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I won’t be beating around the bush today.
And yeah, nobody offended me today and I won’t be insulting anybody.
But if you have ever wanted to start your brand online.
Or you want to be an information marketer.
Or you just want people to feel your online presence.
You need something very important  

And this is called a community. 

You need a community of people that will listen to you every time and even trust you.
You want them to keep coming back to the community to learn.
And the community can either be built on your social media (Facebook, WhatsApp and others) or your email list.
And in building a community, be ready to give out free values.
Like free and valuable content.
No matter how you think people are misusing free stuff…
You still have to keep giving it to them.
Free value is the passkey to get people into believing you.
Especially in this present world where everybody claims they are experts but can’t defend it.
Free stuff still works.
It works and it will keep working. 
And in the little time I have spent in advertising and marketing. 
I got to realize there are two different ways to build a community of people that believe you.
One is the free method.
Where you give them something free upfront.
Push them into your social media or email list.
And keep feeding them with free valuable content.
Don’t worry, they will be the ones to actually beg you to take their money.
Some will even run to you for mentorship.
Some will ask for a course. 
And many more…
Just make sure your free value is really valuable (tautology)
And the second way is very effective even though it requires a lot of things.
You need a very good knowledge of copywriting to pull this off.
Infact, you need a robust advertising budget to pull this off.
And this is nothing other than building a buying list.
Building a buying list means you are not giving them anything free upfront.
They are earning the free things upfront. 
You tell them to buy first before they can get free things.
It works well too but like I told you earlier.
A lot of works goes into it and it worths it.
This is how it goes:
Your advert or landing page is requesting for their money.
And this can be done either by telling them to subscribe to your email list with a fee.
Or you are selling them a tripwire offer upfront.
(For context: A tripwire offer is a low priced offer that people can buy without having to think long. The price range can be from 1k to 10k)
And out of these two, none is less effective. 
Even though I personally prefer the tripwire offer more than the email list pricing.
But like I said earlier.
This is a more and more valuable list building skill other than the free.
Because these people already bought from you once…
Nothing will make them not buy from you again if the offer aligns with their interest.
But there are rules to pull this off easily.
1. Make sure your tripwire offer is damn valuable more than the price.
That’s the first rule if you want a repeat customer.
The first offer they will be buying from you should be valuable to the point where they beg you to take more money from them.
If you nailed this, then you can move to the next one which is…
2. Keep feeding them valuable info all for free after the first purchase.
If you are using social media or an email list, it doesn’t matter.
Just keep sending them free things for free.
And don’t worry, just make sure the next offers you will be giving out must align with their interest.
And boom, you are good to keep earning simultaneously. 
Try those out and give me your testimonial. 
And if by chance you need help in pulling this off…
Maybe to create an email list successfully…
Or to write emails that will make people beg you to take their money…
Or just anything in between.
Then the email marketing live class is for you.
No sales page for it.
And no nothing. 
If by chance you need a lengthy sales page to convince you to pay for a N2,150 class.
Then that shows you don’t trust me yet.
And don’t worry, I will put more effort into making you trust me along the line.
Though by then, you might be paying me more which is fine with me.
And if you tryst me already and you want to start your email marketing game.
The class is for 3 days and it’s priced at just N2,150 only.
Just click on the link below to pay and you will be redirected to the group immediately. 
Pay for email marketing live class.
See you inside.
Dolapo Hamzat.

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