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Hey , 
I want to answer one profound question I have been getting for a while now.
This question has been asked severally by my mentees and others.
But instead of giving it to them while keeping you out of the picture. 
I decided to bring it down to you.
“Dolapo, I appreciate your emails and they have been helpful.
But I observed something. 
Why do you always use a line in your email as your subject line?
Is there any conversion hack behind it or what exactly is the thought process?”
And this was a message I got from Victoria yesterday. 
And she’s not the first one asking.
Maryam, some weeks ago also asked the same question.
Same with Emmanuel and others too.
So without further ado, let me take you through the thought process of my emails.
You see, one thing you always want to avoid in email marketing is called clickbait.
This means you are putting something that will catch people attention and make them click on your emails.
But it would have been a nice move if what they click on totally relates to what you want to tell them.
An example is:
You up, ?
This will catch attention and prolly make people click.
But they will be so disappointed when they find out that all you are doing is making them buy your ugly sales email. 
And don’t get me wrong, you must sell in your emails because it’s right.
But using a subject line like the one above sounds pretty annoying. 
You up means you care about me.
Talk to me nice and good.
Then slip into transitioning. 
And you see those people shouting email marketing is dead.
This is exactly one of the rubbish they do.
In this age and time, you are using clickbait?
It will result in either of two things.
It’s either they unsubscribe or they stop opening your emails. 
Either way, it’s a sad one for you.
And away from that.
I like using a line in my email content because I feel comfortable with it
And jokes apart, my email contents are always topnotch. 
And they are always intriguing which is what a subject line should be.
All my past emails are examples but look at these few ones:
  • When I saw this question, I was just laughing 
  • Should I work for free?
  • This always annoys me so much 
  • I shoot my shot yesterday 
  • Yada yada
Tell me why you won’t open those emails?
They caught your attention and also brings out the curious cat in you.
And the best thing is that…
You will discover everything in the email goes along with whatever the subject line is saying. 
Isn’t that a cool way to write?
And truthfully, we all know click baits will kill you and your email marketing business more.
Just like someone running ads and he’s using clickbait.
The ad will have an over the roof click rate.
But the conversion?
Below the ground conversion level because people will angrily leave.
And yeah, using a line in my email content isn’t a fast and hard rule. 
I created that for myself alone and it has been working so far.
Or if not, you won’t be here reading this mail.
And that’s why I will be revealing these secrets in the “almost free” email marketing class.
I haven’t even fixed the date yet but this is day 2 of payment.
5 more days to go and I end the payment. 
Then I discuss with people and fix 2 convenient days. 
The class is going for just N1,000 and yeah…
It’s an introductory class that will get you started on your email marketing journey.
And like I have been saying so far, the class will be value-packed.
But as you might have known me now, nothing like hype or extravagant promises.
So I won’t be saying much.
You can join us in the class by following the payment instructions below 👇👇
Pay N1000 into the account details below and send me proof of payment by clicking on the button that follows.
Dolapo Hamzat 
Kuda Microfinance bank
See you in the class,

Dolapo Hamzat.

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