He’s among the top 1% with that kinda money?



I want to run you through something very important this morning. 

It’s something a lot of people ignore…

Or best put, something they don’t know how to do.

And because you are here today, I will run you through it as per father Christmas. 

But there’s one thing that’s bothering me.

I rarely discuss it but then, I had to discuss it with my friends today.

Imagine on a Monday morning, me and 2 other flatmates of mine are in the kitchen discussing Nigeria.

We got so tired of this country and we had no choice but to discuss it and trash it out.

Because why would a country be this useless?

Yesterday, I was in a briefing with a client of mine selling real estate in the USA.

So while he was briefing me about the in and out of the business model.

He made mention of something very crazy and I knew that it’s totally done for Nigeria.

And that’s why it’s really easy for an average American to succeed faster than an average Nigerian.

But what he mentioned is what I am not telling you.

Which brings me to one particular thing.

This country is fucked up and I am looking for an exit strategy. 

Even though I don’t have the money right now to exit (I won’t lie)

But in a year from now, I should be done with school and I should be able to Japa.

This country is not worth living in. 

It’s stressful. 

Infact, someone told me some days ago.

He said, strive hard and harder to live a healthy life in Nigeria because if you are sick…

You are done for.

I felt that and I had no choice but to also tell you the same.

And the reason I am discussing Nigeria this early morning is simple.

We were talking about a gig one of us got… (I won’t tell you who the person is)

He was underpaid for the gig.

But when we converted the underpayment to Nigerian Naira.

We were shocked.

Because according to statistics, he’s among the top 1% of Nigerians earning that amount monthly. 

Like this is just one gig that he will finish the work in one week.

And he’s among the top 1% with that kinda money?

Damn, this denotes one thing.

Nigeria is poor and that was how we got into discussing this country.

You see if you are just starting in the online space…
(Put aside physical business owners though)

It’s easy to always want to target Nigerians.

It’s fine because you will definitely start from one place.

I started from Nigerian clients too.

But you should never limit yourself to these people.

It’s not their fault that they can’t pay you what you are worth.

It’s your fault for sticking with them.

Face the foreign clients.

Pick the little Nigerian clients that come along the way so you can keep eating and surviving.

And trust me, just one major foreign client will change the game for you.

Which will happen sooner than latest.

Just keep grinding and you will make money.

But it all starts from one point.

Get a high-income skill.
  • Do you sell physical products? Get a high-income skill
  • Do you sell information products? Get a high-income skill
  • You are idle? Get a high-income skill

And if you start now, in the next 1 year… your bank account won’t blame you.

I started copywriting in February and here I am with results to show for it.

So if you start now, your results in the next one year will marvel you.

But it’s your choice to pick any high-income skill.

And it’s also your choice to stick with it through thick and thin.

That said if you want to get started with copywriting. 

Here’s the best guide for you: Get Started With Copywriting 

Go through the guide and you will see your copywriting game changing easily. 

It’s that simple. 

Have a nice week ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.

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