I hate feeling like this…



Hey ,
Something very confusing is happening to me right now while writing this present mail…
And I actually hate this kinda thought but it kept coming…
It’s not a big deal even though I kept thinking about it and it’s very annoying…
But before getting to this annoying thought….
One thing you should know when it comes to closing sales is that…..

Closing sales is really something very simple and smooth..

It’s even more easier if these people are in your DM enquiring about your product..
For someone to come into your DM to ask questions about what you sell, the person is pretty much interested.
No matter their excuses like they are just checking the price or they will get back to you..
Just have it at the back of your mind that 

She’s very much interested in what you sell!!

If you have this mindset, closing the sales and following up will be easier for you to do..
You get the whole logic now??
I see you nodding your head to say yes….
Now let me just give you an overview of what to do if someone comes to enquire about what you sell in your DM…
1. Always ask questions (be in charge)
Always ask questions even if they come to inquire about a particular thing..
An example is If someone comes into your DM to ask about a particular gown..
Don’t just rush into saying the price like that!!
Ask questions like:
Oh wow, what’s the occasion you want to use the gown for?
Who knows I might show you other ones that will fit in the occasion better than this?
She will definitely relate more with you because she will see you as an expert..
2. Always listen and make them feel understood
Now it’s your turn to listen to her talk..
It’s your turn ask questions in between where you don’t understand..
Maybe she said the gown is what she will like to wear for a friend’s wedding..
You can chip in little flatter (do it in drips and don’t overflatter)
Like and the gown will look so good on you bla bla…
3. Repeat the customer’s wordings in your own words so they feel understood
After the question and answer session..
You need to repeat everything she has told you in your own words..
More like this..
So you want to wear this red gown to a friend’s wedding and you want to stand up right?
Let her say yes before you proceed..
Then close all objections
No is just the start of the conversation, it means you need to push harder
But Hark unto me:
If you want a very deep flow of customers that you will be able to close in your DM..
This is really what you need to do to avoid wasting your time…
Like i do say every damn time, number really matters..
To get enough people to close in your DM from time to time..
You need to reach a lot of people yeah..
It’s not magic or rocket science….
If you reach and show your product to 1000 people… there’s a high tendency 50 will buy provided you know how to close sales well…
Just as simple as that…..
And If a steady flow of customers sounds like what you are pretty much interested in…
And you are confused on how to go about it…
Or you need a fair knowledge that has been working…
Then this is for you….
It’s a proven method to get you steady customers non-stop….
Go here to learn more: How to get steady flow of customers.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.
I remember the feeling…
It’s still there and it’s not ready to leave…
The feeling is coming more like a thought and this is it…
I kept comtemplating if I should attend my 8am class today or not…
Do you think I should attend?
It’s bothering me…
Oooopppsss… You will be getting this mail by 10am…
Just carry face and forget am.
Have you listened to ELLA MAI sing?
This lady is very good.
Listen to her and soak yourself up… I guarantee you pleasure and sweet feelings…
I am writing this email listening to BOO’D UP by ELLA MAI.
Try her out and thank me later.

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