The secret that made me a good copywriter



If you are scared you might not be part of the 100 participants I will be taking for tomorrow’s live Q&A session. 
I have good news for you.
I don’t know if it’s really good news yet.
But I discovered something yesterday. 
Something that will make the live Q&A session a smooth ride.
Moreso, it will allow up to 1000 people if need be.
Not only that, we have unlimited hours to go at the meeting without limiting us to one hour.
And while I will show it to you in a split second.
Here’s one thing to put in your head when it comes to getting good with this copywriting thingy.
You need consistent practice.
Yeah, I know you have heard that times without a number 
And I know you are doing it well.
But what type of practice are you exactly doing?
If you see a sales copy, can you dissect it thoroughly?
Can you write an email with research under 24 hours without writing rubbish?
These are the things that really move the needle.
You don’t become very good by chance.
You become good by constant practice.
You see, without constant practice…
Copywriting will be hard and very hard for you
Here’s what I mean:
For the past 2 weeks, I haven’t been practising copywriting as I do before.
And this is all because of clients work and all.
But is my skill diminishing?
Hell no.
And this is because I write every day 
Or why do you think I added an extra email daily for my affiliates?
It’s to keep sharpening my skill.
And I can guess the question in your head right now…

How do I practise copywriting the right way?

Well, I need to let you know that if you don’t handcopy a sales letter…
You will still be a very good copywriter. 
The main point lies in copy dissection. 
The gold is in the dissection. 
The money is in the dissection.
And here’s how to do it right.:
  • Pick any good copy you wish to dissect (preferably the ones that have been tested in the market and performed well)

It can be email, sales copy, ad copy, presell copy, copy Email or anything thereabout. 

  • Break it down into sections like the lead, headline, lead-in sentence, UM, discovery story, offer, close, etc.
Now ask yourself at each section…
  • Why did this work?
  • Why didn’t he use this?
  • Why’s he using that?
  • Oh, what’s the underlying emotion behind this?
  • What’s the one belief here?
  • And many more.
What this is doing for you is simple.
Getting you to understand the thought process of the best copywriters. 
And this trumps everything. 
These top copywriters have crazy things going on in their heads.
They have different scenarios playing in their head.
They think thoroughly before writing a single word.
And this is why they are on top of their game.
Like you know, you don’t reinvent new wheels.
You model what’s working. 
And that’s why you want to model their brain and the thought process.
You dissecting the copy they wrote word for word will do that for you.
  • I did it.
  • I am doing it
  • I will keep doing it.
That’s the secret that made me a good copywriter.
I rarely handcopy anything because I really don’t like it.
But the way I dissect copy is ruthless.
Moreso, hand-copying without getting the thought process behind it is a big waste.
And mind you, I am not telling you not to handcopy.
Check what I wrote again and you will get the point.
It’s that simple.
  • Get a converting copy (or the one that has converted)
  • It can be any format either email or so.
  • Dissect the copy word for word.
  • Get into the thought process of the writer. 
  • Rinse and repeat for 3 months.
And if by chance you are finding it hard to possibly understand everything I have been saying.
Or you would like to be a copywriter but you are not sure yet.
Or you don’t even understand what a lead is or something thereabout.
Then you need to fix your foundation. 
Your copywriting foundation is shaking and the only to fix it is here: Fix your copywriting Foundation. 
Meanwhile, while I was going through the mastermind survey people filled yesterday…
I saw some people mentioning Telegram as the platform to host the mastermind.
I checked Telegram and I discovered some really cool features like:
  • You can do video chat.
  • You can share your screen to present something 
  • You can even record the meeting
  • And it’s ultra-clear
The good news?
The group can take up to 200k people and the meeting time is unlimited. 
Are you thinking what I am thinking?
But I will still ask you again.
Should we use Telegram for the live Q&A session?
Instead of the 100 participants and 1hr maximum time…
We get 200k participants and unlimited hours for our session.
What do you think?
Because I would love to hear your thought on that.
Have a nice day ahead,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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