Go to church and listen to your pastor.



At some point, you will really wanna brag.

You will want to show off.

Especially after some wins.

After some crazy wins that you have been looking for since God knows when…

You will really want to brag.

And it’s totally understandable.

Bragging is allowed but here’s my advice:

Don’t try it.

It’s a plot to make you loose guard.

So please, don’t do it.

And don’t get me wrong, celebrate your small wins…

It’s very important and necessary.

But can’t you celebrate by making yourself happy?

Maybe find better and good food to eat?

Have a long nap?

Or Get something you have always wanted to get into your room?

Or anything in between…

My point is simple…

Don’t show it off because that leads to bragging.

And bragging leads to a whole network of shits. 

So just celebrate any wins even if it’s N2,000 wins.

And leave bragging alone.

Keep pushing and your success will brag even without you talking.
And some days ago, I was watching a video from the course I bought.

The video is all about inbound marketing. 

How to use Facebook groups to get the big guns.

How to also use Twitter to get the big guns.

Without having to pitch them.

It was really enjoyable and I swung into action.

Yes, I hate wasting time on implementation because I know what I want.

So I started with Twitter. 

And I vowed to drop at least 4 threads in a week.

This is me straining myself already…

Because at the same time, I pumped some amount of money into WhatsApp ads too.

And this means I am pushing people to my WhatsApp community too.

Not as clients but as students. 

Do you get that?


This Nigeria isn’t that easy no more.

So while you are getting crazy clients that pay you better money from $1000 upwards (this takes some time, I won’t lie but I have done it so it’s possible)

You should also sell your knowledge which is one of the best forms of money-making.

And that’s me just revealing a little part of my game for you.

And also tell you to always implement anything you learn immediately.
Don’t wait for anything. 

Go for the big leagues by implementing. 

And your bank account will really say thank you for doing that.

One more thing…

That bragging talk?

I am talking to myself.

And you can also pick your lessons too.

But it’s majorly for myself.

And this leads us to something I wanted to tell you.

Every Sunday here, I rarely share sales and marketing tips.

I share life hacks, philosophical nuggets, and lessons I have learned so far.

It breaks us away from sales and marketing. 

And it allows us to face the reality.

So you should get prepared for more content like this.

That said, go to church and listen to your pastor.

God be with you.

Dolapo Hamzat.

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