How to get very good with copywriting!



If I am to get a million for when someone asks me the question below, I would have been a billionaire by now.

“Dolapo, How did you get so good in this short period?”

And I always reply to them appropriately with the right answer of course.
But due to one bad belief or the other…
They find it hard to believe me.
Because just what I tell them is too simple.
And this is one thing I can’t understand. 
We are all lazy one way or the other.

So why don’t we like the simplest of things?

Why do we prefer complicated shit when it comes to making money online?
And this is the reason why a lot of courses that have formulas sell like crazy.
Those with big big techniques and formulas (you know them nah)
Buh then, I will always tell you (my inner guys) what I do.
It’s not complex or complicated.
It’s simple and straightforward though not easy sha.

That said, I want to reveal something very simple again today.

It’s one of the best things I have done for myself.
And it’s also one of the innermost secrets that make me very very good.
So come closer a bit.
Little more closer. 
You see, you need to know that as a student…
We don’t have the luxury of time to always handwrite sales copies daily.
No luxury of time to write a whole sales letter daily.
Buh one thing that’s simple and straightforward is…

Writing Daily!

Yes, write daily no matter what it is.
Look at me, I started my newsletter on January 1st 2021.
And I have only missed 5 so far.
That’s 247 issues so far.
Some are pure cruise.
Some are lessons you can never use completely without making money because they are huge
Some are personal life hacks
Some are to give you a heads up.
But so far, I write daily.
It’s that simple.
And with that simple thingy, I have sharpened my skills.
Storytelling is topnotch 
Transitioning is crazy
Hook is bam
Subject line is always kickass
Yada Yada.
It’s not easy though as a student.
I remember May when I was writing exams.
I still write daily mails.
And there was a day I couldn’t anything inside the exam hall for over 30 mins.
Everything in my head is the newsletter I wrote earlier that day.
It was really funny but that’s a story for another day.

What I am trying to bring out here is simple and glaring yeah?

It’s a rough road and it’s not easy.
But with enough determination, you will be able to pull through.
So let me bring it back again.
If you want to get very good, write daily.
Not necessarily Emails…
You can tweet a Thread daily.
You can upload WhatsApp status daily
Use LinkedIn daily 
Just write daily. 

And yeah, One more important thing.

Make sure people read what you write daily.
I have someone sometime back…
I told her this same thing.
Buh what she was doing instead was to write in Google Docs and keep it to herself.
Nah Nah.
It doesn’t work that way.
Don’t forget that as you are writing, you are doing two things to yourself. 
1. You are sharpening your skill set.
2. You are building your confidence. 
Because the more people see what you write, the more they either criticise you or praise you.
And this is exactly what you need to trust in yourself. 

And one more thing…

You are not writing a romance novel or storybook, please.
You are writing to arouse actions from people.
You want them to do something. 
Either to click on a link or anything in between.
But what you are doing is not content writing.
So please, consider these things when writing daily.
Because these things are what can make you believe in yourself. 
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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