You no too dey alright



It’s funny how people think in this country.
Honestly, I just sit and think some people are really foolish.
But who am I to even insult anyone?
You see, if you are part of people that think course creators make money off you easily.
And if you are also part of people that calculate course creator’s money anytime they put out a course.
Well, I will be glad to inform you that…
You no too dey alright.
Yes, that was an insult and you can because of that unsubscribe. 
You know I don’t care.
And the truth they say is really bitter.
So why not sit down and swallow this bitter truth?
Do you say you are ready?
Now let’s move.
The first thing you need to put in mind is that…
No matter the amount of money you paid for a course or class or mentorship…
It’s for a reason.
And honestly, it’s not totally for the knowledge or the course content.
It’s for a mindset shift.
The first time I paid 20,000 Naira for a course…
I was thinned and stressed out.
I was afraid.
I was thinking this guy is just ripping me off.
And when I got into the class and discovered the guy is teaching the same thing I knew before?
I lost it.
Like WTF.
I paid 20k for this crap.
And honestly, I vowed not to pay for courses again since there’s YouTube.
But one thing I haven’t told you is that…
The course is an information Marketing course which I didn’t find anything new.
In fact, the guy abandoned us in between the classes which is fine.
But I gained a mindset shift.
I was able to charge higher for my classes.
Before then, I was doing 1k classes here and there.
But after paying such an amount of money, my classes shoot up to 5k and above.
Because I have a mindset shift that people still pay huge amounts of money for courses.
And people will always keep paying.
You just have to look for the right set of people for your course or product.

And how do you get your right audience?

You see, you can either sell to one of the two audience bases.
1. The masses: These ones prefer 1k to 5k courses.
Dem plenty and if you operate in the market…
You will get plenty of people to register for your course but little or no results. 
They find it hard to crazily implement things they see in a cheap course.
And their mindset is still very much tied behind.
Which means…
Plenty of people, fewer results. 
Simple as that.
And If I were you, I will avoid it by all means.
Even though some days back, I did it and it still brought me the same results. 
Over 60 people registered for a 1k course and only 5 implemented.
What Does that tell you?
And people in this market are always very easy to convince.
Just show them a bunch of testimonials even without explanation. 
And boom, they will buy in droves.
All they want is a get rich quick strategy which is bad for you and your courses.
That’s why they will always say one course is a scam. 
, avoid this market at all costs…
Or not.
Moving on…
2. The selected few: I like selling to this market because I am also in this market.
These ones have money to spend but they want to spend it on the right person.
Just a few days or weeks ago, I got into a mentorship program when it was 75,000 Naira.
And honestly, I was really glad.
Because my mindset shift went a whole higher than before.
I can now confidently increase my mentorship program to 70k plus.
Because I have paid that amount too.
People in this market really don’t fall for testimonials. 
They fall for good results.
And when I say results, I mean case studies of people this thing has worked for.
They know testimonials can be fabricated and with that, they place little or no importance on testimonials. 
But case studies?
That’s the little thing that moves them.
So what do I advise you to start with?
Well, in as much as I keep clamoring you should avoid the masses…
There’s no how you can do without them. 
Because if you don’t have results yet, you have to sell to them to bring you results first.
And you use their results as case studies for the selected few markets.
And that brings me back to something that got me angry this morning…
Someone came into my DM and said…
“But Dolapo, you just hosted a class where you have over 60 people that paid.
That’s roughly 60,000 Naira.
And you are creating another class already?
You don spend the 60k finish?”
Trust me, I cursed the guy outta my DM and I used my block button.
But that’s not the point.
The point is, a lot of mentalities is fucked up mehn.
In as much as I deliver on all my promises for a class,  I see no reasons why you should help me calculate my money.
You are stalking me fgs. 
And you were not even there when I was paying money here and there for courses.
Heck, you were not there when I took my last card to pay for courses and went on hunger strike for some days.
So where are you coming from now?
It’s sad and I hope we get out of this rotten mindset very soon.
Meanwhile, if you own a business or you sell courses.
And you find it hard to write copies that bring in money for your business and courses.
You also find it hard to write product captions and captivating BCs…
You even find it very hard to create contents that resonate with your audience…
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To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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