How to write stories that sell.



When you hear about storytelling…
You may be confused just like me initially. 

You have heard them say stories break down resistance. 

Stories make selling smooth.
And heck, storytelling is the best way to sell.
But if you are like me when I started selling.
You must have some heavy questions on your mind.
Questions like…
  • How do I even get stories to write?
  • How do I start my story?
  • How do I keep going so people won’t get bored in my story?
  • How do I tell them about my product seamlessly?
  • Yada Yada.
You see, all these questions are valid. 
And one thing you need to understand is…
People mostly give you incomplete information when it comes to storytelling. 
But without further ado,
Let’s get into doing something. 

Getting stories to write is very simple.

Or have you forgotten your childhood memories?
What about primary and secondary school memories?
NYSC memories?
Your relationship memories?
Your sex memories?
Your eating memories?
Gisting memories with your friends and families?
Your movie memories?
Your music memories?

Those are good sources of stories.

You don’t have to stress yourself so much on stories to write.
It’s not something to stress about because you have a huge thing to stress about later…
And this is nothing other than…

How do I make people read my stories and even keep them interested?

This may look difficult to you right now.
And trust me, only after a few practices of writing stories can you claim you get this.
But there’s something we call emotional starters in stories.
And these basically means…
Starting your stories with the emotional points of your stories.
Because the majority of all stories start from a very boring point.
Like a very boring point.
And these boring points actually piss people off.
And it won’t keep them motivated to read at all.
Moreso, the attention won’t be held anyway.

So how do you make sure you hold attention using emotional starters?

It’s simple.
Just find the interesting point of your story and make it start your story.
Your sex memories? Don’t start from where you are asking the lady out 
Start from the orgasm point and trickle it down to the beginning. 
Your relationship memories? Don’t start from the lovey-dovey point.
Start from the heartbreak point and take it back to the beginning 
Your movies memories? Don’t start from the point where your hero is happy and all.
Start From the point when bad things happened to your hero…
Yada Yada.
Let me give you a simple example. 
I never knew men are dogs until I met Bayo.
I really loved Bayo until I discovered he is a Dog.
You see, Bayo was my crush when I was in 400L at the University. 
But I observed he likes me too because he’s always throwing passes at me.
And as per girl wey don fall already, I started moving near Bayo.
He also saw the signal and asked me out.
I didn’t even think about anything simply because this was what I wanted.
I jumped at him and we started our relationship. 
It was really sweet.
Bayo treated me well financially, emotionally and sexually. 
Bayo is good all-round not until one day that I discovered one disgusting thing.
Yada yada. 
Can you see how I started the story from the heartbreak point?
And can you see how I went back to the beginning?
It’s as simple as that.
That’s how to make people read your stories and keep reading till you sell to them.
Moving on:
One thing about storytelling that tends to make people anxious is the transition point.

People don’t know how to transition from the story into whatever they sell.

They find it really hard and right here…
I will give you a little example to read and understand. 
But before the example…
If you want to transition smoothly…
There are two things I like to use…

The first one is a hook.

Yes, a hook is a statement that you say to hold attention while diverting into another thing.
Look at the point where I said I will give you a little example. 
And I said but before the example.
That’s a good hook.
Because I want to give you an example which you are interested in.
But I quickly diverted your attention without you noticing.
It’s a really good piece of your story.

The second thing is a conjunction.

You remember your English language class where you are taught conjunction, interjection, pronoun, etc.
We are using the same conjunction words when transitioning. 
Examples are:
I think some of those examples are not conjunction but then, use it and go like that.
This conjuction is really important when moving from one line to another.
And if you can count them in this letter, you will see over 50 conjunctions so far.

Now how do you use them?

Here’s an example using my relationship story.
Bayo is good all-round not until one day that I discovered one disgusting thing.
And in a moment, I will tell you what this disgusting thing is.
But have you been having a very intimate relationship with your partner?
But at one point, you are suspecting them?
If yes, you are right because this was the point I was with Bayo too.
I suspected he was cheating on me.
But I had no proof.
And while going through my WhatsApp one day…
I saw a Whatsapp TV advertising something called Whatsapp spy app.
I fell in love with the spy app because it can easily make me monitor Bayo’s Whatsapp and all his chats.
But I also thought it was me infringing on his privacy.
And it’s not right.
But my curiosity got the best part of me and I bought the app and installed it on Bayo’s Whatsapp. 
And that was when I knew I have been dating a Dog.
Bayo has slept with all his female neighbours. 
And not only that, he even knocked two pregnant. 
And these ladies are always looking at me like our wife anytime I am around.
Yada Yada.
Can you see what I did there?
It’s simple.
I introduced my product (the Whatsapp spy app) and also talked about the objections my reader will have.
Objections like I will be infringing on his privacy…
It’s not right 
Yada Yada.
But I override it with curiosity in which all ladies have.
Can you see that?
It’s as simple as that.
And yeah, I know I have overloaded you today.
But you should read like twice and take notes.
You will learn one or two things.
Dolapo Hamzat. 
The WhatsApp spy app.
I only saw it on WhatsApp TV and I decided to use it for my illustration today.
I never use am before o.

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