How would you like to steal my brain?



I am here to give you an irresistible offer and you must take it, .

Yes, that’s me giving you an order.

And before you start nagging me about my rude behaviour again…

Read this and agree whether you are in or not…

, How would you like to steal my brain for a little amount of money monthly?

And not only my brain…

You also get to steal other Internet marketers brains from this same little amount of money monthly.

Sounds like what you want?

If yes, then here’s the rest of my proposition for you:

In the last 3 weeks, I can’t count the number of premium questions I have gotten from people on…

  • Copywriting
  • Client acquisition
  • Starting a business online
  • Growing your audience base
  • Crafting an irresistible offer
  • Running Facebook ads
  • Starting email marketing
  • Yada Yada.

And as you can see above, it’s not only copywriting at all.

People are taking it top notch.

Business owners need guidance.

Offer creators are also in need.

People also have these questions because their coaches have decided to neglect them.

Many keep coming to my DM but I couldn’t help them for two reasons.

Firstly: I am too busy with myself.

Just like this week, I have 3 copy(s) to write and deliver.

They are niches I have to conduct deep research on because I am not familiar with them.

So tell me, do I even have time for myself?

Secondly: I can’t divulge all those information for free.

You and I both know that some premium information is best kept private and out of reach.

While some are also paid and some are free.

So this type of information can’t be divulged freely.

Even if I am father Christmas, I can’t do so.

So while thinking about how to help these people thrive…

Thinking of how to fit them into my tight schedule.

Thinking of how to make sure they get all answers and make crazy-ass money.

I decided to come up with something that will be beneficial to you, them and me.

In a moment, I will tell you what it is all about.

But think about this…

You can join me and other relevant experts at least twice weekly answering your questions without holding anything back?

And not only that…

You are stuck on something beyond my field, you asked questions and I brought a relevant expert with a proven track record the next week to teach you…

Isn’t that awesome?


That’s just a fragment of everything I want to include in this program.

Meanwhile, I know all these aren’t adding up yet

And no, I am not asking you to register for anything yet.

I only need you for something.

And if you are down for it, here’s how you can help me:

I want you to help me fill a survey form concerning a mastermind that I am launching soon.

I want to know the problems you are facing in your online business.

I want to know how much you can pay as a recurring payment.

I want to know where you want it to be hosted either on Facebook or Slack.

I want to know if the mastermind should be based on copywriting alone or Internet marketing as a whole.

I want to know your thoughts.

And yeah, you can call this a market research or survey.

But I think it’s a big win for you especially if you get to dictate the price you want to pay monthly…

Moreso, you also get a discount for the first month while solving all your Internet marketing problems.

It’s a win-win for both of us.

So I need your help on this and I trust you to render that for me.

Here’s the link to the form: Survey for Mastermind

Fill the form diligently and I will have you rewarded.

Have a good day ahead,

Dolapo Hamzat.

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