He sounded like a leech trying to pick up something from the host



I got a question in the wee hours of today.
And it would have been a very nice question to answer.
But the way the reader sent out the statement sounds somehow to me.
He sounded like a leech trying to pick up something from the host
And if you have been on the outlook for me…
You will know I hate leeches. 
So with that, I won’t be answering his question. 
Or wait.
I heard you murmuring.
Speak out now.
Meanwhile, the host of heavens bestowed something upon me while I was sleeping today.
And before I tell you what they said…
Let me quickly take you through a recap of what I said yesterday. 
Because one way or the other, you might have not read yesterday’s message which is fine.
So some days ago…
I asked you what you wanted to learn between 
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing 
  • Client acquisition. 
And we had the top two votes as copywriting and Email marketing. 
So for everybody mentioning copywriting…
I already gave them everything they needed and here’s where I sent them to:
And for people that opted in for email marketing. 
Here’s a summary of their proposal. 
I will be teaching them email marketing as a skill they can use to freelance and get paid in dollars from clients…
And I will also be teaching them as a skill they can use to make more money in their business.
It will be a live class on Zoom for 3 days and I will give you the schedule in a moment.
And yeah, I am only taking 100 entries.
And the price?
If I am to charge for my time, you know how expensive that can be.
So for now, let me consult with the host of heavens on the amount to charge.
And by tomorrow, I will give you a price. 
Just know it won’t be more than your data money for a month.
It’s that cheap.
And here we are.
I know you now remember everything perfectly and like I also promised. 
The host of heavens already brought the answer on the amount to charge. 
The price is just…
No, not yet.
I would be a bad copywriter if I do this wrong.
So before I reveal the price to you.
Here’s the outline I have in my head. (Which you also have the liberty to add to it when you register)
It will be a three days live class on Zoom where I will be breaking email marketing down for you 
Day 1 will be solely about the different email platforms we have.
I will be taking you through at least 5 email service providers that I have used in the past.
There are paid ones.
There are free ones.
And I will also be showing you the ones that are easily accessible on phone.
And as a bonus to this, I will be giving you a compilation (ebook) of my last class on email marketing platforms. 
You will find that useful especially if you are working and you don’t want to open the videos.
And that to me is worth N5000 especially if you consider my time.
  • Day 2 will be solely about what I love the most.
Email copywriting. 
At least, there’s a reason you keep coming to my emails every day.
And you can deny it.
But deep down, you know I am good with email copywriting. 
I do this shit effortlessly and wouldn’t you like to learn it from me?
I know you do.
And that’s why I will be dedicating day 2 to teaching you human psychology and how to write crazy-ass emails.
And not only that.
I will teach you how to write email subject lines that get opened.
And also as a bonus, I will be giving you an ebook I wrote on email copywriting that made Damilare 2 sales of his product under 24 hours.
I can gladly take N20,000 for this.
It’s valuable but Nah, it’s free.
And norms, we can stop here, right?
Nah Nah.
Day 3 will be about turning everything into one.
And also Q&A session where I will be answering your questions on email marketing and maybe.
Just maybe on copywriting. 
And yeah.
I forgot to mention there will be a WhatsApp community where you relate and connect with other people that have your growth at heart…
And if you add everything together, you know how much they will amount to.
But like I promised you earlier, it will be an almost free class.
And registration will be for only 10 days and we then fix the date and time for the class.

So how much is it?

Well, three people replied to my email yesterday. 
And here are they:
So which of them should I listen to?
Unfortunately, none of them.
I said it’s almost free and that means dirt cheap but not useless.
So the registration is open for the next 10 days at just N2,150 only.
And relax your bone.
You have 10 days to find N2,150 and if you can’t find it?
Then, I have tried my best for you.
But there’s a clause.
And that is…
I can close up the registration anytime I hit 100 entries.
I am that wicked.
So if you relax because I said you have 10 days to register.
You are on your own.

And how do you pay?

Well, I will prefer paystack.
This is a secured payment gateway that allows you to pay using various payment methods.
  • Bank transfer
  • Card payment
  • Etc.
So just click on the hyperlink below and it will take you directly to paystack to pay a token of N2,150.
And after payment using the payment method you prefer.
You will be redirected into the group almost immediately. 
And on the group description, you will get your bonuses.
Simple as ABC.

Pay for the email marketing class.

Hope to see you in class soon,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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