You will be at a spot for a very long time.



I am not here to diss anybody but to speak facts.
You might decide to throw shades or anything, I don’t care because I will ignore your ass.
Okay, let’s focus.
Last year, you remember Davido released an Album called ABT.
You remember yeah?
How many songs from that album can you remember?
Start listing them to yourself and while doing that…
Pay attention to this…
One thing you need to understand is this…
Davido that releases songs every time only has the belief in himself to deliver.
He doesn’t know how his audience will take the song.
He doesn’t know how viral the song will go.
In fact, he doesn’t know how soon the songs will top the charts.
The same applies to Wizkid, Burna Boy, Olamide, etc.
They all release songs without any certainty except that they are sure of their capability. 
And no, don’t get me wrong.
It’s not that they are hoping people listen to their songs…
Nah Nah.
They know people will listen to their songs but they don’t know how many people will listen to their songs.
And this is why I tell people that…
Out of all your sales letters, you never know the one that will make you massive money.
You never know the one that will flop.
And just like Gary Halbert said…

“You are just one sales letter away from success.”

And let me modify it to fit you.
  • You are one product away from success.
  • You are one advert away from success…
  • You are one course away from success…
  • You are one content away from success… 
  • Yada yada.
So you see why you shouldn’t be afraid of selling?
That’s why as a copywriter, I make sure I write a sales letter selling an offer monthly.
Even with how busy I am, I make sure I do this because I never know which will take me to stardom.
So the lessons here are simple.
Never stop creating contents even when you are tired.
Never stop talking about your products even when nobody is buying…
Don’t be discouraged when you are getting 1 likes, keep putting yourself out there.
Never stop buying courses because all the ones you bought in the past are all wack.
And in a nutshell, never stop working.
Because as big as Davido, Wizkid, Burna, Olamide is…
They also release songs that flop.
But that doesn’t stop them from releasing songs and album every time.
And wait one more thing.
You also need to realize these artists aren’t releasing songs on hope.
Nah Nah.
They have the audience base already. 
Yes, that means work on your audience building skill crazily.
Yes yes, I know it’s not easy.
Requires time and patience.
And that’s why I am also very lazy in that aspect.
But there’s nothing you want to sell in this online space that you don’t need an audience base.
So it’s very important. 
Keep building your audience base too 
It helps a lot.
And one more thing…
These artists can deliver...
Don’t forget they have the voice and they already trained themselves to sing well.
So what’s your excuse?
You don’t know how to build an audience? Buy a solid course that will teach you how to build an audience base.
You don’t know how to advertise? Pay an expert or buy a course that will teach you.
You can’t write words that bring people to buy from you without thinking twice? Pay a copywriter or get a course that teaches you how to write words that sell.
Just like this Layman Guide to writing words that sell.
In one word, stop doing hope marketing.
What you need to grow your business that you don’t have…
Either pay an expert to do it for you.
Or buy courses to learn it.
Because without the proper knowledge and assistance…
You will be at a spot for a very long time if not forever.
But what concerns me?
I have told you what I can tell you.
No stress at all.
Either you do it or not…
I don’t care.
To your success,
Dolapo Hamzat.

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