Three years after Uni, still jobless…



Three years after Uni, still very jobless.
I woke up one morning and hated my existence.
Mum was feeding me and my two little siblings from selling bread.
Dad was dead.
Over 200 applications sent, yet no single reply.
I felt cursed.
My education was a waste of time, energy and MONEY
My certificate added no value to me.
B.Sc in Biochemistry, yet no food on the table.
I felt useless.
My BF was a nice guy, but he didn’t have much.
Because of him, I had clothes, creams and I sometimes fixed my hair.
It wasn’t his fault that I was broke.
I can’t blame another soul for my poverty.
So on this fateful evening, I stepped out for the first time.
The next morning, I had 10k in my purse.
It didn’t magically appear.
I earned it on my back, all night long.
Seven days later, my account balance was 70k.
Three months later, I broke things up with my BF and went into “beast mode”.
And for four “bitter-sweet” years, my laps saw different strange faces.
You had the pay?
Toy with my body anyhow you may.
At 27, I had two cars, a lovely flat at a posh estate, and a thriving business.
Then, I Retired from the hustle.
Since then, getting a man to marry became a hard rock to crack.
Even when I opened my heart to guys?
They just toyed with my feelings and left me sad…..
It started to look as if God was punishing me for the choices I made in my past.
One stupid guy even had the guts to tell me that I had an aura of a cheap slut.
And that was why he was breaking things off with me.
But I am born again now.
I have even done deliverance twice.
I attended church now.
And I prayed a lot.
Instead of things to get better, they only got worse.
No guy was talking to me.
The few that came only wanted to have fun.
My mother told me to stop riding my cars.
She said decent guys may be scared to approach me because I looked too expensive.
So I stopped riding them.
But nothing changed.
Then one early morning after my morning prayers and jogging (I started workout to be in shape)…
I was scrolling on my social media.
And saw a post that caught my attention.
A pretty lady called Julia was sharing her story.
She talked about how her trusted fiance dumped her and broke her heart badly, three months to her wedding.
And then she attended a single seminar by an author called…
Mr Damola Sunkanmi .
And that the tactics taught at that seminar, helped her get married fast…even at 37.
Well, I liked her testimony.
And I was desperate for results.
So I searched more about the author.
And I found out that Mr Damola wrote a book titled:

[Dissecting The Male Mind for The Purpose of Getting Him to Marry You]

It was selling for N10,000 at the time.
I bought it instantly.
I read “Dissecting The Male Mind for The Purpose of Getting Him to Marry You” on my phone more than ten times.
I loved it so much; it was so informative.
In just four weeks of applying what I read in the ebook…
One of the single pastors in my church started asking me out.
This is someone who knows about my past.
I was shocked.
But fast forward to a few months later.
He was already very eager for us to get married quickly.
We have already started our marriage counseling.
I am still in shock at how fast things are changing since I started applying what I learned from the ebook..
The wisdom inside that book is God sent.
Every lady in need of a decent life partner should read this book.
God used “Mr Damola” to help me get the most decent man I have ever known.
Unmarried Sisters, no matter how ugly your past may be, if you will repent and read a book like “Dissecting The Male Mind for The Purpose of Getting Him to Marry You”…
You can attract the man of your wildest dreams easily.
Thank you  for releasing this book to the public.
God Bless you, sir.
The End.
Calm down…
That was a story I formulated after posting something on my Twitter yesterday…
I posted something about using third party testimonials to write copy (I practice anything I say) and this is a simple example….
But I want you to take note of two things …
1. Can you see how convincing and credible it is to read from a third party testimonial than from the main seller?
Now tell me If you are a lady (between 30 to 40 years) looking for someone to marry after being jilted several times…
Won’t you believe this pitch and buy almost immediately?
That’s the work of third party testimonial.
2. If you would love to make the easiest money you could ever make in your life, then sell great “romance” products to ladies.
Their emotions are very easily accessible…
I am planning to launch my information product in that niche soon…
And you can see for yourself how that sales pitch is so dope…  That’s me (I now write and whip out better sales copy)..
Yes… I am bragging (leave me alone).
There are actually various emotions I triggered in the above pitch but we aren’t here for copywriting lessons (I know but I won’t teach you)…
A website allow your business to be accessible throughout the clock..
A website gives your business more credibility..
A website saves you stress and you can use your time for other things
In short… A website makes your life easier than before…
So the question for you now is:
Why haven’t you gotten a website for your business yet?
Don’t even tell me money because I am offering you a huge discount now (which will expire tomorrow)…
You can pay as less as 50k to get your website up and running..
And you still haven’t joined the remaining 5 people that I am giving this discount?
Well, I can only talk and guide you but it’s your choice..
Reply this email with INTERESTED IN WEBSITE DESIGN to book a slot for a website as low as 50k now…
Bye bye.
I think I am the first person to use this type of postscript (Lmao)…
I know I am not (why are you such a killjoy)… Lemme at least feel myself abeg.
Well, you are getting this email by 10am and that’s the official time my emails will be getting to you daily now.
I didn’t pick this time myself but people with this time had the highest vote.
Look out for my emails by 10am daily.
I love you too.

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