
That brings us to the BEST way.

Increase your income.

You do this by selling more of your products, or being good and hot in demand at what you do and charging premium prices….
Someone who makes 100,000 naira monthly will be able to save 50,000 naira faster than someone who makes 10,000 naira…..
It is really simple…..
The higher your income, the faster you will be able to save plenty money for investment into your project…..
And If making more sales  sounds like what you are interested in….
A simple solution is well provided for you….
Go here: I want to Make More Sales And Money.
Hope this helps solve that cashflow problem?
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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