But wait, aren’t you a thief?



A quick question for you this morning. 
And don’t worry, if you answer this question deep down…
Then you will be able to relate to whatever we will be saying today.
And here goes:
Since you joined my newsletter, why have you been reading every day?
Why haven’t you unsubscribed?
Why did you keep coming back especially if you consider the fact that people say I am rude?
Any answer?
Do you know it now?
Or you don’t?
Well, lean closer a bit and let me tell you the answer.
A little closer.
Everything I have been writing since you joined this newsletter was intentional.
The anger you felt in some letter.
The excitement you felt in some.
The way you curse me in some (or you think I don’t know)
The curiosity 
The way you are intrigued 
Every damn thing was intentional. 
I planned it all meticulously. 
Because there’s one very big rule I always follow for myself.

Predict your readers next reaction and address it actively.

And , that’s Copywriting. 
Yeah, I know that’s just a tiny fragment of copywriting.
And this is why I will be defining copywriting to you in my own words.
Copywriting is simply writing words that sell.
And to further break it down into a layman language.
Copywriting is simply you… 
Talking to me… 
About a situation or discovery or opportunity…
That’s having a positive impact… 
On hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives.
And now… 
You want to share that experience as good news with me… 
No hype… 
Just you giving me the facts, 
And showing me what I need to do.
It’s that simple.
All you’re doing is having an honest conversation with me… 
But instead of coming to my house and doing it face to face, 
You’re doing it through words.
You get that right?
I don’t know what you must have heard about copywriting…
But copywriting is seriously more than you claiming a certified copywriter. 
Nah Nah.
In copywriting, results make you a certified copywriter. 
And when I say results…
I mean, what have your copies done?
How much have your copies been able to bring in?
Has your copy been able to convert cold traffic?
(For context, cold traffic are people that don’t know you and you want to sell to them.)
And mind you, these are the benchmarks for who is a good and certified copywriter. 
Not about you learning a 5k copywriting course and you start teaching people copywriting too.
Don’t be unfortunate, please.
Or do you think Stefan Georgi (one of the best copywriters out there) got to over $700M in sales by not getting results?
Or do you think Andy Mukolo is regarded as the best African copywriter for nothing?
This industry is all about results.
Fine, you need to take baby steps in getting those results.
But stop teaching people just yet.
You haven’t achieved anything. 
You haven’t gotten a client before.
All you know is to create offers on copywriting and doing la cram la pour 
Things aren’t done that way.
Do things the right way.
Get clients first and then you can start teaching after getting tangible results.
I wasn’t teaching copywriting not until one of my copies has done over 10M in sales for my client. 
It’s that simple.
Because I know if I teach them, I am cheating them.
I don’t have that experience to give unto them yet.
The pitfalls they will enter and need my hand as a mentor, I won’t be able to help them because I haven’t been there before. 
It’s very simple.
Alas, I digress…
Moving on, how do you earn as a copywriter?
It’s damn simple.
There are many ways to earn as a copywriter. 
But like I told you earlier, I like this do and talk thingy.
I have done only 3 and they have perfectly worked for me.
At least, they keep me on a decent monthly income that even paid employment can’t pay me even after 25 years in service.
And I prepared a very simple guide to help you navigate this.
Like the three ways, I have been able to make money as a copywriter. 
And how you can also do yours has been kept inside this guide.
Infact, I broke it down to the layman languages that even a 9-year-old kid can understand. 
And in a moment, I will show you how to lay your hands on this guide easily 
But wait, aren’t you a thief?
Or tell me how you want to earn money as a copywriter without learning copywriting?
Fear God.
And see how excited you are to earn in something you haven’t learned 
Well, I intentionally skipped a point and here’s it. 
How exactly do you learn Copywriting?
Well, it’s simple.
You can go join your 5k class where you will be given youtube videos to learn and then you guys start a challenge immediately. 
It’s totally fine but if I catch you, I will drag you.
But away from all that…
How would you want me to teach you copywriting from A to Z without leaving anything out?
How would you want to get under my tutelage when even the free community is this valuable?
If it sounds like something you want.
I have something for you.
And this thing coupled with the guide on how to earn as a copywriter can be found here: 
Something for . 
Read through and check it out.
The requirements to get them are straightforward.
Just check if you meet the requirements and you will get them in your hands.
That said, did I try in breaking copywriting down for you?
Or do you have any more questions?
Have a nice week ahead,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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