This thing also affects freelancers especially copywriters.



There is one thing that kills a lot of businesses.

And unfortunately, this thing makes them keep shooting into thin air.

But the most painful part is that…

This thing also affects freelancers especially copywriters.

I have seen it times without number.

And here’s what I mean:

You see, as a copywriter…

Your work is to scale businesses and make them crazy money using your words.

And in the process of doing this, you will help them define their very important target audience.

But why do you always forget this basic rule when you are dealing with your freelancing business?

And I will give you a simple analogy.

You see when I started actively looking for clients. 

I made one stupid mistake.

And that’s the mistake I see a lot of freelancers make too.

Anytime I am dishing out valuable content on Twitter or anywhere in between…

I observed that instead of me attracting business owners that will work with me…

I was attracting fellow copywriters like me.

Eh eh.

What’s happening?

Copywriters won’t pay me my money.

They will only tap from my content and use it for their own business.

What’s happening?

I was disturbed not until my mentor told me the problem.

He said…

You are attracting fellow copywriters because your post is all about copywriting formulas.

You have to structure your post to fit your ideal client which is business owners.

And these people don’t understand Big Idea, Unique Mechanism, etc.

All they understand is simple.

I want to make more sales and get more customers…

How can your contents help me achieve that?

So if they see you start entering into the copywriting terms…

They will just leave because they can’t understand you.

And that was when it dawned on me.

Truthfully, if a business wants to sell more than their competitors…

They need a unique mechanism. 

But how can you break it down for business owners to understand so they can find it relatable?


You are correct by talking about a unique mechanism but they don’t understand. 

And if your target audience or ideal client don’t understand you or your content.

Then all is in vain.

I think you understand where I am pointing to now?

Good. I know you are smart.

So a freelance copywriter…

Anytime you are creating content targeted at your ideal clients.

Don’t start rambling about Big Idea because they rarely understand it.

Instead, talk about how they can grab attention in the market using the Big Idea.

You see the difference yeah?


And if you have been meaning to start copywriting…

You have heard about it so much…

You have even gone as far as buying some courses on it.

But you still don’t understand how this thing of ours work.

Here’s the problem:

You are forgetting something crucial.

You see when the legendary Kobe Bryant was asked how he stayed relevant and on top throughout his career…

He said and I quote:

“I am the best in the world because I never get tired of the basics”

So no matter how heavily loaded you are as a copywriter…

You need to visit the basics sometimes.

I still do even though I am still a small copywriter. 

And if you don’t know where to start from in the basics.

Here’s a pointer for you: Start Copywriting From Basics.

To your success,

Dolapo Hamzat. 

Can you see my mail today is thoroughly focused on freelance copywriters? 
And can you sell how I profiled it for them from the subject line down to the CTA?

And you see what I tried to achieve with that?

Simple as ABC.

On other days, it will only focus on the business owners because they are the ones that will pay me $1000 for a sales letter.

Not a fellow copywriter.

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