When I saw this question, I was just laughing



Hey , 
For the past few days, I have gotten to realize something. 

“Never say something can’t happen to you unless it has happened to you. “

Meanwhile, I can’t place heavy explanations on this.
But just know that some things will happen and they will break whatsoever principles you have. 
And more so, you need to know a lot can happen in just a few days.
But well, it all doesn’t concern you and I understand that.
And think about this thing.
Don’t you think it’s the target audience that makes copywriters lie sometimes?
Like, don’t you think these people are the ones waiting for an extravagant promise that will make them buy?
And that’s why you need to have sense as a copywriter. 
You need to make your brain so so active.
Because just yesterday, someone came to my DM and said…
Will the email marketing “almost free” class be in a live video or texts only?
And as if that wasn’t enough.
The next he asked floored me, he said and I quote,
“Will you be teaching how to build a website?” 
When I saw this question, I was just laughing. 
And I knew a lot of people deserved to be ripped off.
Hell NO, I won’t do so and you know.
I am just saying a lot needs to be ripped off to get their brain into order.
Because come to think of it.
You are paying just 1k for this email marketing class.
You will be taken two different sections and all using texts and images here and there.
And these two sections are categorized into;
The technical aspect where you will be setting up your email marketing platform (I will give you important guidelines)
And the creative aspect where you will be writing your emails.
But he still went ahead to ask if I will be including website building?
On a 1k class?
Well, I am not disputing the fact that it’s his money and he has the whole authority over it.
But he and his authority should just take a chill pill and move out of my DM.
Because I hate stress in my life.
I am going anonymous on this class contents doesn’t mean you should be extravagant in your thinking. 
You can expect less while I deliver more which is all I do every time.
But let’s take it easy.
And again, the class will be value-packed and it’s just $2 which is N1,000.
So if by chance you have been reading my emails and you have been longing to write this way.
Or you have been waiting to learn directly from me which has been expensive for you.
Then this class will be a nice move for you.
Mainly because I will be revealing deep secrets that can skyrocket your email marketing ROI.
And not only that, but I will also be showing you important guidelines that can even help you avoid money wastage 
All for just $2 (N1000).
So if you trust me and you believe this guy can do better than he has said.
You can join us in the class by following the payment instructions below 👇👇
Pay N1000 into the account details below and send me proof of payment by clicking on the button that follows.
Dolapo Hamzat 
Kuda Microfinance bank
And again, pay into the account above and use the button to send me POP.
I will see you in class,
Do enjoy the rest of your day,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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