How good are you for me to consider you?



In the past few days that I got new people into my funnel…
I have heard a lot of questions. 
And I won’t lie.
Some are very annoying. 
And some are something I documented to use in tackling objections in my emails and sales copy.
But one thing I don’t understand is…
Why do Nigerians like stressing people?
Why can’t Nigerians listen to simple instructions?
Like why?
But don’t even worry, by the time I am done…
I will carry my load and leave this country and her people.
But that’s by the way.
It’s not something we should stress on.
Today’s Sunday and it’s supposed to be a life hack. 
But while going through my emails this morning…
I saw a question from a new person on my list.
It’s not a question I should answer btw because it’s a Googleable question.
But let’s have a little fun.
Here is his question:

How will I start as a freelancer?

You are not a freelancer and you are here?
Firstly, through the ads, I ran over the last week.
It was an ad focusing on freelancers only…
So tell me, how did you even click the ad when you are not a freelancer?
Like how?
And let’s even assume you clicked on the ad out of curiosity which is fine.
Aren’t you supposed to at least read about what you clicked on?
A simple Google search will go a long way.
But if by now you are not angry and you still want me to answer the question, I will do so now.
The first thing you want to check as a freelancer is a skill.
Do you have a skill?
And how profitable is your skill?
These are things you must even consider before choosing a skill.
And if you choose a high-income skill like:
  • Copywriting 
  • Graphics designing 
  • Coding
  • WordPress website development 
  • Etc.
The profitability is solved because they are darn profitable.
But there’s a clause. 
If you are not good at what you do, forget about it.
There are tons of people doing that exact thing you are doing out there.
How good are you for me to consider you?
That’s the question on your prospective clients head.
And if you can’t prove how good you are, then why should you be given a job?
It’s that simple.
A lot of freelancers kept shouting they don’t get clients yada yada.
Do you even have the skillset to make clients want to work with you?
Or think about it.
You called yourself a copywriter and you have never written any test copy before.
Or you call yourself a graphics designer but you have never even designed something for an abstract product before.
How on earth do you want me to hire you?
There’s no luck anywhere.
You need to keep preparing for an opportunity to come so the opportunity doesn’t meet you in a state of jeopardy. 
It’s very simple.
I was watching a movie yesterday after I finished a 52 pages copy.
And a computer engineering graduate was being interviewed for a job.
He said he doesn’t know much about computers but he will learn on the go.
Like FR?
You call yourself a computer engineer but you don’t know much about computers?
Learn on the go?
So I should keep paying you a salary while you are useless to me?
Think about this thing well.
It’s business.
The client that wants to hire you is running a business.
And in business, we want assets and ROI.
We don’t want a liability when we can always get assets.
It’s that straightforward. 
Check yourself as a freelancer.
  • How prepared am I if an opportunity comes now?
  • Can I handle it?
  • Am I even employable?
And deep down, you will get answers to your questions. 
But I digress…
After getting a skill you want to learn.
Then dedicate to learning that skill for 6 months straight.
Don’t look sideways.
Face the skill alone and alone.
Forget what others are saying about other skills.
Forget how much others are making with your skill.
It’s your journey and not others.
So comparison isn’t necessary.
So walk that journey alone.
Do something that will make you improve on your skill every damn day.
Keep improving and don’t forget 
Put yourself out there.
“The best known always beat the best every time.”
Sell your sawdust.
What this means is simple.
Keep showing people your growth and process.
Show them how you are doing it and how you are improving. 
People will keep looking and checking you out.
They won’t talk. 
At least, a Nigerian that paid me $1k for a sales copy has been on my list since February and she never commented before.
So, Just keep doing your thing.
Forget engagement and face your journey.
And if you focus on this for 6 months, your bank account balance will show that you didn’t waste your time.
So did I answer your question?
I hope so.
And if you have any other questions, you can always hit me up.
I might roast you a bit but I will definitely answer your question. 
And don’t worry, it’s anonymous. 
Have a nice week ahead,
Dolapo Hamzat. 
By tomorrow, I will try and talk about my skill which is Copywriting. 
I will be introducing you to some things tomorrow in this same copywriting. 
Keep an eye out.

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